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  • Verendrye
    141 posts

    @tchester1980 Yeah, I also watched the interview, just to see if it brings new information, and I also had this sensation, that it was pre-recorded. Now that you say this, I also believe it was taken in January, before all this miraculous rune mystery and before discovering all the Isu reincarnations. I was soo interested in this interview but so sad it didn't help us anyway!

    @hroozenbeek Yeah, I really hope this DLC will shed some light! But do you know anything else about this DLC? Like, whats it about, etc.. Ive also searched all the Raid maps on foot to make sure we dont have runes there, or other mysteries we should know about, and I havent found anything. For me, this Ragnarok thing is very spontaneous! They didnt announce it from the beginning and I still cant believe it!

  • Outlander1982
    123 posts

    I took a look at some weapons/armors runes to see if a combination would match to activate the runes but I saw nothing.

    I also have a mysterious ring with a lion head in my invenntory,I have no idea where i got it.

  • Omnilowkey
    1 posts

    Multiple questions if you don't mind

    1. Everyone makes the assumption fenrir was not reincarnated however in actual myth fenrir survives ragnarok so the game may play with that I saw someone with a really messed up face and it reminded me of fenrir having that huge scar and skin removed from lips. Maybe someone like that in-game.

    2. In the poem it mentions all the gods must meet once a day by the well of urdr I tried hanging out at the well for hours however it says "By the well" so might be I'm in the wrong place. Also there is a sword that cuts runes and tyr sword never missed it's mark and cuts stone maybe we need to be looking for tyr related stuff.

    3. Maybe I just couldn't find it online but the tower at indre holm has a the same line of runes on all four walls and I can't translate them I'm not a rune expert.

    5. Last and more of a request anyone try lining the odin runes up with asgard locations? Did they point to anything?

    Also what if we spell tyr in runes on excalibur or gungnnir does that do anything?

    Also new to these forums sorry if I didn't follow certain protocols.

  • MissM16
    210 posts


    😞 indeed. I also searched the area and came up empty as well : /

    I could be wrong about the whole Aquarius constellation or it could be Ubi trolling us hard. Or maybe it's right and we'll get something out of it in future added content. I don't know anymore lol

    I think I finally finished it tho. So it's either the path Odin meant for Eivor to take or I just tracked Loki Rabbit's poop droppings under these stars xD

    Either way, since only inaction guarantees failure... we'll have to keep searching.

  • MissM16
    210 posts

    I feel like I should have kept a journal xD

    -Nodens' Arc Bow
    (Cluster) maybe-Bran's maybe-workshop or an Opal : /
    (Cluster) Loki Rabbit

    *side-eyes cluster in Snot*

    -Synch-Point (Whycham)

    -Synch Point
    -Celtic Knot Runetree
    -Roman Artifact/Bran's journal page re: Isu mask
    -Offering Altar (Nymdesfelda)

    -Synch Point
    -Harbor (Lunden)
    -Jormungandr Runestone
    -Harbor (Rouecistre)
    -Synch Point (Canterbury Cathedral)
    -Underwater standing stones or an Opal : /
    -Cairn (High Rocks)
    -Fulke, The Instrument re: Isu Saga Stone

  • MissM16
    210 posts

    My thoughts/speculations/ramblings of a madwoman...

    I'm pretty sure we need an Isu relic to activate the runes if we seek to bring magic and myth to ordinary non-magical England. Either a piece of armor like Bran's mask or Tyr's weapon like @omnilowkey mentioned above or something/anything blessed by the Isu other than my magic rock which doesn't work xD

    It might be already here (in the base game) and we just need to find it or we have to wait until all content is out : /

    I also have a feeling we'll have to jump through some hoops even after we're equipped with an Isu magic item. Such as... visiting the runes in a certain order, at a certain time of day etc. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it but if this whole constellation thing is accurate, I think the clues of when and in what order we need to visit the runes are already there. We can certainly try now without magic.

