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    I went to Scotthoh Farm and killed all the guards, waited idle for 15 mins and got nothing, so i gave up and left the area! As soon as i started moving i Eivor said "Lets see" so used Odin's sight and there was a quest! Lucky me! And thanks to the player i Avenged on 28/01/21 at 11.30am UK time. Your name was KawaiiGlitter420 on ps4.

    I have died there 3 times, good luck and hope someone get to avenge me.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1101 posts

    Hello everyone,

    I'm replying here today as a fellow player! I'd like to thank @TheeElf for starting this thread, and for coming up with a strategy to increase the chances of avenge quests appearing for others. It is amazing to see the community working together to find these quests and helping each other by providing opportunities to complete them for the "Hall of the Slain" Ubisoft Connect challenge.

    I gave the method described a try myself, playing on PS4, and was successful in finding another player (KawaiiGlitter420) to avenge. I captured a video showing my completion of the avenge quest at Scotthoh Farm in East Anglia, in case it could be helpful for someone to watch the process and understand how it works! Here it is:

    PLEASE NOTE: I am using one of the hidden mythical weapons in the video, so please don't watch if wanting to avoid spoilers!

    I've provided a link to this thread in the video description so that anyone watching can also get involved here on Discussions if they'd like. Best of luck to all of you in finding further players to avenge, and thanks again @TheeElf! 😄

    Official Response
  • TheeElf
    Original poster 262 posts

    @tchester1980 That's pretty awesome. I'm just glad to see it working for so many people and knowing this is one more challenge we can check off the list. Now if we can only figure out the fishy part of the fish challenge to make it 31/31 complete...

  • ROTeFeL
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    Yeah! Congrats! 😊
    The only thing that troubles me, is that now this issue is going to be ignored in the upcoming patch and that will screw many players who are yet to come to Valhalla. This has to be resolved ASAP. 🤒
    Long story short - if you need to spend 15 mins afk in order to get something it really is a bad design or a bug... Not to mention that this method still isn't working for me. Just waisted another 2 hours today again, afk for 15-30 mins in-game, afk in the menu reloading many times, all for nothing - just like yesterday, and the day before...

  • ROTeFeL
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    On another note, did anybody notice, that the enemy soldier while trying to break into the house is calling Eivor for help? 😂

  • TheeElf
    Original poster 262 posts

    @rotefel Yes which I still don't understand haha. I actually captured it on video right as he said my name before he took an axe to the head. At the 1:01 time mark.

  • dlmthree
    77 posts

    Not working, period. Fix this crap.

  • lalusitana
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    going to die now on PC. Hope someone can find the body

  • MithrasVG
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    it does not work ... i have died one time for another

  • marimih
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    Just got an avenge at the farm. Still works on PC.

  • B00MSIE
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    Today I even got 2 avenge quests at the farm without waiting. They appeared as soon as I entered the area around the well, even before killing all guards.

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    Dying now in Germany 😛 on PS4 Pro

  • SpirantCrayon22
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    Hello there - if anyone from Ubisoft is reading this in an official capacity (to be honest, my employer views my participation in anything private as work-related if their name is involved) please would you explain how the system is supposed to work. My observations from ten of these.

    They are rather random. Generally they appeared quite quickly after arriving in an area (half of them within a couple of minutes, most of the rest within about ten, I'd say). Sometimes, though, even after playing elsewhere on the map for hours, nothing spawned.

    The only instances I've noticed have been around the locations described, specifically nine of the ten were at this Scothoh farm. Why here? What is the mechanism by which a body with a mission appears? That is known by Ubisoft and might help customers find out where to go looking. The location of the bodies was a bit mobile, they were close to the main farm building but did move around the place though very close.

    The tenth one I got at the building nearby with the pack of wolves. Does that mean the locations of the bodies are the locations of where players actually died? Ubisoft has to know whether that is the case. Should we be seeing more? Is it, as I've read in other places, that people just aren't dying in open world play?

    Is there a set list of locations where they spawn?

    Is there any other clue that is in the game that everyone has missed regarding how one knows that there is a mission and where to find it?

    Where is there an explanation (in the game or elsewhere) of how this mechanic works?

    Are these cross-platform? It looks like some apparently using Xbox are getting PC revenges.

  • lalusitana
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    I could revenge Basel 119751224, after waiting around 20 minutes. Eivor says something about being strange and, there it comes by the well, (body has clothes on btw kkkk) and Thank you! 8 to go.

  • Lysvander
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    I'll be dying a few times now, and trough the day. After every avenge i'll die myself a couple times. If somebody else is up for it, could exchange a few.

  • lalusitana
    20 posts

    @lysvander I do the same

  • christrax
    5 posts

    Hi everyone im going to die a lot of time now near the farm on PC from Switzerland. If anybody want to see if my dead body appear.

  • christrax
    5 posts

    Crawmoloek anvenge 2 times. Yipi kai ye. ☺

  • Lysvander
    65 posts

    @christrax Nice 🙂

    Had it completed myself this morning, shortly even after i posted. Went rather smooth, even though i still needed 7.
    Added a few deaths myself at the farm right now.

    Just a poorly mechanic in Valhalla. That we have to resort to this as a community to complete it.

  • christrax
    5 posts

    I trying something when im waiting on the roof of the farm i send sennin far away and when i came back a new body is appear.
    Sorry for my bad english, i hope you understanding me 😅

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