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  • Verendrye
    141 posts

    Good morning all!

    I tried to translate the Asgard runes using the elder Futhark and the younger futhark, but some symbols within the game simply dont appear on neither alphabets.

    Whats more, some of the symbols in Asgard seem to be mirrored and placed upside down.

    I took into consideration 2 aspects: 1
    1. I took each symbol as not mirrored nor upside down and translated it as if it was in a normal position.
    2. The devs made this so the runes look more aesthetic and gives an authentic norse atmosphere.

    While translating it, I found this:
    For the 3 symbols appearing at the base of a column, it says this: NEED ELK TORCH (or the N X C letters).

    For the image with the Helm of Awe, I tried translating the top runes. These seem to be mirrored and placed upside down, while others seem to not even exist in any of the norse alphabets (I found some matching symbols as being Northern Iberian?), so I pretended them to be in a normal position and translated them with the most seemingly looking runes. Surprisingly, these runes have no meaning, with the letters U, X, and C repeating in an order without any sense. The full translation:
    Letters: U C C N U B N R N U

    For the bottom runes from the same symbol, it translates as: U NEED RIDE TORCH (letters Ur, N, R, C)

    Also, the runes from the collectors edition have no meaning, these are random runes. 

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @verendrye Thank you! I already had the impression that these runes don't make much sense in Younger Futhark or any other single runic alphabet, but it's nice to have confirmation after a more thorough study. In another thread, they also came to 'NEED ELK TORCH'; they even went as far as killing an elk with a torch over one of the runes... Nothing happened.

    I was also unable to match the runes with numbers, although that is not very common with Nordic runes apparently. Can you confirm that too?

  • Verendrye
    141 posts

    @hroozenbeek Yes, I also followed the thread! Poor elk... 🤣

    Wow, translating the runes in numbers? This seems a bit far fetched though, but sure, I can try.

    I also read your last comments. The hermit is indeed interesting. I read that Odin is Coeus in the Greek mythology, and in the Greek legends it does say that Coeus was punished by Hades and sent into exile, in Tartarus.

    At the end of the world, Coeus escaped from Tartarus but was killed by the Cerberus (Fenrir?) right at the exit.

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @verendrye Koios (or latinized Coeus) is a bit obscure, only known because of his offspring. I had to look him up. Striking to read that he is the 'god of the inquisitive mind, his name meaning "query" or "questioning"' and the god of the North Pole, but I don't think it's relevant for us. He was punished for resisting Zeus with the other Titans, so the similarities end there, especially regarding the hermit. The identification of Koios with Odin is conjectural at best, as far as I can tell.

  • Verendrye
    141 posts

    @hroozenbeek Yes, Κοιος seems to be Odin, given the indo-european myths background which both norse and greek have. But I dont think they went so far, as there are no clues of that in the game.

    Coming back with the translation in numbers of the runes. I used the pythagorean chart (first set of numbers) and a number cypher based on the same chart (the second set).

    For the 3 symbols appearing at the base of a column, NEED ELK TORCH (or the N X C letters), the numbers are: 563/14243

    For the image with the Helm of Awe, the top runes, U TORCH TORCH NEED U TWIG NEED RIDE NEED U (Letters: U C C N U B N R N U), the numbers are: 3335325953/213314212141814421

    For the bottom runes from the same symbol, U NEED RIDE TORCH (letters Ur, N, R, C), numbers: 3593/2114183

  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts


    So, no matter how I turn the numbers back and forth, but I don't get a coordinate for England

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @verendrye Impressive, even if the results are (once again) negative. I wasn't thinking of cypher however. I believe I have read that in Old Norse texts numbers are mostly written out, but that in some rare instances they have runes for specific numbers (similar to ancient Greek). It doesn't have to be scientifically accurate, but just something a developer may have picked up on Wikipedia. 😉

  • Wilfinn
    25 posts

    Feel like where on a massive witch hunt just to keep us occupied until the update events come Into the game, serached the back end of Jorvik and surrounding areas.... Lookin in the official book today for any clues about the runes

  • VanadiumCobalt
    317 posts

    @wilfinn Well, If nothing is obtained from this Ubisoft will have a lot of upset players to deal with.

  • Wilfinn
    25 posts

    @vanadiumcobalt I agree with you, if it's just hoaks I'll stop playing, it's my first ac game and iv loved it to be honest, so big with so much to keep you occupied... Just hope Darby isn't mocking us.... I'd of never of known about the nodens arc if it wasn't for jorraptor as I only have the limited edition version of the game.... So clever what they've done with the collectors edition... Just hours of searching and clutching at straws

  • ScretDooM
    6 posts

    I think the sound that is heard near the runes, does not come from them, but from the stones near them.
    For in the locations of the runes where there are no stones, there was no sound.
    I made three videos to show how the sound comes from the stones, but unfortunately I can't put them here.


  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @scretdoom Thanks. We have also come to the conclusion that the sounds have no relationship to the runes. See multiple posts in this (very long) thread.

  • Superchall89
    2 posts

    Haven't read all the comments, so may be way off - but the valuable rings that we're finding could have a link to the story of Noden that inspired Tolkein. If so, is it unreasonable to assume there will be 9 in total, playing on the 'but Nine he gave to Men, knowing that they would most easily bend to his will' line from the books?

    May be a totally separate mystery to the Odin Runes altogether.

    On which note, given the clear link to illusions or deception, and knowing the tricks we had to do in Jotunheim - what if the runes mark the location you stand at to look around or move the camera to reveal the location of...[insert something cool here]?

  • Verendrye
    141 posts

    @superchall89 interesting idea.

    But in Jotunheim the deceptions are marked by totems with shiny golden threads, and they make a sound when you are close to them.

    These runes are simply carved in stone, and dont seem to activate, but rather indicate something

  • Shovelator
    150 posts

    Yeah,those illusion markers in Jotunheim look like fireflies.. Maybe we have to put loads of fireflies in ravensthorpe 😛

    Should we move this conversation on a Discord server or something?
    It is getting very hard to keep track of all we have done

  • Night11Assassin
    3 posts

    Hi everyone,
    I have been following this thread for a few days and trying to look around in game for runes and stuff but I just saw this on twitter. I thought it was a bit odd to see Darby liking it and it may be a hint of some kind for the runes in Asgard. Just wanted to see if anyone thought the same or if this was nothing.

    I just want to say you guys are all doing an amazing job and your hard work is appreciated by loads of fans

  • Verendrye
    141 posts

    @night11assassin Wow. The cistercian monks also founded Canterbury in the 5th century, and they are the monks in black robes we find all over England, in all the monasteries.

    Could be a high link. Im on it now, but I think I will need someone to double (or triple!) check this.

    Thank you!! 😊 hopefully this leads somewhere!

  • Night11Assassin
    3 posts

    @verendrye I might have a look around Canterbury then, I've some people suggest there could be something rune related in Cent anyway.

    I hope so, I really want there to be something to all this

  • Verendrye
    141 posts

    For all interested in the cistercian number system, I use this decoder https://www.dcode.fr/cistercian-numbers while also going the classy way of searching each one of them by using the screenshot from @Night11Assassin

    I foot walked the entire Cent, I know every rock 🤣 but I didnt search in the city or monastery.

    Lets see the end of this!

  • Night11Assassin
    3 posts

    @verendrye All this looking at rocks isn't getting any more interesting, is it? 😂

    I'll give it a good search then

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