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  • Asgardian02
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    thats it, and never a reward from killing a boss or high ranking order member either

  • Sam_Boo26
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    Well, for me I felt like there was an ending, so I guess it depends. It's similar to Odyssey. Maybe I feel this way because I did all the exploration before finishing the story.


    Maybe we'll have more of an ending with the DLCs, but for me, it still felt like an ending for now.

  • forcefrank
    Original poster 91 posts

    @chuckkatse Well I finished with all the Order of the Ancients and turned the rest of them into Hytham, and........, nothing happened. So I had to search the web to find out you can't fast travel back to camp, you have to walk, run, or ride your horse. For me that meant a 5,000km trip!!!!! I'm not sure if this was intentional or a bug, but it's a thing. Once I did that it triggered what was next.

    Also, make sure you all check the mysteries if you want to see "all" the content. I'm searching for...


  • Sam_Boo26
    152 posts

    @forcefrank I'm pretty sure you can't fast travel because they want you to ride on your horse with the music


    So I'm pretty sure it's intentional and not a bug.

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    i didnt liked it much. Ddidnt find ubbe's body either. Wasnt really hard looking for it either i guess

  • forcefrank
    Original poster 91 posts

    @sam_boo26 Turns out I had experienced the ending without knowing it was the ending. At least with Odyssey it was apparent, Valhalla not so much. I sure made some decisions that Sigurd didn't approve of, hahahahaha!!

    This was right up there with Odyssey though as my fav in the series. Sure there were a few glitches, but it did make me wonder several times about my purchase of Cyberpunk 2077. Ubi manages to deliver the most beautiful games I've ever seen, and Valhalla just blew me away, but then you have CP2077 that looks like its from the original Xbox days. People saying it should have never released on last gen are nuts and we have Valhalla to disprove that.

  • ChuckKatse
    281 posts

    @forcefrank Ya those witches can be a pain one is level 300.

  • forcefrank
    Original poster 91 posts

    @chuckkatse All 3 were a pain in their own way but I got through them all and got the equipment I wanted to prepare for the DLC's that are coming. Now that a couple patches have hit CP2077 I'm back to playing that.

    Anybody know when the first paid DLC for Valhalla will be released?

  • Max18400
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    @forcefrank I've made a few posts about this. The game literally ends right before a really historically significant event occurs (look up battle of Edington and its aftermath).
    Because I know the history really well, I was so excited that it would end where I thought it would as it would mean certain areas would br replayable and would have set up a status quo. But when it didn't i was so disappointed. It's like like watching a guy pull back a bow and arrow, then it cuts to black just before the arrow was released. It's the blue balls equivalent of story telling.
    I'm hoping they add in the ending in either the February dlc or the druids dlc in march (like adding in one handed swords as well), but who knows.
    How the game ends is bad story telling and incredibly unfaithful to actual historical events.

  • davebev1012
    2 posts

    Yep, just finished it after 140hrs. Whilst overall, i generally loved it.. much more than Origins & Odyssey (which i didn't even finish as they were fairly bland all-round). I was left feeling somewhat disappointed with Valhalla's ending & lack of any real conclusion or sense of accomplishment.

    Got every wealth, mystery & artefact from every place in the game before i just finished all main & side quests. Finished the order etc.

    Story-wise it felt anti-climatic. You spend the whole game raiding castles in very cool set piece battles & so you expect to take on a big one at the end with a big army or something... nope. It's just you & a few mates in a fairly small, meaningless, subdue battle in a little village.

    Then the Ravensthorpe 'ending' just feels.. well, not like an ending. Which i understand to some extent. Some players will want to go do more things & we don't know how much it'll play a part in DLC, i imagine not much though. I just felt like it could have spent more time wrapping it up. A longer talk with Randvi & Sigurd. New letters to read, a small cut-scene waking up next to Randvi or having her move things into a now shared bedroom. Some dialogue talking about how much progress you've made since arriving with the great music swelling as the camera pull out to show all of Ravensthorpe as a 'now' town, to which the Logo comes up & credits start rolling.

    Just something along those lines. Something to give the ending more purpose.

    But generally, overall i loved my time with it. Fair play for to them for keeping me playing 140hrs after i found the last two fairly bland. Keep improving, just work on the ending. I have hope for the DLC's though, hopefully they give us more Evior & Randvi stuff though (or whoever people chose). Not much of a relationship either, asking who to pledge to or kissing/getting off with in the same animation. I spent more time on side quests with Petra & the baker. Pretty poor on the Randvi side since most would've chosen her. The romance options lacked depth in general & spending more time with them would've added weight to it all.

    (P.S. polish your game Ubisoft. The first half was fairly decent, then no less then 15-20 full crashes, lips not moving to dialogue often, battle music not going away until i restarted (3-4 times in the game), bugs of getting stuck on things, walking through a waterfall into a cave & getting stuck in a swimming animation etc.)

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