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  • WhoCares78
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    @kreutzgang Absolutely agree on that. Those mini games show a drastic change at certain points. I wonder if maybe destroying the cursed objects were supposed to lead to a final confrontation with the person or most likely group that was responsible for putting them everywhere. I think the game seems unfinished because of a combination of things. First covid put them further behind development than they let on. Then they fired somebody that was as you said the equivalent to a video games editor, the person that helped guide the creative process into something coherent. Before being shown the door they probably had enough influence and pull to ensure their vision was accomplished, but they were gone and management was unchallenged so they made the dev teams rush through whatever was left to do. Or just drop anything that wasn’t far enough along in the process. You can just tell that the game wasn’t finished with the same creative intention it was started with.

  • Yesin069
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    Yes, even if many say that a Creative Director isn't needed that late into game develepement, I sthink it had some influence on Valhalla that Ashraf Ismail was fired. He was the person responsable for shipping a coherent product. It was even strange that nobody from Ubisoft had known about the missing Ragnar quest and the broken revenge player mechanic. If Darby McDevitt didn't mention the Ragnar quest in a Tweet, nobody would have known about it or even cared.

    I don't want to know how many things are missing in Valhalla just because they are bugged and the Creative Director was missing in the final developement stages of this game...

  • Moditemarde1
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    @alphagoose46219 Amen to that. 16 products that I own from them and it was the last one ever. Been stuck unable to interact with anything because of non stop crashes and they dont even acknowledge it.

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