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  • Tchester1980
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    But since 1.2.0 we have some sea monsters swimming like ducks on the water and flying sometimes over the ocean 🙂
    Today I have seen one, the first time

  • Outlander1982
    123 posts

    @tchester1980 Good,did not want people to go out of their way and waste their time trying to find the axe.

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @tchester1980 Okay, I'll keep a lookout.

  • Smrtiak.SVK
    139 posts

    This is just so annoying 😄undefined

  • Tchester1980
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    Lol, ok, so why not?
    We also have spent and lost how many hours of our live to solve this Odin's rune mystery and now we read, that it is not complete in the game at the moment??
    Joke beside, for sure. Until now SKADI´s BLADE IS NOT IN THE GAME (hopefully everybody can read that) 🙂

  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts

    So, Party Time.....

    It is confirmed, 1h swords will come to Valhalla 🙂

    Confirmed by Ubisoft in a interview with JorRaptor, listen to it and hear by yourself the confirmation.
    No Joke!

  • isuwhat
    188 posts

    @tchester1980 its great Darby finally answered and gave more info but it also feels like 'what the hell'! why put it in, if it does all make sense it better be one hell of a pay off like we actually get to play as Odin or get some amazing Isu weapons and armour or something

    also JorRaptor made a comment on Skadi's Blade and it not being in game the other day, which was in reference to that interview he had with Ubisoft recently

  • isuwhat
    188 posts

    @smrtiak-svk i want to like but also give that a thumbs down

  • TheSmio
    26 posts

    @tchester1980 I saw something strange like that as well when I was exploring around Mercian tower. To me, it looked like it was a low-poly model of a boat. Still strange though.

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @tchester1980 The only sea monster I have seen today was some weird glitched fish that was twisted at a 90 degree angle and floated above the waves...

  • Valhalla2015
    73 posts

    @hroozenbeek Be patient? Like we’ve been for fixing all the bugs, I suppose, right?

  • azullFR
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    Hi !
    Just "funny" off-topic adds, but so surprising unusual ones :)))

    Let me introduce you a Gremlin ....

    Had someone ever seen Vendor, Shop swaps ?
    No more Runes Vendor in Repton - He was stacking some wood for the horse shop
    and the stable lad is working at the Shop ! :+)))
    (Longer topic)

    Seem's some people at Ubi are chasing the dragon :+))))

  • Verendrye
    141 posts

    Why would they put these runes out there if this mystery was meant for later on... We spent months (months!!) while documenting everything in this game. I bet we will solve this mystery in like 30 minutes, considering all the info we gathered here 🤣

    Big big congratz to all of us for spending so many hours and energy! I would warmly hug you all and welcome your effort with some viking style mead and shanties 🙂 Now we should all go on a holiday, and come back recharged when this rune thingy will be available to solve!

    Im happy and proud to have met you all and Im looking forward to continue working with you all on every mystery 🙂

    @Tchester1980 @MissM16 Now, let those dragons and sea monsters come *insert knight emoji*

