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  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    @adtc5812 Ah okay. That's an optional quest though. I know it sucks big time if you want to romance her. Can you just afk until it's over, or close your eyes and randomly click? That's what I do with TV. IK it sounds childish, but it does the trick haha.

  • XX-Artorias-XX
    92 posts

    A game.

    A game.

    A game.

    Come on, if you have not a wife ubi should take away romance because you are sad?

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts
    364 posts

    You are also forced to kill, can you imagine that: forced to kill in an Assassi... oh wait.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    @torfinr Haha. True! I've never got why game/r/s are all uppity about stuff like nudity or substance use, when you can massacre everything around. Okay Valhalla won't let you kill civilians but still xD

  • WeirdlyBearded
    22 posts

    @slimgrin It's hella obvious that you're the one who has the problem Mary...

  • gearsmonger
    48 posts

    @adtc5812 I mean... the Vikings drank... a lot... Of all the things Ubisoft got wrong here, ranging from weapons used to gay relationships... I'm just glad they got one thing right about the time period.

  • Kormac67
    653 posts

    Love it when you manually drink from one of the barrels a few times she dunks her head in. 😄

  • evilhippo
    79 posts

    @adtc5812 I don't kill people in real life but I'm ok with doing so in a game. And this game pretty much forces you to kill people in-game.

  • Kream
    66 posts

    @adtc5812 Is it possible to think them as sodas? Like really strong carbonated one? And all the people in-game have weak resistance towards it somehow? Like, back in the days, people were so clean on the inside that even sodas do the job? Whenever there's something in-game that doesn't make sense to me, I persuade myself saying, 'It is that and this so it does make sense'. I know your situation is more serious but I wanted to help and this is all I got.

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