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    I just died probably ten times at Scottoh farm. Hope this will help. Also finally (ffs) spawned a dead player by waiting on the roof.

    guest-cQ86NVKZ, I got u.

    Also my ubi id is MHwtf on PC if anyone wanna add friends to see if it helps.

  • Nik_Fry
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    Thanks everyone for the advice

  • B00MSIE
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    For me in all avenge quests, I see the Ubisoft logo, never the platform? Is this a setting somewhere? I wachted the Jorraptor video about it and he has the same Avenge mission for Sammy_boy_310, but for Jorraptor it displays the PSN logo?

    My Quest on Xbox Series X:

    Jorraptor video:

  • luigispcrew
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    @dorinash1 yes we need big eel too @Ubi-Woofer @Black_Widow9

  • azullFR
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    maybe a cross-platform servers concern, or a simple server behavior concern ?
    (Joraptor is gaming on PS5)

  • B00MSIE
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    Just noticed my hired Jomsvikings do have different icons? It seems to be all multi platform. When you see a Jomsviking for hire, the name of the player is always CachouMTL (With different platforms), after being hired, the name changes.

  • azullFR
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    Never saw that... always each player's correct name shown for me (PS4)

  • basel19751224
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    People with ubisoft logo are from different platform (in my case they are pc or xbox players)

    ok a little update on tiggering the avange quests :
    i have all 10 allready but i noticed something :
    at well normaly there are 2 guards if one of them is not there the quest never spam , so if u see only one bandit just reload the game .

    And for all of us how allready got the 10 avange quest , please go there once a day to die so others will have the chance to finish this thing 🙂 !!!!

  • dorinash1
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    @basel19751224 personally I go there every day and die 5-6 times for the community to complete the quest. Cause I know how important was for me to do it. And of course I'll help the others

  • azullFR
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    great thanks for all !!! 👍 👍 👍

  • GanguHrolfr
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    I've got an "interact" thing on a corpse there, but no "quest"! It's that right?

    And I did'nt see the "quest" icon either.

    Would be happy to make friends: "GonguHrolfr" is my ID.

    I've had let killed myself 2-3 times yet. I'm going to do it again.

    See you, guys 😉


  • ROTeFeL
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    Been going there for 2 days and died 3-4 times. Still haven't found a single avenge quest there (found one a couple of weeks ago in another place).

    This is ridiculous. When you play Origins the avenge quests appear 20 mins since the game began. Here, almost 160 hours in, and just a single avenge mission.

  • Kormac67
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    @rotefel Just got another one.
    Go there, die, reload.
    Kill everyone.
    Climb roof, alt-tab out (don't fall off since alt is dodge), read forum, keep listening to the sound.
    When Eivor says something (other than greeting Sunin when she lands on her shoulder) return, quest is there.

  • ROTeFeL
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    You mean that you have to stay there for some time?
    Jesus, that would certainly explain how I got the first avenge quest those weeks ago. While playing I had to take a call, and when I was back the quest was just 10 metres away.
    Still, if the quest is rigged that you have to spend some time in a location, then I would say that it is still bugged/badly designed and needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • cavveman
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    You can be afk for a while and run around after 15-20 minutes while pressing the "v" button on pc(don't know which command for controllers).
    It will give you a quest marker if you are closeby.

  • Malicky_ElThoro
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    Just died there few times hope somebody will earn that ,) - PC

  • FlavioSSA
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    Well, i think people have to die more there since yesterday... Today i stayed in the roof for about 1h and a couple of minutes 2 times (the last one just now before this post) .... no revenge mission at all.
    In the begining of this, i managed to get 3 missions. I think we´re in lack of deaths again, so please let´s die more over there people 🙂

    Yes, i died 3 times before log off. 👍

  • GanguHrolfr
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    Got twice the quest. And a friend of mine got 4 times, tonight. Letting you be killed help the community, I think. I've done it several times. The spwans of the quest seem to be every 20-30 minutes.
    Thx TheeElf and all of you.

  • Mystic_JG
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    How do I complete the "avenge a player"? I haven't been able to see one. I am playing at the moment trying to complete it. Only quest i need.

  • Tchester1980
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    Concratulations, your post and your efforts have now been officially mentioned on Eurogamer. You are famous now 🙂


    Thanks for my part for starting this and helping many people to complete the quest.
    Thank you


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