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  • whorphan
    21 posts

    @digger_973 That's the thing though. As a consumer they're really disrespectful to their customers. I didn't purchased an expensive product just to wait for them to fix it sometime, maybe in the far near future.

  • whorphan
    21 posts

    @ubiexcellent Any news? Didn't work after recent update on PS4. Asking because it would nice to, you know, complete the game. Since I paid for it I think is not a huge thing to ask.

  • gentester
    65 posts

    Still not fixed, I just had another go given the Yule stuff landed I wondered if anything else had been incorporated into that update but sadly not

  • gentester
    65 posts

    I was hoping they would fix this before the Yule event started or at least add in some fixes with the update which triggered Yule. Apparently not

  • locoporkko
    27 posts

    I play in ps4 and after the recent patch i try in my game of 150 hours and i cant talk with matilda really is a shame that developers make a game like this bad,bad bad game with a lot of bugs,i got the platinum but for another players is important for finish the game and obtain the platinum

  • Majere326
    22 posts

    @derzalas I'm having this same issue. I had done this mission forever ago and just never realized the quest didn't complete, but now that I'm 200 hours in and have done everything except a few Orlog players this is the very last thing on the map keeping me from being able to plat the game. I did every combination of actions between talking to the guy, drinking the ale, and talking to the pig and nothing happens. The screen doesn't turn black and white anymore after the ale.

  • oGazZo
    1 posts

    @derzalas same here on the Xbox version. At least it's consistent but really annoying you can't complete. Can't drink and speak to the pig a second time to complete the mystery! Please fix Ubisoft. I didn't realise until I was in 150 hours.

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    Hi all!

    Many thanks to every here that has added to this thread since I last responded. I checked in with our teams about this issue, but so far we do not have any new information to share. I understand how disheartening and disappointing this news is, and would like to express my sincerest apologies. Once I have any new details, I will share them with everyone here.

    Official Response
  • Frosty_Fink
    4 posts

    Even after the last two patches, the Pig of Prohecy mystery is still bugged on my save file. I have tried the basic fixes: reloading previous save, fast traveling, etc. They still don't work. I am only posting a second time so this does not become forgotten. This is the last mystery I need to complete for 100% completion. I don't get the same dialogue from the man that owns the pig that everyone else gets that have successfully completed the challenge. All he says is, "I got the pig at the market. She speaks enough for both of us." But what he says to Eivor when it isn't glitched is something along the lines, "The pig can see the future. You drink, pig speaks." I hope this can get sorted out in the next patch. 🤞

  • V1K1NG_L0RD91
    1 posts

    Its the only quest keeping me from the platinum trophy. Im not the only one with the bug clearly, but i find it odd some people aren't coming across the same issues.
    Still gonna play this game though 233 hours and other than this bug loving the game.

  • Xeno_Mezphy
    1 posts

    I was really hoping for some bugged out synergy and tried to use the fact that I load in drunk because of the bugged Yule event to talk to the pig, but alas, still just pig sounds.

  • katanakahn
    11 posts

    @ubiwan I am having this same issue and I have done all of the above.

    Nothing seems to work

  • BurninG4ze
    1 posts

    Does anyone have any more news on this? Like several people on this thread, it is the only thing keeping me from reaching 100% in the game. I think the glitch happened to me because I talked to the pig, then left (I think the pig talked about some treasure) so I looked around Canterbury, then left to do other things. I started this quest at least 50 game hours ago, so I can’t really go back because I would lose a ton of progress. I hope the devs figure out something soon.

  • scratchy92mcfc
    1 posts

    @thejohancz same issue here

  • Majere326
    22 posts

    Pig of Prophecy is bugged still. Drinking the ale does allow Eivor to understand the pig after the first time. Without the last part of this world event being triggered it can't clear and out of all the collectibles on the map this is the last thing keeping me, and more, from being able to get 100%. Hopefully this appears in the reported issues megathread and is resolved.

  • cetin.19
    81 posts

    @burning4ze i have the Same Problem .... and this is me Last Mission to geT the Platinum trophy

  • noamgalili
    1 posts

    Same bug here

  • Tomboytaren
    2 posts

    Cant complete the world event "Pig of Prophecy" in Cent. Drank once and it worked, but the second drink isnt working so I couldnt complete it.

  • Tomzher
    Original poster 12 posts

    Sad to comeback here to see my bug report done +1months ago and still nothing is done.
    U have the luck to have ppl reaching ur game and giving feedback and ur just slacking not doing patch.
    just sad.

  • cmhoughton
    32 posts


    honestly, they have quite a few bigger bugs that also need squashing... They have their work cut out for them, likely engineers and testers working from home when they usually don’t probably isn’t helping. This bug needs fixing, but so do dozens (if not hundreds) of others. This game is better in some ways than Odyssey, it’s gorgeous and I think the story is better, but I don’t remember this many issues with game play on that. I am not confident that I will be able to finish this game with all its problems at this point.

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