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  • AHolyKuma
    1 posts

    Thank you so much for doing this! I have the same idea but not sure where to post to maximize the participants, then I saw this post mentioned in reddit.

    However what intrigue me the most is WHY do you choose this specific farm?
    Because I'm one of the lucky person to get the avenge quest before the time-limited challenge, and even before the Yule Festival, and it was happen EXACTLY AT THAT FARM.
    It happen when I explore East Anglia while doing the main quest, and I think there is a point of interest in that farm. I vividly remember soon after I leave that farm, I got the avenge quest and all I need to do is go back to the farm to confirm the kills.
    And I also see a video in Youtube about avenge quest (

    ), which also happen in THAT FARM.
    So are there something special about THAT FARM somehow allowing more player to get the avenge quest???

  • azullFR
    717 posts

    I have got a question : what have you in mind when asking :

    what happens if you leave your armor on as opposed to removing it completely?

    caus' I've no single idea of what you expected from this "try" ( Armor type problem ? runes Problem ? etc... )
    thank you 🙂

  • azullFR
    717 posts

    I think it's a "AVENGE QUEST SPAWNING POINT", like the ones that are in AC-Origins'
    Note :
    there is a second "Avenge Quest Spawning Point" = 275m EAST/North-EAST of Ruined Tower at location with 3 wild boars and a treasure near a tree
    I think it's scripted like that but servers communications are "bugged"
    ( example: at one moment in the game I loose all my Berserker set just because I had a look to the hellix store, without buying anything or doing anything else than just looking the items...Now no more problem caus' I reloaded an earlier save and never went back to the store during gameplay... )

  • TheeElf
    Original poster 179 posts

    "However what intrigue me the most is WHY do you choose this specific farm?"
    One person said they got 2 avenge at that farm. So we started focusing specifically there and occasionally looking at the nearby high point spawn tower and the bandit camp east (directly south of Sunken Glory). We gradually started realizing potential spawn points and triggers. Glad it is working out for so many though!!!

  • Gryma-
    25 posts

    @theeelf Yup, actually i start at the farm few hours ago, and i've 3 avenge quest done. I hope ill finish this challenge today. For infos : i already got 2 quests with the same player name, so... We just need to trigger the quest at this location.

  • Smrtiak.SVK
    139 posts

    I finally get this mission, but no opals for me, no reward, weekly challenge is still unfinished 😞 undefined

  • Gryma-
    25 posts

    @smrtiak-svk That's maybe a bug, because nothing is update actually (im stuck at 9/10 for avenge player XD )

  • azullFR
    717 posts

    U need to go to
    UBISOFT CONNECT > CHALLENGES > "PERIODIC CHALLENGES" and there you should be able to claim the 5 Opals

    ( approximative English, sorry )

  • Gryma-
    25 posts

    @azullfr Actually, i think Ubisoft Connect is bugged again, no update after doing some activity (like "win a drink battle", my last avenge quest don't count too in my stats). I hope that will be fix tonight, that's [censored] sad xD

  • SusLiK_MZ
    6 posts

    I did it) Thank you all)
    And I've died several times, maybe someone will find my body 🙂


  • azullFR
    717 posts

    I'm really sorry for you, I'm gonna give a new try, in the next 2 hours, to see if it could be a problem of "region server" ... maybe ?
    See you 🙂

  • Gryma-
    25 posts

    @azullfr That's fix now 🙂

  • basel19751224
    46 posts

    today so far 0 luck
    waited ours and zero avenge quests so far 😞
    but every 20 minutes i did die there so maybe somebody was able to avenge me 🙂

  • Reyne-
    3 posts

    Are there any strategies that work better then others? Managed to find one while afking about 10 mins on the farm roof. Do I need to die/reload/fast travel far away or something or just get back up on the roof and wait some more for another to spawn? Anyone knows what increases my chances for an avenge corpse to spawn?

  • basel19751224
    46 posts

    well in my case , once i killed all of them , never got a new avenge quest no matter how long i waited there , so i always teleported somewhere then get back but others had luck with onéy waiting there without leaving the place

  • azullFR
    717 posts

    Here what I am doing (the corpse is there, I see him from the roof...) IMPORTANT I'm on PS4

    1. Near the farm, just before the Forbiden area > Manual Save
    2. Then, I went to the soldiers and Died
    3. Choosed the option "Last save known"
    4. Climbed on top of the roof stayed at the "90° top angle"
    5. Opennned the PS4 menu > communities ( I think that on PC you just have to Open the Desktop window
    6. waited for 20 min
    7. Went back to Valhalla
    8. The corpse is there
    9. I'm going to "avenge" 😉
  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts

    From my personal experiences, clearing the area on the farm with assassination and wait on the house. Doesn´t matter if on the roof or in front of the house...
    Sometimes it takes 10 minutes or sometimes round about 20 minutes until a death body will spawn.

    What I noticed, waiting on the spot for another new body spawn within next minutes is not happen again.
    I have got 7 body spawns at repeated intervals of one hour between each.
    So I wrote the exact hours to my desk and look 1 hour later on the farm again, wait until a body spawned and go away.
    You do not need to be online or in the game.
    Travel back home, save and go off. Come 1 hour later back, logg into, travel to the ruined tower, clear the area at the farm and wait until one body to revenge spawn!

    With this method I collected now 7 bodies, close to the goal of 10.
    Hopefully this will help you!

  • azullFR
    717 posts

    Great great info !!!
    thank you
    👍 👍 👍

  • Reyne-
    3 posts

    THanks for the replys everyone! Really helpful!

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