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  • the_real_dna
    16 posts

    TLDR: Lip sync turns on and off at random - No mouth/lip movement at all (this occurs on ~50% of dialogue)
    Over the past several days I have noticed that many of the NPCs with dialogue, i.e. during cutscenes, do not move their lips/mouth at all when they are talking. The words are coming out just fine, but their face appears as though they are not talking at all. This seems to happen on roughly 50% of the NPC dialogue, give or take. It's VERY frequent. Sometimes it works fine, the NPC is talking, lips moving, etc.. then the camera cuts away for a few seconds before going back to the talking NPC, and then the lip sync is working again. So, even within the same dialogue sequence, it can work for part of it and then not work for other parts. Obviously I dont have to explain why this is a bad problem (immersion, to say the least). I cant definitively prove this is because of the update, but I do know that the problem started right around the time of the update. And I don't believe in coincidence.

    (several other users have already reported this in another bug report thread, but I did not see a dedicated thread for this issue)

    Link to other posts about this issue, HERE

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2176 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello all!

    I'd like to reach out to you all with an update. This issue should be resolved following the deployment of TU 1.1.2 today, as shared by Dom on Twitter (thanks for sharing that @Yesin069)!

    Thank you all for your patience as the team investigated this further. There should be no more telepathic conversations taking place 🔮 If you do encounter any issues with the lip sync following this update, then please don't hesitate to update this thread so we can take a closer look.

    Thanks all! 😊

    Official Response
  • the_real_dna
    16 posts

    @gladi8ordude @eniora
    maybe one of us should start a new thread that is specifically for this bug.. what do you think? I just hope ubisoft realizes this problem and will fix it in the next update.. they should be able to find it themselves if they ever play the game, but if they mostly rely on the community to find bugs then maybe we should make a new thread so it's more visible

    EDIT: I'm making a post now. Here is the link: Lip sync bug report thread

  • Oleik87
    6 posts
    @gladi8ordude gladi8ordude I'm having they same (playing on Xbox series x). It affects Evior too and not just when a cutscene but every time characters talk, even during random interactions the lip sync starts going on and off. This had never happened before, it all started after installing the new patch 1.1.1.
    Apparently this problem runs across all platforms? People playing on pc, ps4 pro ans ps5 have all reported the same

    I meant to write "not just when a custscene is playing" LOL the last bit disappeared along the way. How is it possible to have a forum where you can edit your posts only within 10 mins of creating it??😑

  • stingierpeak8
    1 posts

    In ac valhalla with some scenes when the characters are talking their mouths dont move

    Original poster 12 posts

    @the_real_dna Here is my original post in here-

    After update 1.1.1 I found a new bug where NPCs in cutscenes lip sync will turn off and on. Sometimes NPC will move their mouths as they are talking, but all of a sudden a character's mouth will shut as they are talking. A second later when the cutscene turns away and then back again the character's mouth starts moving again. This seems to happen throughout the story now and it does seem to affect Evior at the moment. As well as other characters that you talk to in the story or mysteries quest you find in the world.

  • Alphonse929
    7 posts

    @skagnga This has started to happen right after the recent 1.1.1 update. Man more problems are added after an update who would've thought?

  • Font81
    19 posts

    Same on PS4.

    The scene when Eivor and Basim are talking to Fulke most of it the mouth did not move.

  • Aph0ticShield
    2 posts

    Same here... no word from Ubisoft?

  • Aph0ticShield
    2 posts

    Same issue. Did anyone test this update?

  • Viem
    54 posts

    Same issue, it appears to be random, however i did go through the whole Vinland arc without any lip sync.

  • NerdCompulsive
    1 posts

    I would like to request a hot fix for the intermittent stop in characters facial animation during cutscenes. I have no other complaints.

    I'm in a discord with around 500+ members and it seems this is a very common bug that is causing people to stop playing. I am one of them, but I'll come back when it's fixed. A lot of other gamers won't come back.

    This game is phenomenal. I love the performances and the story and I can deal with lighting issues or NPCs in a cutscene, but I can't handle still faces during big moments. Idk if it's possible to get an ETA on that fix, but I hope it's not a month or more. I know making a game is not easy and I'm not saying fixing this will be easy I'm just trying to save this game some face with a hot fix (pun intended).

  • pandaling920
    1 posts

    Yea same has been happening to me on pc for a couple days now. It didnt used to happen.

  • netyjoon12
    3 posts

    Thanks a lot!! I post it this problem too. but I want someone post this!!

  • the_real_dna
    16 posts

    @gladi8ordude thanks, hopefully we can get some corroboration of this bug, and any response from a Ubi support member would be great

  • StabithaVMF
    4 posts

    I've had the same thing (PC) ever since the 1.1.1 update. Pre-update it happened maybe once or twice in a full game playthrough, now it's roughly a third to half of the time that there's no mouth movement. Other animations happen, like eyes and hands, just not talking.

  • SmithyJL
    1 posts

    Happening on PS5 as well, ever since the newest update

  • dennis.tsir
    7 posts

    Since the last update , in some citscenes , the characters even eivor , don't move their lips when they speak

  • rctx81
    7 posts

    @gladi8ordude having the same issue on PS4 Slim since the last patch as well.

  • Pretolius
    1 posts

    I have the same problem. This happens in first gen ps4 too

  • ZeCarlos19
    25 posts

    Me too. I also made a video to speed things up before they come in here asking for us doing stupid things and wasting time.

    It is visible from 0:03 to 0:12. And yes mods that read this i verified the game files, my drivers are up to date and tried multiple things in-game. So dont waste time and comunicate this to the devs.

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