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  • Verendrye
    141 posts

    @fiinix00 Thank you so much for checking!

    @MissM16 It happens I am a History of Art student, and I can answer your questions (and anyone's questions if you guys have any!) about the Greek/Roman art. The idea is that the Greeks would create statues mainly in bronze, gold and even ivory. After 300 AD, when christianity was declared an official and legal religion by the Roman authorities, and especially after this religion became the sole religion of the Roman Empire (good to know that the Greeks were a Roman colony when that happened), the local priests and archbishop (and even the Roman kings) wanted to destroy all the 'pagan' heritage. Thus, greek, syrian, egyptian statues, temples, idols, traditions, etc., were destroyed. Even ancient books were destroyed!

    Though, not all Romans would back this decision, and in some places they would copy in stone the original greek statues, because it was this thing 'Greece is the birthplace of the Occident', even Constantine the Great was a big fan of 'pagan' heritage. It was after his death in fact when the archbishop and his successors would turn crazy and want to destroy everything (they mainly believed that demons were inhabiting the statues, but it was also to destroy them in order to melt them to make more money), but again, not all the Romans would agree with this decision.

    The idea is, we know Greek Art through the Roman copies. Pure Roman art is hard to find, their art is more of a Greek art reinterpreted. Even the first official christians copied the Roman Temple for their basilicas, and the Roman Temple style was taken after the Greek Temple style xD

    Sorry for the long message! Hope this helps! 🙂

  • MissM16
    163 posts


    Good find! Thank you 😊

    Even a statue noob extraordinaire such as myself recognized them as Greek xD

    I did some Googling and they could have easily copy and pasted an original Roman Gladiator statue (for example) all over our map instead of a recreated Spartan Hoplite. Could have done the same with another Roman piece instead of the recreated Discus Thrower.

    So it makes me suspicious of it being intentional in places these Greek ones appear. I haven't revisited all the Roman ruins sites yet, but if I remember correctly, most of them only have Roman sculptures.

  • MissM16
    163 posts


    Oh thank goodness for you! 😀

    I did read the Romans recreated Greek sculptures, just had no idea why. The story behind it is bittersweet though. Kind of sad : (

    What do you think about Ubi not using original Roman sculptures though?

    Even I found a few original Roman ones in my Google studies xD I read they made Augustus from Prima Porta, Fonseca Bust and Equestrian Marcus Aurelius just to name a few. So they exist... Ubi just didn't use them : /

  • MissM16
    163 posts


    I cannot speak for everyone here but personally I like to keep looking for clues. When this mystery is ready to be solved, I don't want to waste entire game days and nights throwing rocks and dead bodies at the runes when I should be dancing naked and feeding a cat instead. Know what I mean? : /

  • Asgardian02
    Original poster 1932 posts


    Sure but its pointless as possible clues to actually solve it are missing from the game as i pointed out with that screenshot.

  • azullFR
    552 posts

    Maybe it's only a kind of easter egg about AC-Odyssey...
    I really don't know...

  • MissM16
    163 posts


    Fair enough. I'll grant you the latter part of your point and regrettably I agree : / We're still missing some non-mysterious fish as well...

    Personally, I don't find this venture pointless though. Cannot solve this mystery yet but I'm learning about Norse culture, runes/symbols, and now ancient Roman and Greek art.

    I can read the sky and wouldn't get lost in the woods at night without this game and Odin's rune mystery, but I'm now learning about subjects I never bothered looking into before.

  • MissM16
    163 posts


    True. It may be nothing more than that : /

    Still gonna keep my eye on those sus Roman ruins that reference Greek sculptures just in case lol

  • Verendrye
    141 posts

    @missm16 Im very happy to be here among you all! 🙂

    Let me think, hmm... Probably because we have mainly Roman temples, and the busts you mentioned could be found only in forums, the senate, because they didn't have a religious function, only political. I also feel like ubisoft made these ruins bigger than they could be, probably to emphasize the roman heritage of the anglo-saxons?

    But I definetly agree, there are mainly roman copies, more greek in style than pure roman!

