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  • C-Pick
    Original poster 71 posts

    Aaaaaaand I'm back.

    Still nothing? Cool, cool.

  • davidtsmith333
    42 posts

    All of those options and effects you mentioned I love and glad they are included.

  • C-Pick
    Original poster 71 posts

    @davidtsmith333 Good for you, dude.

    But some of us don't like them at all and wish we had the option to turn them off completely. Some of us want a more immersive, more realistic, and less cluttered visual experience in our big open-world games.

    Some of us might want to fight enemies who don't look they're on fire (with a huge, obnoxious red flash on their body) when they attack us.

    Some of us don't want to be reminded with big, intrusive mid-screen messages that a door is locked or a key is required or ammo is full or rations are full, etc., etc.

    Some of us don't want to see ghastly colorful trails behind our weapons whenever we swing them.

    Some of us don't want to see a white-dot reticle every time we crouch (seriously, why is this even here, even when I'm not aiming my bow?).

    All in the same way some of us don't like seeing ridiculous damage numbers popping out of enemies, lifebars above enemies' heads, stamina meters, status effect symbols, silly effects when we consume a health-replenishing item, etc.

    And so on and so on. Options to disable all of these would be nice. The rest of you can keep them on as long as you like. Everyone's happy.

    This is literally all I'm asking for. It shouldn't be controversial at all.

  • C-Pick
    Original poster 71 posts

    Hi again! I'm back!

    Still nothing? Cool, I'll come back again.

  • C-Pick
    Original poster 71 posts

    Hello again!

    Hopelessly awaiting some kind of response from anyone at Ubisoft about this REALLY SIMPLE THING.

    Guess I'll come back . . .

  • bielik01
    346 posts

    @c-pick tag someone, e.g. @Ubi-Keo

  • UbiStorm
    Ubisoft Support Staff 42 posts

    Hey there, C-Pick!

    My sincerest apologies for the delayed reply to this post and I also sincerely apologize that now that the feature to disable this option is now missing in the Enemy Info and it looks like the enemies and animals are on fire. Would you be willing to please take a video of this issue for me to take a look into this for you? Please upload the video to YouTube as an unlisted video and provide me with the link.

    I do appreciate your suggestion about the HUD feature. I can tell you are a really passionate player and I sincerely appreciate your love for Valhalla from the beginning!

    Please keep in mind that on Discussions bumping is not allowed. I recommend taking a look at our rules here! These forums can be used to get a reply from Ubisoft Support, however we recommend if you are not getting support in a timely manner please reach out and create a support ticket here as our teams would be glad to help.

    Official Response
  • C-Pick
    Original poster 71 posts

    @ubistorm Thanks for responding. It's nice to finally hear from someone.

    Just to be clear, you want me to upload a video of that flaming red-rune flash that appears on enemies and animals when they perform unblockable attacks? I feel like that's something literally anyone can see in regular gameplay anytime. Just get into combat, and eventually an enemy or animal will perform one. It's pretty common--you can't really miss it.

    I'm simply asking for an option to turn OFF that effect. I was able to before the December 15, 2020, patch as part of the "Enemy Info" toggle in the Interface settings, I believe. After that patch, that flaming red-rune effect always showed up, no matter what I turned off.

    And as for the other things--such as the mid-screen text messages like "Ammo is full," "This door is barred from the other side," "Find the key for this door," etc.--those are common as well. You can easily see those. I'd just like to turn those off too. That's really all I'm asking.

  • C-Pick
    Original poster 71 posts

    @UbiStorm Hello again! I got no response here, so I thought I'd check in.

    To be clear, I am asking quite simply for an option to toggle off those giant red rune symbols that flash on enemies and animals when they perform unblockable attacks. I was able to turn them off before the December 15, 2020, patch as part of the "Enemy Info" option in the Interface settings.

    I'd also LOVE it if we could disable those irritating mid-screen text messages. Give us the option to turn these things off. I'd greatly appreciate it.

  • PhilyG213
    29 posts

    @c-pick Damn man it's as if there aren't any more important issues with this game. Some people will literally complain about everything. It's no big deal man.

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