    2 clues I have in mind (Cairn and Saga Stone)
    I haven't tried it yet, but I'm thinking visiting the runes in the daytime when the sun is shining and "stacking" the runes like Cairns based on their elevation on their respective rocks and we visit them in that order maybe?

    rune #2 (top Cairn) last rune to visit
    rune #5
    rune #6
    rune #4
    rune #1
    rune #3 (bottom Cairn) 1st rune to visit

    I have a feeling my stack will topple over xD I haven't paid attention to the actual shape of their rocks, just their elevation on them so I'm probably wrong. lol

  • Verendrye
    141 posts

    @omnilowkey If you have any screenshot of any runes from the game, please let me know and I will try to translate them! Im no rune expert either, but I have deciphered (with the help of the team) the majority of runes and I became quite used to what I should expect from the translations.

    @MissM16 I hear your ramblings, dear sister, and they led to mine: What I find interesting about your theory is how good the Aquarius constellation resembles some locations from the game. I also tried the ancient scorpio one, but whenever I want to test further locations, I cant find anything. I remember stumbling upon many medallions, so maybe its them who make a specific constellation?

    Later edit: I found yesterday this photo. It is practically the Norse interpretation of the Zodiac. They have 24 symbols instead of 12, each month being shared equally with 2 symbols. Maybe it will help us in our search, for future reference.


  • SuperGamer7829
    29 posts

    @omnilowkey My thoughts are that Tyr's sword is Excalibur.

  • VanadiumCobalt
    317 posts

    @missm16 I've crawled on my hands and knees over your red circle between runes 5&6 'Sherwood' and nothing, only Snow blindness.

  • Neferninat
    4 posts

    Hey there,
    I'm following the search and efforts to solve this mystery quite curious and basically since the first rune was found. I found the Grantebridgescire Rune all by myself before I even knew of this darn mystery and thought: "oh look, a galdrastafir" (I'm a bit familiar with norse mythology, runes, viking & celtic culture etc., but I'm far from being an expert). It's really great to see with how much dedication and determination you all are working to solve this puzzle. Unfortunately, I can't add anything new myself, other than the fact that I literally left no stone unturned in Lincolnshire for the last days - nothing so far. Right now I'm in the middle of my second Valhalla playthrough. I'll keep my eyes open for everything might connected to this and, of course, possible new Odin's Runes.

  • VanadiumCobalt
    317 posts

    @neferninat Good to have you aboard. I have searched Lincolnshire with no result also.

  • Outlander1982
    123 posts

    @verendrye Are they anything centred with Zodiac sign in Norse mythologie ? the weapons\armors runes could maybe be the key to unlock the puzzle.

  • Shovelator
    150 posts

    New update is coming tomorrow :3

    I'm interested if this will fix the suthsexe rune:

    Addressed various object placement issues across worlds.
  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts


    Welcome to our team. Happy to have a new refresh opinion here 🙂

  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts


    So, lets see. Maybe they will change something.
    But if so, than we know the cave was not intended like it was 🙂

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @shovelator From rune hunting to egg hunting, it seems. Hopefully it's not the Yule debacle all over again...

  • isuwhat
    190 posts

    @hroozenbeek plus lots more cats.......you honestly can't make it up

  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts


    Who wants these "more" cats???

  • isuwhat
    190 posts

    @tchester1980 as i saw on another post. Its not as if there is a thread with 100's or 1,000's of posts about wanting more cats!

    could Skadi's Blade possibly be the trigger? hit the runes with the ice axe to break them? he was after all the enemy of Odin. Whole thread on not being able to claim/collect the axe here but its oddly mentioned in the patch notes:


  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts


    Yes, I know. I also checked this thread and double check everything in the game without success. Possible is everything, also that we need Skadi´s blade to break thru the runes.
    Why not?
    But at this time, I think, no one except the data file miners were able to claim the blade. From that point of view it would be amazing to find out, how to get it.
    Maybe on 2nd play through or so.... I don´t know

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