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  • Next ac game in india during 1700's, ubisoft make it better then valhalla

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    @achilleus I'm a woman and prefer to play as a man. I don't refuse to play women, but if I have a choice, I tend to pick male first as I find it usually just fits better, though as I've said before, an assassin specifically could work really well as a woman even in a male dominated society, as no one would suspect.

  • hroozenbeek
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    @achilleus No argument there, everyone is entitled to their preference (or lack of preference).

  • hroozenbeek
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    @gloomseeker As I keep saying in the various threads where these things have come up: all these gender mistakes demonstrate how difficult it apparently is to get these things right in a game the scale of Odyssey or Valhalla. Ubisoft could have done a lot better, but the fact remains. If they're unwilling to spend the resources (and thus money) to fix these errors in future titles, they could be tempted to remove the gender choice from the games altogether. That would be a pity, but if we get a better game because of it, I would not be too sad about it.

    In Odyssey, I played the game with Kassandra (1st time) as well as with Alexios (2nd time). I liked Kassandra better, but that could also have been influenced by the fact that I chose her first.

    By the way: I think nobody ever complains when guards refer to an unseen assassin as a male. But how would they know?

  • hroozenbeek
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    @gloomseeker We're on the same page here.

    Aya was put aside in favour of Bayek, by the way. As much as I like for AC to return to the proper Assassin-Templar period, I would also like to have a game with Aya as protagonist. She played a crucial role in shaping the Hidden Ones; she even got a statue in Monteriggioni.

  • kreutzgang
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    @gloomseeker I think a female only protagonist probably would be a risk for AC since it's been so male dominated in the past, and you get quite a few guys stating they won't play as a woman and accusing Ubi of - quite absurdly - being somehow feminist because we've been able to play as a woman in all of two main entries in the series. I'm not sure where this comes from since a lot of men seem to pick female options when they can, but also a lot of them seem to want said females to be super unrealistic, barely dressed eye candy, and in MMO's teenage boys have been playing females for decades in order to trick older (not very clever?) dudes into gifting them stuff. I'd hazard a guess that giving an option rather than a female only protagonist is probably just much less hassle as people will moan whatever they made her like. I still find it a really weird choice for them to start giving us canonical females when it made the least sense, as in ones that are not actually assassins, and a female assassin is something you could pull off without enraging all sorts of people saying it's historically inaccurate.

    Having said that, there are also a lot of women who refuse to play as men. IDK how often I've seen discussions about this regarding the Witcher, which I don't get at all since the games are about Geralt, and it would just be super naff to give a female option there imo. So again, there's no pleasing everyone and an option just seems the safer bet unless you are making an entirely new game with entirely new lore and where people who don't want to play that character will just not buy it. Sure, they'll still moan, but probably less.

    Finally, since they started offering the choice to make it more RPGish, I can't really see them retconning that - it would feel too restrictive. The more choices you have regarding your character in a game, in general, the less of a written personality they have. You are meant to create the character your own self, though I can't say you do in Valhalla or Odyssey. I suppose an example of this done well would be Hawke in Da2, as their personality is dependent upon the dialogue choices you make, but then again they messed that up by bringing them back in DAI and making them always be the same glum, mage hating, blood-magic dissing twit irrespective of what they were actually like in your game.

  • kreutzgang
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    @hroozenbeek Aya would have been a female protagonist that actually made sense. I'd feel bad saying the game should have been about her as I liked Bayek, but it's such a missed opportunity.

  • hroozenbeek
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    @kreutzgang I did some soulsearching and, speaking for myself, there is not just one reason why I often prefer to play as a female protagonist when given the choice. In many cases it's a combination of reasons.

    (1) Since I get to play as a male protagonist in the majority of games that don't offer a choice, I tend to prefer a female protagonist when there is a choice.
    (2) In games with a majority of male characters in major NPC roles, a female protagonist seems a good choice for contrast (or balance).
    (3) Despite a lot of mixed signals from Ubisoft, the female option was more canon than the male option in both Odyssey and Valhalla, and that certainly influenced me.
    (4) And since we tend to look at our character a lot in third person games, I must admit that choosing a good-looking female protagonist doesn't hurt. (But not in the super unrealistic, barely dressed eye candy way, really.)
    (5) Often, I take a look at the character models the game offers and try out a lot of options, both male and female. There have been games where I had the intention to play as a male, but couldn't get the look I really liked, so I switched to a female character.
    (6) Since my combat skills are not very impressive, my play style tends to focus more on stealth when that's a viable option (not so much in Valhalla, unfortunately). I guess I have a feeling that a male character is more fitting for an open combat based play style, whereas a stealth based game play fits both genders.

    Short version: I just choose whatever I like at the moment.

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    "better than valhalla"
    How can it possibly be worse?

