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  • hroozenbeek
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    @tchester1980 By the way, in the Deoraby Spar Cavern in Snotinghamscire, one of the Treasures of Britain-sites, there is a rope on the cavern floor and in the note a reference to being "as surefooted as a mountain goat". That reminds me of the cartographer's note.

    The blue mineral in this cave is apparently a very rare kind of fluorite, known as Blue John, found in Blue John Cavern in Derbyshire.

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @tchester1980 No, Nodens is a Celtic god.

  • Tchester1980
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    I thought I have found yesterday the robe and the cliff, but there was no cave under the robe. But maybe I missed something.
    Here is the location close to the south rune (On the top of the Cliff, there is a white religion cross):


    Do you think, that the Dearaby spar cave has something to do with the cartographer?
    So, I´m out for today.... see ya

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @tchester1980 I believe the cross at the south coast marked the location of some treasure below, linked to a note somewhere. I could be wrong, but this popped up in my memory.

    The Deoraby Spar Cavern is by far the best match I've found for the cartographer's note: it's a cave in the northern mountains, there is something with a goat (ram), there is a rope and even "some tackle", and there is "something glittering" in the cave (the fluorite). For me: mystery solved! (Unless we find a better match, of course...)

  • thornh
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    I know all of Odin's runes have been found in England but could it all be the key to something back in Norway? I went searching for the Eye of Jormundgandr that Dag mentions in one of his stories, east of Fornburg as he said. I'm sure this was found months ago but way in the mountains due east of Fornburg there is a temple and a small pond. The temple has trees around it and actually has a location diamond on it but it is completely out of bounds. If you fly with Synin and stay far enough away you can clearly make out the temple. I'm sure there's a post about this somewhere and I just missed it.

  • Shovelator
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    @tchester1980, @nash_trickster tnx for checking the rune.

    Managed to see them on my own today also, strange how today they were completely visible. Its kindof weird how they are painted so poorly, almoast as if the texture artist made a mistake...

    Offtopic: is halfdan still present in the game? Just wanted to see if he reacts in anyway to me wearing thors set 😛

  • Wilfinn
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    @shovelator I heard he's gets captured in Ireland

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @thornh Yes, I know that location, but I have no idea what to make of it...

  • Verendrye
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    @tchester1980 down below the waters is a submerged viking ship, hiding a treasure hoard 😉

  • SuperGamer7829
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    I'm at work right now and had a thought.

    Why are we looking at Odin's Rune or thinking something is supposed to happen with it? What if we are supposed to stand on the rune (or near it) and look in the opposite direction? Maybe it's a marker for an event...but we haven't noticed because we're always looking at the rune.

  • SuperGamer7829
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    @hroozenbeek I came to the same conclusion about Olsen's Journal (the cartographer's letter) when I chased down this loose end. Further, I believe the letter mentioned the cave "halfway up the granite cliff"...I think the cave he was referring to is one of the areas you have to climb in inside of the Spar Cavern.

  • Verendrye
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    @hroozenbeek @thornh Jorraptor made a video on the Norway location. Ill leave it here:

  • Verendrye
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    @supergamer7829 Interesting idea. I also believe they are made to indicate something, but what could they show us?

  • SuperGamer7829
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    @verendrye Not sure...but my theory is that something occurs similar to how the illusions work in Jotunheim. I wonder if something materializes or brightens up. If you're near your game, give it a whirl. Try it around sunrise and sunset. Maybe noon or midnight.

  • Verendrye
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    @supergamer7829 Oh I did! I spent there 3 in game days, looked everywhere, even if they disappear during certain times! My last 40 hours of the game were spent by exploring, nothing else!

    The only change occurring was the triquetra symbols near the Suthsexe rune. For me, they disappear during the day and night, and reappear during sunrise and sunset.

    Nothing else

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    This post is deleted!
  • pattisondom
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    1. The runes are making something/someone invisible
      1. There is a note in the Well of Urd that says they need to leave Asgard so Odin will stop watching them.
        1. maybe this person is in England using these runes to hide themselves.
      2. May have to destroy these runes to make visible.
        1. Either person
        2. Or gate way
    2. Loki shapeshifts
      1. What relates to Loki?
    3. Invisibility = Stealth
      1. Equip all armor rune slots with stealth runes
      2. Equip Hidden One Armor
      3. No Amour
      4. Hide Armor
      5. Play dead

    Did anyone check the FanArt download?

  • SquZi3489
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    Good theory But,
    You said that odin watched them and that they are trying to hide themselves. But they are called odins illusion runes if odin was watching them why would he help hide them.

  • SuperGamer7829
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    I was able to glitch in behind Odin's Rune in Hamtunscire. I'm going to see if I can post a photo of how to do it.

    There's a cave back there similar to the one in Suthsexe.

    EDIT: Eivor didn't glitch in...I was able to squeeze a camera behind the rocks and move the camera around.

  • SquZi3489
    20 posts

    i can find a way to glitch through the whole rune instead of using a camera.

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