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  • speedingpullet
    8 posts

    I've had exactly the same thing happen to me, also on a PS5. I quit the game and then on relaunch this morning all my Berserker gear - all the armor and the shield and sword too - were placed back in my inventory as if they were 'new' - despite having had it all since I started playing the game, as part of the game pack I bought.

    Plus, I'd gone to all the time, trouble, and my own real-life money in purchasing Materials Packs to upgrade the gear - only to have it demoted by Ubisoft, for no apparent reason.

    Coupled with still being drunk on launch, having had my fully upgraded quiver borked by the stupid Yule stuff (none of which I want anyway) I'm sarting to feel Ubisoft owe me some money, or at least some materials and an apology.

    [censored] is going on Ubisoft? I ws so looking forward to this game, but its been a comedy of errors since the beginning. Please stop robbing me of my money and please fix this game.

  • Lukey20202020
    6 posts


    Yeah I was gutted mate still am so I know the feeling and I'm 40 pounds out of pocket now as I had to buy helix to level it up again so I could continue playing

  • WarThor404
    1 posts

    I’ve been playing in Asgard with the full Thor set to give that real Aesir feel. since I completed the main story in Midgard with the Berserker armor I really loved the look and had it almost leveled up all the armor pieces and had all the rune slots filled even had the Diamond slot on the chest and both the shield and axe. But today I log back in to continue and I get shown that I’ve been rewarded with the Berserker pack so I checked my inventory and everything as been reset I’ve lost my runes, and all the materials I’ve used to upgrade them I don’t know how many hours I put in this game to many to count to be honest but this really sucks and really bummed out my day.

  • fuardo
    1 posts

    @ntkoa Been there, been hit by that.

    I've checked, that loading previous save doesn't fix the problem, reloading game failed too.
    1) I've loaded last save, waited until all the "unlocking content" messages passed.
    2) Verified, that all the items are available in inventory. Put them on Eivor (this step probably isn't required). Then saved game.
    3) Closed game. Then relaunched.
    4) And finally loaded some previous save (not the last one).
    5) Everything was back and upgraded.

    It seems that during loading, game checks if You have rights to the bonus content. So "JUST" loading save after this bug strips You naked on every save. So You have to reacquire all items, make sure Bughalla saved them on Your account and only then load some old save.

  • U-_-RAQT-_-
    2 posts

    I was playing AC with upgraded armour. I come back to find that my armour reset; with all the upgraded materials missing

  • PhilHealey
    1 posts

    This reset has just happened to me 65hrs in. Proper frustrating

  • I5t4R
    1 posts

    @ntkoa I was able to load a save (lost a few hours) but now my character is stuck on female. Any time I try to change gender it resets my armor. It's like I'm being punished for buying the ultimate edition.

  • datmoustache22
    1 posts

    you submitted a ticket and that was their response??? Wow [censored] how can you acknowledge a bug but so nothing in response

  • ben30lille
    3 posts

    I specify that I am still at +100 hours of games ...
    and I can't get enough of this game that is not finished, not optimized (I'm on a PC, it's a visual nightmare) and not balanced (in difficult combat is soporific, no strategy just nagging and especially no infiltration - but bosses are untouchable and explode you in one fell swoop), not to mention the bewildering festival of stupid bugs of all kinds ...
    including the very last: a few days ago when starting a game, I have a message telling me that I have recovered the whole Berserker ... which I have since the beginning because I pre-order. There I'm freaking out, and indeed in my inventory all the improvements made to armor and weapons have disappeared! back breaking start! Considering all that it cost me in resources it is delusional!

    What I particularly do not understand is that the difference in quality with Origins and Odyssey is crazy, there is a regression of madness, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. Frankly there I force myself to continue the game because I bought it full pot and it hurts, that I love the Assassinc's Creed series since the first episode ... but this is so bad, and poorly written with that (the completely ridiculous side quests, what a disaster) ...

    In short, if by some miracle Ubisoft goes through this, what do I do for my Berserker set?

