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  • Ubi-Wan
    Ubisoft Support Staff 631 posts

    @zooolz Hey there! Thanks for sharing your experience in detail here. I'm glad to hear things were sorted out after some time. If you're running into those other strange occurrences still, we'd be happy to have a closer look at them! It'd be great help if you could capture video of these occurring.

    Official Response
  • Zooolz
    Original poster 40 posts

    The DDR RGB problem returned yesterday.
    ( about 7 hours after I posted above saying it's Ok )

    It seems to be toggling the DDR RGB on launch AND exit.
    If it's OFF on launch .. it's turns it ON.
    Exit to Desktop ( UBI panel )
    Turn on MSI Dragon Center - Mystic Lighting.
    The toggle is OFF.
    I flip it ON - motherboard + RGB + nVidia card turn ALL ON.
    I flip the toggle OFF - ALL RGB is OFF.
    Save close MSI CC.
    Launch the game. -- RGB still OFF.
    Quit the game ( to desktop )
    DDR RGB comes back ON.

    Stupid cycling of the RGB codes for my
    GSKILL F4-4000C19D-32GTZR

    Fishing :
    If the fish disappears on the hook --- > [ QUIT ]
    ( re-cast the line - your wasting your time )
    Save the game after you catch alot of fish.
    ( the Auto save does not capture fish caught on a game CRASH )

    I can also report GAME CRASHING.
    Usually on a reward notifications.
    ( always when you don't expect it )

  • Zooolz
    Original poster 40 posts

    Opals just went to 0 ( zero )
    I had about 390 or so ...
    ... I think it zeroed me out at count of 400.

  • Zooolz
    Original poster 40 posts

    Opals are back. ---> tied to Online server status.
    Loooong ... delays at startup " checking for addons " also ...
    There should be a timeout at this point.
    ( or a message )
    You don't want players to think the game is " frozen "
    ( like I did ... )

  • Zooolz
    Original poster 40 posts

    I attached my inventory.
    You can see the OPAL counts are wrong in UBI.
    And, I also show the " 7 Medallions " that I gave to Hyman long ago.
    ( the " Order " is completed )

    I think this is why I was not granted the UBI achievement award
    " Disorder of the Ancients "


  • Zooolz
    Original poster 40 posts

    It might actually be " de-sync " -ing the DDR from the motherboard RGB.

    Problem still exists.
    Still required to turn the RGB DDR off after playing.

  • Zooolz
    Original poster 40 posts

    No longer is the RGB "de-sync ' -ing on startup or exit.

    However if a game crash occurs,,,,
    RGB is turned ON upon re-launch in UBI.

    BTW, this 1.1.2 " River Raids " is the WORST idea ever.
    If you cant save gameplay, and crash, you lose the ENTIRE SESSION.
    ( I lost 1.5 hours of 3 RAIDs )

    And have to do them ALL OVER AGAIN.

    I lost my "like" for this game today.
    I don't know if I will play this river shyt anymore.

  • Zooolz
    Original poster 40 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Zooolz
    Original poster 40 posts

    More RGB clues for devs ..

    ( My problem still exists )

    The DDR RGB is de-sync'd from the MB on 1st launch AFTER a POWER CYCLE.
    And, it's UBI software, NOT THE GAME.
    ( 95% sure )

    So, my workaround ?

    1. Don't shut down the computer.
    2. After the UBI de-sync's the DDR ( after 1st launch of UBI from power cycle ) - CLOSE UBI - launch MSI CC - Toggle RGB ON ( it's OFF ) - re-sync DDR with MB - Toggle RGB OFF again
    3. Don't power cycle - IF I do ? I must repeat all of Step 2.

    Hope this speeds things up for my fix ( please )

    P.S. --- ( my ) in-game crashing has stopped ( so far ... 3 -4 days without a crash now ) - AFTER disabling " Automatic Updates " in UBI.

  • Zooolz
    Original poster 40 posts

    My RGB on my DDR is turned ON every startup and exit from the game now.
    I have launched MSI control center to turn it off after it's turned ON, then quit the game, and the RGB is turned ON again.

    So, the problem is WORSE now.

    No matter what I do, RGB is turned ON on game launch and exit now.

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