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  • basel19751224
    46 posts

    ok i will do that when got home from work also i will go that location to to die 🙂
    by the way i am playing on ps4 and i located in eastern europe so right now over here is 7pm and i still at work for 1 more our

  • TheeElf
    179 posts

    @basel19751224 Actually we are talking on Discord. I think our plan is to use Scotthorn Farm on a massive scale. So plan for that location.

  • basel19751224
    46 posts

    ok , that works for me way better 🙂 i did not progress in to Cent yet

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    yeah i only died at one point to killing to many civilians in town with poison.

  • basel19751224
    46 posts

    Sadly no luck today on both location , but i did let them kill me at the farm , so go check it out
    also here are to pics u asked for undefinedundefined

  • TheeElf
    179 posts

    @basel19751224 Out of curiosity do you know if you recognized the names of the players you avenged? We they friends on your friends list Ubisoft or console friends? Just trying to see if they are random or if that is another possible factor. Thanks again for the screenshots.

  • Tchester1980
    Original poster 1100 posts


    So the community started an experiment just right now!.
    Follow these thread (for ppl who did not know this):

  • basel19751224
    46 posts


    Nope , non of them was from my friends list or the recruited Jomsviking list .
    But i did realise something but maybe it has nothing to do with this .
    Remember before patch 1.11 was 3 new skills one of each skill tree
    back then i did get the one in the bear skill tree , after the patch these skills become unavaible
    but if stayed off line all 3 skill was there again
    When i fund the dead bodies my level went up with one and i had the extra bear skill again and later the skill was gone again and my level went back
    so maybe i was off line for a little period and dead started to show up and in the back the game was still saved my progress when i got back on line and i was able
    got the avenge stats with conect .
    So maybe worth a try to check it out off line if there are any dead player anywhere on the map .
    i will give a try to night when got home from work

  • NovocaineAU
    1 posts


    confirmed that I found one at the Scotthom farm location. The other was not there but one is better than none! On Xbox SX

  • G-D-L-1
    10 posts

    did you guys try a live kill? ie being in the same place and one of the 2 gets killed? if you want I'm online now

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