  • B00MSIE
    373 posts

    We are now almost 6 weeks after this was first reported and today this happened to me.
    Does Ubisoft have 0% of respect for their customers or do they think the people who bought the ultimate edition have money enough to spend, so they will simply buy new resources from their iap store? If they repeat this on a monthly basis, this can provide a steady income.

    Really, I never played a game with this many bugs, unbelievably bad and saddening.

    And because I bought the ultimate version, now I also have to sit through the DLC’s 😢

  • B00MSIE
    373 posts

    This happens after this “game” (becoming more of an addicted frustration) loses connecting to the Ubisoft servers (In my case after forgetting to restart valhalla after Quick Resuming on XSX). After around 230 hours of gameplay I can say for sure almost all problems are related to this same thing.

    Load a game from before playing “offline”. I lost 4 hours gameplay.

  • comptontj
    1 posts

    Same happened to me yesterday all gone... ruins and all.. never came back and old manual saves apparently corrupt which has been the case quite often... very very glitchy game by far the most out of all the series. A step back for sure.

  • thedevilcomes
    41 posts

    not sure but today when i logged in they added 2k of each material and some base ingots/titanium to my inv (message popped up saying bonus content unlocked.. thought the bug had re-appeared, but my gear seems intact.)

  • Littleweasel01
    44 posts

    today when i logged into play the game the berserker set had reverted back to level 1 and i have to upgrade it all over again, this has happened to me 3X now?

  • FullCanvas71890
    1 posts

    My armor in in ac valhalla keeps disappearing and then reappearing in my inventory. I will be wearing in one second, and the next it is gone. I have had this problem for a few weeks now, and I can't take it anymore.

    1 posts

    I wore berserker armour pretty much the whole game, added Amazon prime's carolingian set, and my berserker gear, runes, collectibles, and decorations were "added to my inventory"... Things I already had fully upgraded before, empty now, like they were brand new to me. 😭

  • Ubi-Wan
    Ubisoft Support Staff 635 posts

    @loveisdead13 Hello there! Sorry to hear you've run into this issue. Our team would like those affected by this issue to report this to our dedicated support team by creating a new ticket here. Our teams can have a closer look at the issue from there!

    Official Response
  • iMdepalmer
    2 posts

    After the latest update I opened the Ubisoft connection section. I didn’t not claim or acquire anything but after I left the Ubisoft page I acquired all the bonus content again. I had already full upgraded all that gear and now it has been reset. and I believe all the runes I had slotted in them disappeared aswell.

  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts

    Hello Community, dear Ubisoft moderators,

    I do not really understand why this happen again, but for some reason, my fully upraded berserker armor is reset again, the 3th time now.
    I lost all the copper, nickel ingots, tungsten and also all iron and leather to uprade it to the max.

    Additional I also lost the runes which I put in. This is the most pain for me!

    This happens now for the 3th time:

    • The first time was after releasing patch 1.0.4.
    • The second time after 1.1.0
    • And now, after 1.1.1 again.

    Currently, I´m a little bit dissapointed due to the fact that the beserker armor is a reward / gift which you will get after purchase the ultimate edition.
    You play with this armor for a long time, level it up, search materials, kills animals to get the leather and running for hours thru the whole world to get the right amount of iron to be able to uprade it on the forge and then, after a patch you logg into the day after and everything is resetted again but all the materials are gone.....

    How can this happen? For a big company like Ubisoft, mistakes like this shouldn't happen again and again. They should learn from the mistakes in the pasts, or not?

    I started already a ticket, but my expectations are rather low that they will give me back my mats or all lost runes.

    In summary I lost 21 upgrading mats, 28 runes and a lot of leather and iron which I do not count currently due to the fact I will not uprade it again!

    Everyone knows how difficult it is to find certain runes multiple times in the game to make the equipment almost perfect!
    But Ubisoft always manages to break something like that with a patch. Probably they wanted to keep the players farming for hours... *irony off*

    Hopefully, no one has the same issue like me, because it´s absolutely a pain!

    Greating from Germany

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    That sux.

    I am actually surprised that the berserker set being a set from their helix set for which you paid a lot extra didnt come fully mythical status to you from the start.

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