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  • RagnarGod85
    3 posts

    @mikesan That’s interesting, I’ll see if the world events one is tracking for me - I have been mainlining the story, so I’m probably behind the curve on that stuff.

  • JOZ1E
    3 posts

    Try unlinking and relinking your Ubisoft Connect, that seemed to fix my tracker the next time I picked up one of the required collectibles for that achievement

  • JOZ1E
    3 posts

    Update: Unlinking and relinking my Ubisoft Connect fixed some but not all of my tracking issues

  • lethallyinked
    1 posts

    Experiencing the same issue on Xbox Series X. I haven't received any achievements since the prologue, including missing story progression achievements.

  • Lythimer
    4 posts

    Exact same things here! 😞

    I don’t know if I must stop playing waiting for a fix.

  • darkstarfallout
    1 posts

    Same here, only have two unlocked. The prologue and getting my mercenary setup at the barracks. I should have alot more. I even restarted the game too see if "To England" would unlock and it didn't. I've got over 20 hours in and stopped playing until I know that the achievement unlocks will be retroactive. I don't want to have to start over again.

  • cunningham1191
    2 posts

    Hi, just noticed that the Builder achievement for getting the settlement to Level 3 hasn't unlocked for me, despite now being Level 5.

    On Xbox Series X

  • DazmanGSY
    1 posts

    Hello. Mind m'y english because I'm French but i've been playing 25h to the game and I decided to look at the achievement list and there are 2 I should have got.

    It's Alive : i've created my Jomsviking a few hours ago and the achievement won't pop.

    Tranquility : i've been doing 2 standing Stones puzzle and again achievement won't pop.

    What can I do please ?

  • timmy2chainz
    1 posts

    My everyday life achievement wont unlock and I know for a fact ive done more than 10 World events. This happened for another achievement too I couldnt get the Its aluve achievement either so i loaded a different save and it finally popped. Please help!!!

  • BattleT4ttoo
    3 posts

    I am 16 hours in to the game having completed the prologue, farmed Norway of all collectables and Completed three raids in England.

    The only two achievements I have unlocked are the prologue achievement and completing 10 world events.

    Despite there being a lot of discussion from people who are also experiencing the same problem, I cannot see Ubisoft having made an official statement Or even it mentions that it’s known to be a problem and it is being investigated.

  • Killrog01
    15 posts


    I'm currently playing AC Valhalla on Xbox One et I've recently reached a power level of 190. I've finished Vinland and while I've managed to unlock some achievements, I've also noticed that others remain locked despite the fact that I've done everything required. For instance, I didn't get "The Good Saxon" or "Hard choices" in spite of finishing both questlines, and I didn't get anything after reaching Vinland

    Also, other achievements not tied to the storyline remain locked as well. To illustrate, my settlement is now level 5, yet I didn't receive the "builder" achievement for reaching level 3.

    Since some of those are secret it's kinda hard keeping track of what's missing and what isn't, but I hope and wish you'll be able to fix that bug very soon.

    Thank you in advance.

  • JK_Status
    8 posts

    None of the achievements are unlocking on series x. Can I get a response from Ubisoft on this issue or give me my money back.

  • BattleT4ttoo
    3 posts
  • Y2Cra
    6 posts

    I've been experimenting since it's radio silence from Ubisoft. Any of you guys using Quick Resume? I've noticed since I stopped using it and close the game every time I'm done that achievements have been unlocking. No idea if Quick Resume is the actual problem or not but it's working for me so far.

  • Lythimer
    4 posts

    @y2cra Did you get the achievements you have missed?

    How did you disable the quick resume?


    1 posts

    I have unlocked a few achievements but they wont unlock please help

  • sn4kee88
    5 posts

    Same problem here no achievements 😧
    & I don’t use QR for XSX

  • octave59
    1 posts

  • KinggAzizzz
    1 posts

    I’ve playing the game since 1st day and just prologue achievement has been unlocked, after that the progress stoped and im not able to unlock more....

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