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  • Max18400
    386 posts

    @yesin069 I mean, on your console if it's better awesome. On mine I think Odyssey looks better (or there's no noticeable difference).
    Story is huge for me. And whilst Vahalla adds fan service, it feels shunted in, rather than actually fitting into the story

  • Yesin069
    456 posts


    I play on PC, so every Ubisoft game brings just more problems... šŸ˜„

  • Max18400
    386 posts

    @yesin069 oh yeah, ubisoft always messes around PC players

  • longjohn119
    416 posts

    If you look just as graphical enhancements, Valhalla is a little better but those little improvements shouldn't make the game run that much worse on the same PC that ran Odyssey fine.

    Story in Odyssey is just not my thing. Valhalla at least has AC fanservice and lore connections so just for that i enjoy Valhalla more.

    River Raids will never be a big game changer. It isn't like with river raids Valhalla will be Valhalla 2.0. It is the same game and river raids won't make anyone love the game if he or she disliked it before.

    Remember all the people who were complaining about how it looked in the early gameplay demonstration videos and I kept telling them that it looks like that because they had to nerf the graphics and compress the hell out of it to make it responsive enough to play via streaming ..... A lot of those same people claim it looks as good or better than Odyssey just like I told them it would ..... To me the problem with the games is bugs and it's unbalanced rewards, lack of distinct armor and armor upgrades ..... You add a Rune to an armor and you can't tell the difference, most of the ability points don't seem to make much of a difference expect the major ones that you have to waste 4 or 5 points just to get too ..... Why are there so many warrior and assassin minor skills in the Hunter tree and so many hunter and warrior minor skills in the assassin tree and so forth? The ability web is so hodge podge and doesn't seem very logical to me Odyssey's skill tree (rather than a web) seemed so much more logical and allowed me to skip over Abilities I didn't want most of the time and included some good passive skills that could boost all three styles

  • AnimusLover
    73 posts

    @imaginaryruins If you're having to criticise a combat system from other a decade ago to big up the combat in Valhalla that just does Valhalla a disservice. We expect the combat to better than that in 2007 and 2009, but it's simply not as good as Odyssey.

  • AnimusLover
    73 posts

    @longjohn119 Agreed, Ash's team has done good work before but Valhalla is a misstep. And I agree, it's very ignorant to accused the devs of being lazy. It's actually amazing what they manage to accomplish *despite* the poor leadership.

  • Yesin069
    456 posts

    The problem with Valhalla is (as always) the Ubisoft formula. This makes every game from them bloated with too much repetitive content and just too big worlds with bloat. They should build the worlds relative to the content they have in mind, not building the content for a world that just needs to be large.

    Also the live-service-aspect kills AC. I love singleplayer games that get story DLC's after release but i don't need forced roadmaps with year 1 content and then year 2 content. This is just a tactic to be more lazy and release unfinished games which will get essential features later.

    I would love something like a new story DLC even in 2022 but no need to make a roadmap and promise useles stuff in between. Valhalla had the most detailed roadmap from the last Ac games and even so we got the least content in the same time. In Origins we had the most content already patched into the game by february and in march the last story DLC. Nothing was wrong with this shorter, more focused roadmal but they needed to stretch it along one whole year. Now the only thing we've got new with a patch wre microtransactions and Ubisoft Connect challenges (which also plays into forcing mictrotranactions to us). I don't count the yule festival because it was just timed and no one can still play it.

  • xrayspex_73
    133 posts


    I wish Valhalla cloaks/capes looked like that!

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    you mean they made a game, then cut out content that will be sold back to you through a raodmap as paid DLC.

  • Yesin069
    456 posts


    Sadly this is how most publishers act. I think that the story DLC are really new and not cut content but all the other stuff like river raids, transmog and so on are cut out for me or intentionally left out in develeopement to sell it as free content.

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