  • Shafaialala
    21 posts

    Far-fetched for sure but I got some tiny reference to expose concerning the medallions. I think I will not be able to tell you my whole theory (which leads to Saint George as well), though I went today at Wincaester and around there, and the stories were referring to it.
     Were you aware that is believed that King Alfred created Aestels (Hastula – a little spear in latin, which can mean Guide, Index and also Handle in old english), which are precious sort of jeweleries (named as well that way) helping to point at the words, when the monks were reading, but it could also have handled a more allegoric and spiritual kind of significance within.
    A total of seven were found so far. 6 in England, and one in Norway (<the Borg Aestel), an all are confirmed to have been created during the Albert’s reign.
    In the game, we ought to help a sir who wants the King Aefred’s jewelery back. That jewelery is described once as a religious cross, then, as we obtain it, it appeared to be a diamond. Weird to me.
    The most famous Aestel holds the inscription « Alfred offered me made », and holds a dragon-like head at the base of it, its mouth made of a cylindrical socket, within which the actual pointer – perhaps made of ivory – would have been held in place by a rivet.
    I copy here two hypothesis about its representation, which can be found on wiki :
    The first one is that the man onto it represents either the Christ or the Sight : please refer there at the Fuller Brooch… Again, stunning piece of that precise era.
    Second expanded explanation, as we could say : « the figure was intended to represent Alexander the Great. A medieval legend in the Alexander Romance had Alexander, wishing to see the whole world, first descending into the depths of the ocean in a sort of diving bell, then wanting to see the view from above. To do this he harnessed two large birds, or griffins in other versions, with a seat for him between them. To entice them to keep flying higher he placed meat on two skewers which he held above their heads. This was quite commonly depicted in several medieval cultures, from Europe to Persia, where it may reflect earlier legends or iconographies. Sometimes the beasts are not shown, just the king holding two sticks with flower-like blobs at their ends. The scene is shown in the famous 12th-century floor mosaic in Otranto Cathedral, with a titulus of "ALEXANDER REX". The scene refers to knowledge coming through sight, and so would be appropriate for an aestel. Boardman detects the same meaning in the figure representing sight on the Anglo-Saxon Fuller Brooch
    By the way, that precise cathedral have either byzantine, early christian and roman elements in it and these described griffins of the Alexander mosaic look IMO like dragons. At the opposite of the saint George legend, though, they help Alexander levitating.
    « The back of the aestel is a flat gold plate engraved with an acanthus-like plant motif, or Tree of Life according to Webster. Like the back of other examples, it is "suitable for sliding smoothly across the surface of a page". The use of relatively large cells of enamel to create a figurative image is an innovation in Anglo-Saxon art, following Byzantine or Carolingian examples, as is the use of rock crystal as a "see-through" cover. »
    The Warminster jewel’s verso could seemingly be compared to the diverse medallion some of you were putting onto the thread… The Minster Lovell too, for what I have seen.
    Four of them were found in King Alfred's Wessex (would it worth it, that I check where exactly). The other five identified aestels are The Minster Lovell Jewel (Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire), The Bowleaze Jewel (Bowleaze Cove, Weymouth, Dorset), The Wessex Jewel (Warminster, Wiltshire), The Bidford Bobble, (Warwickshire), and The Borg Aestel (Borg, Norway). As to the Alfred Aestel, it has has been discovered in Petherton Park , North Petherton not far from a monastry founded by King Alfred.
    Could something be made out of it from your point of view, or were these stories in the game just being referring to the history?

  • Shafaialala
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    @shafaialulusisi undefinedundefined

  • MichalDK...
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  • MissM16
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    re: Eivor's grave tags
    connection lines for angle accuracy
    180 degree rotation
    horizontal mirror flip
    20 degree counter clockwise rotation (using rune #6 as a reference point)

    I don't know for sure of course, but I think it's just a coincidence since it still leaves out 2 runes : (

  • MissM16
    165 posts


    My vote is for staying here hanging out and continuing to share our theories, findings, and ideas like we have been. For all we know, we'll have to defeat the Jormungandr and feed him to the missing dying cat to activate the runes xD

  • MissM16
    165 posts


    Surely they're not afraid of an imminent attack from a horde of... sheep

    So I went to the nearby Roman ruins site (straight west from the letter) and oh look.. what do we have here? People tearing the ruins apart collecting bricks to fortify their camps and town...

    I see dragons everywhere! lol I think the Jorm is coming : D

  • TheSmio
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    @missm16 As I said previously, it's not perfect, but aside from the Ravensthorpe one, the other ones allign fairly well. Of course, the third rune is a bit of a stretch, but how big of a coincidence can it be when 4 out of 6 runes allign pretty much perfectly, 1 is quite close and only the 6th rune is just out there .

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