  • Karloz1995
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    @kreutzgang yeah, is not like i dont like to play as female, i played odyssey as kasandra i liked her better then the male one, but the story written is very annoying, a lot of forced stuff, cringe jokes, and the typical argument "im woman, i can do everything man can do but better".. i just played as kassandra an invented my own story in my mind, skipping the entire main story of odyssey i just didnt like that game (storywise)... in valhalla the story is writted a bit better, i kind of like some dialogues withing the characters.. i play as male but ofcourse the dialogues are the same for both genders apart from the female being the canon one, so in story and some points of views i believe female eivor is better then kassandra.... the only reason i dont play as female in valhalla is the voice and her look.. they should put a custom voice and more haircuts customization sinces they all looks the same, also if they somehow make a only female character, at least they should work more in her story, so we can actually feel attached to her.. and not just a boring bland story of a strong independent mary sue... a more deeper story of struggle and pulling through kind of situation, a more realistic kind of story

  • kreutzgang
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    @hroozenbeek we all have reasons for preferences. I'm not entirely sure why I pick men myself, but I put it down to a combination of wanting to be someone else in a game (in DnDn style RPG's I also never play as human on a first run) and the fact I just don't feel women fit well in a lot of games, or are designed stupidly. Like some skinny chick wiggling her [censored] in a perfect, skimpy outfit sporting flawless makeup or wielding a 2Her as big as she is ... just makes no sense, unless they are a mage using glamours and other aids. My favourite mod of all time is one that superimposed the female walk on the male characters in Dragon Age 2 😄 I also don't associate women's lib with women doing everything men do the way men do it, so it never bothers me if there's no female option to do those things - imo it's about providing non-violent and less toxically competitive solutions, but that doesn't stop me enjoying violence in fiction or pretending it didn't and doesn't exist - we are what we are, even if we manage to change at some point. My son OTOH always plays women.

  • kreutzgang
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    On another note, the rumours are poring in by the day. The newest one, which I read on my phone (I think in German), was claiming the next game would be short and linear and based on some war between Germans and the French, and the next one after that would be set during the crusades and some kind of reboot. I tried a quick google and found this: https://www.reddit.com/r/GamingLeaksAndRumours/comments/lzcett/reliable_assassins_creed_leaker_j0nathan_confirms/

  • Outlander1982
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    @kreutzgang The french youtuber Jonathan said in his video the next game is ac1,he said try to guest what it is, a remaster or a remake and it's made by ubisoft Sofia.he also debunked some leaks,he affirmed that it's ac1 if not his reputation will go down the drain.

  • MrPeeJay
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    @asgardian02 I'm a woman and I like playing men

    So now you have that confession out of the way, what about the game? 😛

    (sorry I couldn’t resist hope you know the spirit it is meant in!)


  • darknessviking
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    i wonder how woke it will be since its 2022 and all ,

  • GameGuru2018
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    I think the franchise needs a trilogy.
    The Far Eastern trilogy - India, China, Japan.

    The countries are very different but at the same time have a lot in common.

    There will be no need in animus.
    Reincarnation can be our guide.
    Remembering past lives.

    It can be something like this......

    In any case, it should be something eastern, something new, and reincarnation fits it like nothing else.

    We can even remember our past lives, one by one, in different times.
    I don't know about 1700's but Ancient India is Must Have. 100%.
    Ancient India = another civilization.

    Only remember temples of Khajuraho!

    Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Oriental Marshal Arts.......everything is rooted there.

    The game should be something like this song.
    Outright, with a hint, but not vulgar. (Shiva Lingam)

    Remembering past lives, karma, circle, in which we're spinning, doing the same things again and again.
    Passing through the lessons......or not understanding it and repeating mistakes, again and again, in different variations.
    In different epouchs.

    Far East can open a new page in the Assassin's Creed franchise.

  • XBL_Laberbacke
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    @GameGuru2018 Some guru you are. You really necroed this thread to suggest they make games that already exist?

  • GameGuru2018
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    We're talking about Big Games.
    Like Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla.

    There should be India, China, Japan.

    (In that little trilogy Russia is out of place, as you may see.
    Russia is a part of Western World, whatever some nationalists say about separate Russian civilization.
    Trilogy with Russia should be WW1, October Revolution, WW2.)

    India, China,Japan harmoniously fit together.
    These big games don't exist yet.

    Every country is unique.
    And ancient India has its own uniqueness.

    I insist - Ancient India.

    When casts were not so terrible yet and divided people more by psychotypes, for their more successful self-relization in life.
    In short, if you have a soul of an artist you'd better get a creative work.
    If you like to fight and quarrel it's better for you to be a warrior. If you like to plow and sow it's better to be a farmer.
    No one is better and no one is worse.

    But later....................all that led to terrible consequenes.

    A kind of lesson to humanity.

    Krishna is interesting here.
    The full incarnation of God.

    He was not meditating somewhere in the caves or in an ashram, like many other saints, but lived an ordinary life.
    He was not trying to accept only Good, like many other saints, but he accepted Bad as well.
    He accepted the dialectic of life.

    When it was neccessary to fight he fought, when it was neccessary to make love he did it.

    I hope we will meet him in the game! 👆

  • GameGuru2018
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    Next ac game in india during 1700's.....

    Frankly speaking, I don't want it about Bad Britains again.
    I think it's time to stop with such things.

    I'm afraid Ubisoft will be accused of anglophobia, in this case.

    Colonial policy had many minuses........but britains brought some civilization as well.
    It cannot be wiped out.

    Only remember all those bloody cults.

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