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  • GonguHrolfr
    9 posts


    I've got an "interact" thing on a corpse there, but no "quest"! It's that right?

    And I did'nt see the "quest" icon either.

    Would be happy to make friends: "GonguHrolfr" is my ID.

    I've had let killed myself 2-3 times yet. I'm going to do it again.

    See you, guys 😉


  • ROTeFeL
    22 posts

    Been going there for 2 days and died 3-4 times. Still haven't found a single avenge quest there (found one a couple of weeks ago in another place).

    This is ridiculous. When you play Origins the avenge quests appear 20 mins since the game began. Here, almost 160 hours in, and just a single avenge mission.

  • Kormac67
    577 posts

    @rotefel Just got another one.
    Go there, die, reload.
    Kill everyone.
    Climb roof, alt-tab out (don't fall off since alt is dodge), read forum, keep listening to the sound.
    When Eivor says something (other than greeting Sunin when she lands on her shoulder) return, quest is there.

  • ROTeFeL
    22 posts

    You mean that you have to stay there for some time?
    Jesus, that would certainly explain how I got the first avenge quest those weeks ago. While playing I had to take a call, and when I was back the quest was just 10 metres away.
    Still, if the quest is rigged that you have to spend some time in a location, then I would say that it is still bugged/badly designed and needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • cavveman
    75 posts


    You can be afk for a while and run around after 15-20 minutes while pressing the "v" button on pc(don't know which command for controllers).
    It will give you a quest marker if you are closeby.

  • Malicky_ElThoro
    1 posts

    Just died there few times hope somebody will earn that ,) - PC

  • FlavioSSA
    11 posts

    Well, i think people have to die more there since yesterday... Today i stayed in the roof for about 1h and a couple of minutes 2 times (the last one just now before this post) .... no revenge mission at all.
    In the begining of this, i managed to get 3 missions. I think we´re in lack of deaths again, so please let´s die more over there people 🙂

    Yes, i died 3 times before log off. 👍

  • GonguHrolfr
    9 posts

    Got twice the quest. And a friend of mine got 4 times, tonight. Letting you be killed help the community, I think. I've done it several times. The spwans of the quest seem to be every 20-30 minutes.
    Thx TheeElf and all of you.

  • Mystic_JG
    1 posts

    How do I complete the "avenge a player"? I haven't been able to see one. I am playing at the moment trying to complete it. Only quest i need.

  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts


    Concratulations, your post and your efforts have now been officially mentioned on Eurogamer. You are famous now 🙂

    Thanks for my part for starting this and helping many people to complete the quest.
    Thank you


  • scottfish95
    1 posts

    I went to Scotthoh Farm and killed all the guards, waited idle for 15 mins and got nothing, so i gave up and left the area! As soon as i started moving i Eivor said "Lets see" so used Odin's sight and there was a quest! Lucky me! And thanks to the player i Avenged on 28/01/21 at 11.30am UK time. Your name was KawaiiGlitter420 on ps4.

    I have died there 3 times, good luck and hope someone get to avenge me.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 713 posts

    Hello everyone,

    I'm replying here today as a fellow player! I'd like to thank @TheeElf for starting this thread, and for coming up with a strategy to increase the chances of avenge quests appearing for others. It is amazing to see the community working together to find these quests and helping each other by providing opportunities to complete them for the "Hall of the Slain" Ubisoft Connect challenge.

    I gave the method described a try myself, playing on PS4, and was successful in finding another player (KawaiiGlitter420) to avenge. I captured a video showing my completion of the avenge quest at Scotthoh Farm in East Anglia, in case it could be helpful for someone to watch the process and understand how it works! Here it is:

    PLEASE NOTE: I am using one of the hidden mythical weapons in the video, so please don't watch if wanting to avoid spoilers!

    I've provided a link to this thread in the video description so that anyone watching can also get involved here on Discussions if they'd like. Best of luck to all of you in finding further players to avenge, and thanks again @TheeElf! 😄

    Official Response
  • TheeElf
    Original poster 164 posts

    @tchester1980 That's pretty awesome. I'm just glad to see it working for so many people and knowing this is one more challenge we can check off the list. Now if we can only figure out the fishy part of the fish challenge to make it 31/31 complete...

  • ROTeFeL
    22 posts

    Yeah! Congrats! 😊
    The only thing that troubles me, is that now this issue is going to be ignored in the upcoming patch and that will screw many players who are yet to come to Valhalla. This has to be resolved ASAP. 🤒
    Long story short - if you need to spend 15 mins afk in order to get something it really is a bad design or a bug... Not to mention that this method still isn't working for me. Just waisted another 2 hours today again, afk for 15-30 mins in-game, afk in the menu reloading many times, all for nothing - just like yesterday, and the day before...

  • ROTeFeL
    22 posts

    On another note, did anybody notice, that the enemy soldier while trying to break into the house is calling Eivor for help? 😂

  • TheeElf
    Original poster 164 posts

    @rotefel Yes which I still don't understand haha. I actually captured it on video right as he said my name before he took an axe to the head. At the 1:01 time mark.

  • dlmthree
    77 posts

    Not working, period. Fix this crap.

  • lalusitana
    19 posts

    going to die now on PC. Hope someone can find the body

  • MithrasVG
    1 posts

    it does not work ... i have died one time for another

  • marimih
    1 posts

    Just got an avenge at the farm. Still works on PC.

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