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  • Redviper11
    7 posts

    Reiterating same issue on Xbox one. An acknowledgement from Ubisoft would be nice.

  • eguy_4
    5 posts

    also having this issue. I put in a ticket ages ago but nobody has replied to me since Jan 14 and their last reply was basically sorry your screwed we don't know what's wrong. Ubisoft officially doesn't care or give a damn about those of us having this issue.

  • LA_Frankie
    77 posts

    @eguy_4 I am not even being offered the new weekly challenges today! Still showing last week's.


  • MadGlover
    4 posts

    It feels frustrating that there is no acknowledgement of this issue especially as its something that was broken rather than has never worked since the games release

  • zolirevesz
    2 posts

    I am also having this issue and wanted to open a thread about this when I found this thread.
    I play on PC and Ubisoft Connect is not tracking my progression in the statistics section and either the core challenges or the time-limited ones won't unlock after completing them. It looks like I haven't even started the game. I bought the game on the 27th of December, so now I know at least that the issue has already occured on the 20th.
    I also tried to report this via live chat (before title update 1.1.1) and was told to wait as they have received several reports about this, yet it makes me sad that I don't see it listed as a known issue.

  • KH_jynoT
    2 posts

    @fireseed same here since 5th december

  • KH_jynoT
    2 posts

    @zolirevesz do they know the issue?

  • zolirevesz
    2 posts

    @kh_jynot i was told yes, since i was not the only one reporting the issue that time. This was the answer I got on the 28th of December:

    I can confirm that similar reports to what you are reaching to us with have indeed been brought to the attention of our dedicated teams. They are currently investigating and acting to have the matter resolved. What I would like to kindly suggest for you to do is keep an eye on the forums as there will be a post addressing this, once the dedicated team has been able to target the matter appropriately. This is the link you can use:

  • KAREEM2020_1
    1 posts

    @zolirevesz and me

  • Bacheh_Mosbat
    9 posts

    Does everyone with glitched club profile have 3 extra skill points on their screen?
    maybe unlocking those 3 extra unreleased skills back in December event have glitched our profile.

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