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  • Yesin069
    554 posts

    Maybe it is fixed with this patch and just not mentioned. It often happens that ore things are fixed and just not mentioned. Just wait and see if the patch fixes this issue tomorrow, than we can be angry again...

    This will be the first thing i try after installing the patch - even before transmog...

  • cetin.19
    81 posts

    @yesin069 nono if this fix it will be writen in the patches I’m looking in this threat since November ... they don’t fix it if yes .. somebody from the mods wrote it .. but like always they don’t do it ...

  • XWulf00
    33 posts

    Yo I swear to god if they dont f****** fix it with tomorrows update!!!!

  • Skandranondm
    6 posts

    So new update tomorrow and no mention of fixing this. I'm so glad you're prioritizing adding some more cats to the world, and fixing the way clothes look while running up stairs ughh so pathetic.. Oh and let's not forget the 32 fixes for River Raids that came out last month... Instead of fixing 1 simple glitch that has been since the game came out. I refuse to believe if you can add transmog and update over 100 mission bugs so far for the game that you can't fix the simple pig bug. Oh wait nevermind it's because you don't care about your loyal consumers that's why. If I was a dev person I would be so embarrassed to come on this chat and post another "we are still looking into it" it's so pathetic and sad. I won't be purchasing anymore Ubisoft content anymore until this is fixed. I wish Ubisoft knew what it was like to be a loyal customer and to literally feel so depressed to look at this thread multiple times a day for there to never be any word of a fix... so sad and pathetic, I guess we're the fools... so sad...

  • USSPrometheus
    6 posts

    Well I see they are fixing things that aren't big issues, there needs to come a time where development is put to bug fixing long standing issues if they want to retain some semblance of consumer confidence.

  • feldo0172
    3 posts

    Well, I see we get

    Assassin's Creed® Valhalla – Title Update 1.2.0

    tomorrow!! (march 16, 2021)

    And, looking through the list of fixes, It appears that "Pig of Prophecy (Cent)" remains unfixed, as does "Boar with the Golden Nose (Essexe)."

    Thanks again, Ubisoft. Months of waiting. Multiple updates and patches.

    And we're still where we were at release. A busted, buggy game.

    This will be the last time I purchase one of your releases.

    This is beyond exasperating.

  • XWulf00
    33 posts

    @feldo0172 Foreal !!! this is getting f****** ridiculous

  • Daimos11
    9 posts

    This is one of the most discussed problem on this support forum preventing many players from getting platinium trophy after hundreds of hours playing and after MONTHS of reassuring us that it was reproducible internally and being worked on and it's still not fixed in a lastest huge bug-fixing patch?! Yet new content is being made and much lesser bugs are being fixed.
    Seriously I game for 30+ years and I don't remember being treatet in such insulting way by any major gaming company.. And to think that I bought and completed most of AC and Far Cry games.. I seriously need to reconsider that going forward and advise anyone to do the same.

  • Yesin069
    554 posts


    At least we have more cats now, right?

    Seriously a quest related bug isnt unusual in huge titles but it should be possible to fix issues like that, that are in the game since launch, in 4 months or am i wrong?

    The first two patches should have fixed all quest bugs that where in the main game and when a new patch adds a new bug, than the next patch should fix those. This is how Ubisoft should plan their priorities. The fewest people care about this seasonal time-limited event or river raids that took the most dev time away from bigger problems. This is just some 2 hour content that makes every patch 20GB big without giving us anything with substance or fixing the main game to a polished state.

    Lets wait and see if the patch maybe fixes this problem without being mentioned in the patchnotes. Who knows...wonders happen...sadly not ins those times and not from Ubisoft...

  • xIFoxHound
    49 posts

    @Yesin069 When I read the patch notes about more cats being added to the game, I genuinely couldn’t believe that this was put above fixing more prominent issues like this. Barely anyone asked to add more cats to the in game world. If there isn’t a stealth fix for this bug in the patch and we’re still waiting another month for it to be sorted then moving forward I’m going to reserve purchasing future titles day one and maybe months down the line after launch. The official forum team are more active on other posts on these forums yet posts like this which arguably have the most views and replies are just being ignored. Maybe the team will have more to share and their waiting for them to respond, no idea...I’m just not about to commit another potentially 20 hours just to receive the platinum to go about the map and complete every territory again despite already logging 130+ into the game

  • cetin.19
    81 posts


    @all with the mew patch the pig pig of prophecy is still buggy ..

  • cetin.19
    81 posts

    @cetin-19 @unisoft shame on you we wait since November and the next patch will be in April... I will never recommend a game from never

  • FCI-DK
    4 posts

    Still no fix on that quest,,, an update that contain 15 gig of fixes,, and still no fixes,,, amazing 😞

  • mattcaney
    2 posts

    After Almost five months, and still cannot complete the Game. Instead of adding on new features, how about a game that we can actually finish. ? Prophecy of Pig still not working. Over 250 hours into this game. I am NOT starting over.

  • Yesin069
    554 posts

    Yes, this issue still persists! It is very sad that Ubisoft aren't able to fix this bug...

  • XWulf00
    33 posts

    @mattcaney Yeah this is just absurd. This damn thing has been bugged for MONTHS. For MONTHS all they said is it's "Under Investigation" . But what does Ubisoft do ??? Ohhh they added in more f****** cats into the game for no f******* reason. Oh you got a bugged side mission???? Let's add more cats to the game

  • lachomagician
    52 posts

    Even if we were to start the game over just for this one broken world event, there is no guarantee that we wouldn't run into other bugs... sigh.

  • XWulf00
    33 posts

    Soon to be 5 months & this mystery still does not have a fix. This is getting just ABSOLUTELY ridiculous now.

    Ubisoft: "Oh that Mystery is still bugged for you? Here let's add some more cats in with this new update"

  • AlexSinnerman7
    12 posts

    Any news here Ubisoft? Do you need more than a year to fix your broken game? At least we have more cats! I've always bought the season passes for the games, but this one I'm not getting it, it's not worth the money to have a bugged game. An update would be in place if you were a decent company. Are your engineers literally just looking at it?

  • Majere326
    22 posts

    lol 262 hours in the game and I can't plat it because the devs have scrambled eggs for brains. [censored] poor form Ubisoft. I've pre-ordered every game from Rogue til now, except Unity as I didn't have a PS4 at the time, and I won't be doing so again. You continually make poor decisions in Valhalla and constantly send support staff with zero knowledge of anything to repeatedly say sorry. More cats? Taking the feature from Odyssey everyone wanted and making it cost silver, which even with farming methods is still a royal pain in the [censored] to obtain? Every time you fix something, something else breaks. And with every decision it seems like it's less player friendly. How could you not look at Odyssey in its end stages and learn how to do things here, and this is coming from someone who considers Odyssey the worst entry in the series, but instead have a constant stream of issues and steps backwards?

    At this point I wouldn't blame people for hacking this trophy because you added so many events it wasn't within your ability to test them all properly and it's obviously outside of your capability to fix them with any sort of haste to ensure the base game was completable in every way before pumping out content that doesn't matter. I guarantee nobody would've cared if you pushed back the timeline of content to be released if you had just fixed all the issues first.

    I'm not even really mad or [censored] off anymore. I'm just disappointed.

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