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    10 posts

    Same issue

  • DonParic
    23 posts

    Same cant keep him on the boat no matter how many times i reassing him back to it.

  • Grimlock317
    1 posts

    I finished the berserker quest and got Bjorn but whenever I add him to my crew he dissapers after a raid and I have to keep re assigning him. Also in some cutscenes I keep getting called a she when I picked the male character. I also have had 3 crashes when visiting shops.

  • Rowdy_dog546
    8 posts

    Completed "way of the berserker". Bjorn keeps going MIA, now he is idle at the barracks, with a recruit option that dose nothing. Also since patch music is stuck in loop, FPS has gone to s**t and longer load times. None of this occurred in 1.02. (On PC) cheers

  • Rowdy_dog546
    8 posts

    still not solved

  • ciknay
    1 posts

    I found a similar issue over on the old forums here, but as you're directing people here to this new forums, and I couldn't find a topic on the issue here, I figured I'd make a thread.

    Bjorn is unable to be "recruited", but gives a dialogue interaction that indicates this. It also says he is "'s Jomsviking". As in a blank username.

    Thing is, I can add him to my crew, and he'll fight in raids and tell stories, but loading a new save will undo his position in my crew and I have to manually re-add him each time. Which is a shame, because I love his stories the best.

    Relevant footage on the issue:

  • CdnTDog
    12 posts

    Had this problem too. He actually showed up a regular player created character I could talk to and recruit so I talk to him and he says he would like to get back to fighting but you can't recruit him. Went to barracks and reassigned him and he showed up in the next couple raids. While doing that I noticed some others I assigned, weren't so had to fix those too. Something really weird going on with all that. This is on PC BTW.

  • evilhippo
    78 posts

    @stallattack Yes I have the same issue. And if you see him on the dock, he has a 'recruit' option like a jomsvirking but it is grey'ed out if you interact with him. A bug for sure.

  • omniscient-eye
    5 posts

    Bjorn is always removed from ship crew after a while, no matter which spot I set him in...(Doesnt happen with other characters, only Bjorn)

  • Bob__Gnarly
    49 posts

    Add me to the list, have the same problem.

  • elysia.vanari
    1 posts

    I was also going to post about this but searched it first. I love Bjorn and always want him in the crew especially with the option to tell stories etc. Annoying that I have to go back and reassign him all the time. Please Bjorn I love you, stay with me!

  • azullFR
    686 posts

    Same problem, PS4 Pro

  • saintfox13
    7 posts

    You were supposed to recruit him first then add to ur ship crew...but if u did the latter he will be locked out and continuing to try to add him back to the ship will eventually lock ur entire barracks. Which in turn disables u from editing ur Lt. Viking, crew memebers and adding Bjorn or any other Jomsviking

  • stallattack
    34 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • jmicmiddle
    3 posts

    @stallattack same issue

  • JamesLogan491
    79 posts

    Same issue, I gave up on having him on the crew.

  • TSTO1
    18 posts

    Same here. Also have this issue with him. How were we supposed to know we need to interact and recruit him beforehand? Now it's bugged until they release another patch that will address this, yay. He is literally the coolest dude to have on the ship and we can't even use him. Great.

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 730 posts

    Hi all,

    This is an issue that we are aware of occurring, and has been confirmed by the AC Team.

    The issue is being looked into at the moment, to find a resolution for this.

    Official Response
  • jbranc02
    1 posts

    Every time I add Bjorn the Beserker to my crew, he disappears upon fast traveling or leaving my longship and then calling it back. Constantly have to return to Ravensthorpe and re-add him. Anyone else experiencing this? Not a game breaking issue by any means, but definitely annoying and a bug.

  • RhayaderNL
    1 posts

    @ubi-swaggins you are aware that a week has passed and the issue still exists, right?

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