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  • ZeCarlos19
    Original poster 25 posts

    @la_frankie I know they have the quests designed already. But someone, i believe or at least i hope, is overseeing this. They could have kept this one out of the rotation and replace it with another. This demonstrates that they are unorganised and/or uninterested in this.

    With reda i have one bug too. If i accept the two daily quests at the same time one of them disappears and, sometimes, later appears. So i just accept one do it and go get the other.

  • davidv81
    67 posts

    I saw that weekly challenge too, but i just laughed...

    Amazing work, Ubi!!

    Keep surprising us


  • ROTeFeL
    22 posts

    That is just beyond ridiculous 😂

  • B00MSIE
    329 posts

    I feel so bad for the Ubisoft support guys. They must feel the most ignored people at this company. Is there really zero communication between the different Ubisoft departments???

  • Kormac67
    622 posts

    Yes, putting the impossible avenge quest in the weekly rotation is classy. 🙄

  • ZeCarlos19
    Original poster 25 posts

    About the comunication between departments i dont know. I was kidding. But lets face it, it has to be. How else do things like this happens? This is not an isolated incident, comical things like this are happening a lot. But oh well lets hope they fix these things at least.

  • JamesLogan491
    82 posts

    Ubisoft managed to go from bad to laughable and completely incompetent post launch support on this rushed and clearly half finished game. Yet, their Helix store keeps on getting additions almost every week.
    It is like Ubisoft apologizes for some of their f#$% ups but never learn anything from them. They keep on repeating their mistakes, sometimes greedy, sometimes stupid.
    I too feel bad for their support team having to deal with the total lack of organization, communication, care for their product and rightfully upset players.

  • luigispcrew
    60 posts

    @zecarlos19 unfreakinbelievable

  • ZeCarlos19
    Original poster 25 posts

    They apologize but then repeat the mistakes because they are not held accountable. I bought the game played 10h and couldnt progress for more than a month because of a bug. Asked for a refund, in my mind, rightfully, i cant have one because 14 days have passed (and the irony is i waited more than 14 days because i had faith they would fix the bug). Yet i didnt buy what was advertised i had a broken product. Even now i dont have what was advertised i still have bugs like fps drops since 1.1.0 .

    Things like this should be illegal worldwide, we customers have no protection on our side. Look at CDPR, they by themselves allowed refunds and apologized but now their government on their country are onto them. This should happen worldwide but Ubisoft got our money, we cant refund and now they dont give a damn about post service. Thats it.

    And about the helix products i agree but if we, as customers, stop buying them they will stop making them and maybe fix the game. But this will never happen because there are always people who dont care or dont have bugs and will buy them (and if they want to then they should dont get me wrong).

  • MadGlover
    4 posts

    For a lot of people every challenge is impossible as not a single challenge is tracking

  • ZeCarlos19
    Original poster 25 posts

    Semantics i guess.


  • B00MSIE
    329 posts


    It is not impossible to do the challenge. If you do a couple of suicides at the mentioned farm, we can help each other.

  • Gryma-
    25 posts

    @b00msie You're right.

    With this method, i've 6/10 avenge quests done. Follow exactly this, and that will be ez pz 😄 (i think ill finish this challenge in 1-2h with some luck)

  • ZeCarlos19
    Original poster 25 posts

    @b00msie Now the dozens of players who come to this forum can do it. And about the other hundred thousand players? They changed a line to hide their asses. This is no way to solve the problem. They could adress to us or change the mission (but since they didnt care about the Yule festival for a month i doubt they will change a mission for a week).

    That is what drives me off with this game. No transparency, no communication and they dont care.

    Anyway thanks for the workaround i will give it a try.

  • B00MSIE
    329 posts


    I totally agree, it had been better if Ubisoft fixed the bug causing this or changed the challenge, but expecting neither...

  • ZeCarlos19
    Original poster 25 posts

    @b00msie Yeah i am not expecting it too. Also if you are the author of the workaround if you share it on reddit people more people will know this and help.

  • azullFR
    717 posts

    here is the link to the Topic :

    I haven't got reddit ....and other social network neither ...
    For the ones who have.... it will be nice to mention "TheeElf" as the original poster and the person who had the great idea to do and to share this test 🙂
    @TheeElf .... Thaaank You !!!!!!! 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

  • TheeElf
    179 posts

    @azullfr This is how things should be. We hit hurdles, we work together to figure it out. In this case, the gamers worked together to get it done. The trend should continue that gamers and the development team work together to productively work toward a fix together. At this point, we have some good information and data to pass on to the development team to investigate now. Glad so many people have benefited though and could at least collect the Opals for this week and work toward the Core challenge now.

  • azullFR
    717 posts

    I like too when "things" go this way, It's intellectually stimulating (for me, I'm old) and give me bit more faith in humanity
    (approximative english, sorry)
    Thanks again for the job you did !!!
    👍 👏 👏 👏 👏👏 👍

  • ZeCarlos19
    Original poster 25 posts

    Yeah i agree with you guys. But it seems more time than not its the community that helps itself not the devs.

    Also thanks for the workaround and since you are the author you should, in my opinion, post it on reddit. It will gain more visibility there and more people to help.

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