    I will also continue looking for clues, and keep my eyes peeled for anything! If we need to spin in circles naked and drunk, so be it! xD

  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts

    I am really horrified. Instead of working on the bugs and optimizing the game, they put out another HELIX MTX pack ...
    Ubisoft should be ashamed.
    It's unbelievable how greedy the company has become, true to the motto: We don't care what they want, we do what we want ....
    They should just be careful that this philosophy does not backfire and ruins the future of this franchise...

  • afewscarsmore
    50 posts

    @tchester1980 nothing will happen
    still a lot of people are happy bout new mtx packs
    and according to to some phrases from ubi interview, ubi find river raids quite repetitive and replayble, you know
    so they nearly give up on activities at the end of game, but trying to sell packs - fantasy packs - for what?

    Odyssey was the best thing ever happend to ac games. hope one day we'll get an 60 pfs patch for next gen consoles - I'm gonna even pay again in respect for that studio - and for their best decisions ever

    for myself, I'm in doubt of buying new ac game, and I wont ever buy an ultimate edition - just the cheapest one

  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts


    Me too. No longer Ultimate Edition or directly from beginning the Season Pass.
    But I´m not sure if I will buy a new AC game in future due to their philosophy....

    I will not pay for a game which also offers additional ingame armor set to be paid for to look fantastic, but the look is out of proportion or even close to the game itself.
    Nobody needs such exaggerated armor that looks like it comes straight from another world and it´s no viking look!

  • isuwhat
    184 posts

    @tchester1980 its been interesting seeing how Ubisoft works in all of this. Valhalla was the first Ubi game i ever bought and it was a big shock how money driven they are. Other studios i have been into don't seem to be like this at all.

    after completing Valhalla i bought Origins, base version of the game for £15 and got the season pass on offer for around £11. Ive had 2 crashes the whole game of Orgins and half way through 1 of the DLC's. It seems they do fix buys eventually but i will defo be waiting a good year or so if i buy another Ubisoft release.

    Voting with your wallet is the best way for a company to pay attention

  • MichalDK...
    30 posts

    They just removed the swordfish trophy from the game, but the fish in the fisherman's hut are still there
    PC version

  • Tybolt2486
    1 posts

    I have a possible theory about the runes themselves. it involves spoilers, so if you haven't finished the game, I say stop reading and finish it!


    So as we all know, this is Odin's illusionary rune of camouflage and deception. So I started to ask myself, thinking of the game developers, the storytelling in general, and on all the folklore and myth we've come across. Now we all may be thinking, Odin, probably hid something, or multiple somethings in England. But then I thought, who would Odin want to hide anything from? Why Camoflage, blend in, in plain sight like the titular assassins? And then I had a thought. We all know at this point Basim is the reincarnation of Loki, who currently has all of his old memories, and is currently at the end of the game is the one in the Animus, viewing Eivor's memories. Perhaps Odin, having the gift of foresight, saw that he needed to hide whatever it is from Loki, and the reason all we can see at this time is a symbol of Illusion. Idk, it may be a stretch, but until they release something new about it, maybe this theory can help support another one.

  • Anwysitna
    2 posts

    Has anyone translated the runestone that Octavian is working on? (the one @MissM16 mentioned further up; if so please leave me a link😊) Even if there are things missing at the moment, mayby there´s a hint in there?

  • Verendrye
    141 posts

    @anwysitna Hello there! Welcome to the thread! 😊 Yes, we have translated this before - it is just a copy paste thingy ubisoft did for design purposes, the original is from a historic church, UNESCO heritage site. Nothing more here 🙂

  • Anwysitna
    2 posts

    @verendrye Thanks:) The placement is still odd though😂

  • isuwhat
    184 posts

    *potential spoilers*

    if the Basim outfit and Spear stuff is somehow linked to the Odin Runes, it would all make sense. I personally was hoping for an Isu/Odin outfit for completing whatever is linked to the Runes but id take another Isu Spear

  • Valhalla2015
    73 posts

    I hate to ask this question, but I couldn’t log into the forum for a while, so I lost track…. Has anyone checked for the runes in Vinland?

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