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    @tchester1980 Checked perhaps the wild boar ate your corpses because you weren't there, other corpses were but no interaction possible. Interrupted a special fishing trip for the loch ness big flat fish and the abominable big Mackerel that are probably in area 51,but never mind. I can always go River raiding with a rather darkish ethnic Viking.

  • Dead213End
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    ya nobody is here. better off trying to farm beginner areas

  • ROTeFeL
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    I just went to the farm that was chosen at the beginning and I finally managed to find an avenge quest! 😁
    Even two of those in quick succession, so the thing is still going on, and I am guessing that patch 1.1.2 did at least a minor tweak as when I visited the farm a month ago, when everybody was getting their avenge quests, nothing popped up for me.

    Still think, that this is not how it should be done, and Ubi should fix it properly and bring it more to Origins level. 😞

  • bzZ_
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    thanks for the tip @ the farm in East Anglia.
    Tried it this morning and got 3 revenges so far.
    Also died a couple of times for others to revenge.
    Playing on PC, Europe region.

    Let's keep this up and help each other!

  • xrayspex_73
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    So stupid that this only shows up at that one farm? This cannot be how Ubisoft meant for this to work.

    So many broken things in Valhalla.

  • azullFR
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    as @TheeElf said (original poster, Greats, Greats thanks to him 👍 !) :

    Try one of the other two locations:

    If that doesn't work work on something else and come back later. It's been fairly consistent for most folks.

    But yes, same thing was done the right way in Origin's, in Valhalla seem's that Ubi has various problems with nearly all things related to servers connections... (at the moment I'm "reverting" to an 100h sooner save to trying to solve one of these...) 😞

  • Shovelator
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    I'm confused, what is needed for these quests to show up? Im 160h in game and ive never seen any of these quests? Do you need to have people on your friend's list?

  • VanadiumCobalt
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    @shovelator The farm and the tree worked for me. Done it daily and got 2 for 5 days.

  • JCar4327
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    @shovelator No, they do not need to be on your friends list. Basically you need to be in an area where someone died and have their body show up in your game. When this thread started you had to wait in an area for 10 - 15 minutes on average for a body to show up. I'm not positive, but I think they may have reduced a timer or something to cause the bodies to show up faster. I am currently playing through a new game and have had two show up in the last half hour. The funny thing is that I am in East Anglia at the moment, and not at one of the spawn locations listed.

    So, what happens is while you are in an area a body will show up. Eivor will say some phrase just out of the blue, typically for me he/she says, "What's this". When that happens, if you look around you will see a quest marker in the area near you. When you get near the marker you will get an interaction option. If you interact Eivor will talk about how the person died and then a sword icon, or multiple sword icons, will appear. If you kill, or you may have already killed, that npc a confirm kill action becomes available. Once that is done you get a quest completed notification.

  • Shovelator
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    @jcar4327 @VanadiumCobalt thank you both. I thought something was wrong. I remember these quest popping all over when i was playing origins...

  • SpirantCrayon22
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    I just got one unexpectedly in a new location while looking for a firefly. Sciropescire, go NW from the northernmost fast-travel high-point. About 2/3 of the way to the border with snotinghamscire (and the edge of the map) there's a pond/lake with a small military presence, they'll attack on sight. I just killed them all and after doing that noticed the green glow in Eagle Vision, wondered what I'd missed as I've completed the game apart from fishing deliveries and the killing-hard-enemies-while-on-fire achievement.

  • SpirantCrayon22
    843 posts

    I just got another one unexpectedly. This time in Glowecestrescire inside Thieves' Warren.

  • Yesin069
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    Now it gets just ridiculous that Ubisoft still hasn't fixed this bug. This achievement was there since launch and still Ubisoft just relies on community workarounds to get it.

    This game is just too easy that an achievement like that doesnt make any sense. I dont know when i died in Valhalla even while drinking while in combat. They should just delete this achievement and this mechanic or let bodies appear randomly without connecting it to player deaths.

    I never saw a body to avenge in this game and i dont want to use shady tactics or workaround like grinding one specific spot on the map to find one body.

  • MHwtf
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    Been running around lately after completion and two more revenge popped up. Previously I had a guess that it might be the game being too easy and nobody dying, but now they're showing up so the problem should be a bugged trigger?

    Here's the pattern I've noticed so far (I don't have enough success to say they're prerequisites):
    staying at one place for a long time
    spamming Odin's vision
    camp / castle / distrust church
    killing some amount of soldiers

  • SpirantCrayon22
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    Third place in one day without trying! Werham, this time, in Hamtunscire.

  • azullFR
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    Seem's that they did a kind of hotfix :
    2 avenge quests today (1 per account) (1 during Reda quest : retrieve missing person in Est-Anglie)
    The 2 new avenge were in places I usually visit every 2 or 3 days and that never, never gave any avenge quest in a total of more than 600h ....
    But I may be wrong....

  • JCar4327
    658 posts

    @azullfr No, I don't think you are wrong. I mentioned this in an earlier post. I think they reduced a timer or something to allow these to show up faster. I got 3 done in a little over 30 minutes in southern East Anglia while playing through a new play through. I wasn't even trying to get these so they definitely changed something.

  • thegardener25
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    I've had a couple of Avenge quests too in the last couple of hours. Both in Lincolnshire! One at The Lindsey Mill, & the other at Bolingbroc Castle. An hour or two apart, isn't bad when you're not looking for them.

  • WhoCares78
    112 posts

    @jcar4327 Thanks. I was able to get two in East Anglia at Beodoricsworth about an hour apart. Only have left to get now.

  • MHwtf
    61 posts

    I think they're popping up. You still need to stick around a hostile/distrust area for a while and spam R3.

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