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  • Locked SOLVED [RESOLVED] Unable to interact with Tove after completing "Carrying the Torch"; quest missing from log | POST HERE

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    In the same boat. Was happening last night( just booted up the game and I can’t speak to Tove.

  • Fyrii
    5 posts

    @deathwolf1313 I had already built my Tattoo shop and done the quest, then lost the ability to speak with the artist, so it seems it's either way before or after.

  • Vallkeri
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    Same here.Cant interact with Tove after carrying the torch quest. Playin on PC

  • charltony0
    2 posts

    I can’t interact with Tove in her hut after Svend dies, so I can’t change my hair or tattoos. This is after patch 1.1.1 which was supposed to fix settlement NPC interactions. I’ve done the mini quest which is passed ownership of the shop from Svend to Tove.

  • Gravte
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    Svend has died in my game and I spoke to Tove at his grave and completed the quest “Carrying the Torch.” She now sits where Svend sat in the tattoo building, however there’s no speech bubble above her head and I can’t talk to her so I’m stuck with my same tattoos and hairstyle.

    I’m on Xbox One.

    I want to know if anyone else has been able to work around this in their games, or if this is just a bug Ubisoft will have to patch out.

  • Raffz226
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    I can't interact with Tove for hair/tattoo changing. When I approach the shop she greets me as if her voice is outside but she is inside the shop and I'm unable to interact with her.

  • Tdiggle
    1 posts

    Can't find the quest completed carrying the torch and tattoo barber has no dots to talk. Also left and came back same problem.

    Using ps4 plus.

  • pruereynolds
    2 posts

    @charltony0 Same here!

  • pruereynolds
    2 posts

    @munki909 I'm having the same problem.

  • ThiHeRom
    1 posts

    @kivalger I have also completed the quest but I still can’t place new tattoos on my body or have a new haircut. I can’t interact with Tove. Does someone know how to fix this. Thank you.

  • ShoeTieMostly
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    Following the mission “carrying the torch” where Svend dies and Tove is meant to carry on in his place. Every time I’ve visited Tove since, I am unable to interact with her. Why is this, how can I fix it?

  • azamazid
    1 posts

    @charltony0 I got same bug too!

  • grayt998
    2 posts

    Didn't think it'd come to this but I can't find help anywhere else. After Svend moves on at a certain point in the story, I said my goodbyes and completed Tove's mini-quest. The problem is, ever since then Tove remains in the tattoo shop but I can't interact with her whatsoever. She stays there doodling or whatever and the tattoo/customization parlor is completely inaccessible. I'm playing on PS5 if that helps. Anybody in this situation or know any solutions? Thanks!

  • guest-1AlK4j2F
    1 posts

    having the same issue, she’s in the shop but I can’t speak with her to change my tats or hair

  • Bowntez
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    I can no longer utilize the customization function at the tattoo hut, Tove does not have a chat box next to her name. (Yes did Carry the Torch) I think it is very negligence to not fix this issue in a hot fix patch. This keeps players from accessing the customization function of the game. Basically cutting off a nice feature you As a company and devs boasted about. I am not the only one having this issue either. Very unhappy and displeased that these simple interactive glitches are still in a AAA game.

  • glefty252
    1 posts

    Like others, I cannot interact with Tove. I completed Carrying the Torch, but as others mentioned its not showing up in my completed quests. Given that Tove is the ONLY person capable of modifying our main characters tats/hair look, this is a pretty significant problem. Whole bunch of tats are sitting in my inventory unuseable.

  • samjp910
    3 posts

    So, since downloading the patch, I am unable to speak to Tove and customize my hair/tattoos. This is an ongoing issue and I’m not the only one experiencing it. https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/81717/unable-to-interact-with-settlement-npcs-post-here/691?lang=en-US

  • Kakacsy
    1 posts

    After completing the svend death mission, the dialogue that should appear with the tree in your home is not available, which prevents you from changing the appearance of eivor.

  • venatrixlupa
    2 posts

    @munki909 I’m having the same issue

  • venatrixlupa
    2 posts

    @charltony0 I have the same issue

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