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    After the latest update I opened the Ubisoft connection section. I didn’t not claim or acquire anything but after I left the Ubisoft page I acquired all the bonus content again. I had already full upgraded all that gear and now it has been reset. and I believe all the runes I had slotted in them disappeared aswell.

  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts

    Hello Community, dear Ubisoft moderators,

    I do not really understand why this happen again, but for some reason, my fully upraded berserker armor is reset again, the 3th time now.
    I lost all the copper, nickel ingots, tungsten and also all iron and leather to uprade it to the max.

    Additional I also lost the runes which I put in. This is the most pain for me!

    This happens now for the 3th time:

    • The first time was after releasing patch 1.0.4.
    • The second time after 1.1.0
    • And now, after 1.1.1 again.

    Currently, I´m a little bit dissapointed due to the fact that the beserker armor is a reward / gift which you will get after purchase the ultimate edition.
    You play with this armor for a long time, level it up, search materials, kills animals to get the leather and running for hours thru the whole world to get the right amount of iron to be able to uprade it on the forge and then, after a patch you logg into the day after and everything is resetted again but all the materials are gone.....

    How can this happen? For a big company like Ubisoft, mistakes like this shouldn't happen again and again. They should learn from the mistakes in the pasts, or not?

    I started already a ticket, but my expectations are rather low that they will give me back my mats or all lost runes.

    In summary I lost 21 upgrading mats, 28 runes and a lot of leather and iron which I do not count currently due to the fact I will not uprade it again!

    Everyone knows how difficult it is to find certain runes multiple times in the game to make the equipment almost perfect!
    But Ubisoft always manages to break something like that with a patch. Probably they wanted to keep the players farming for hours... *irony off*

    Hopefully, no one has the same issue like me, because it´s absolutely a pain!

    Greating from Germany

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    That sux.

    I am actually surprised that the berserker set being a set from their helix set for which you paid a lot extra didnt come fully mythical status to you from the start.

  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts


    This is how it looks like after loggin in today (for example torso only, but for all the other it is the same):

    Screenshot in german language, sorry therefor


  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • tnt673
    1 posts

    So I lost my berserker armor as well. I reloaded and got it back but the upgrades and runes are gone yay....

  • StevenB82
    12 posts

    I lose the Berserker Items every Time i have Internet Problems.
    I have Internet Issues since a while and every Time when i lose the Internet Connection i lose the Berserker Items, too.
    Can't use the Berserker Items for anything because i lose them again next Time when i have Internet Issues. All the other Items from the Shop or Reda are still there when i lose my Internet.

  • wiherek999
    1 posts

    The same thing happened to me 2 days ago, tried reloading to no effect. Lost the runes and materials used for upgrading 😞 can I get that back Ubisoft?

  • Lizzieanne1989
    1 posts

    This keeps happening to me and it's infuriating when you're spending ingots on upgrades.

    How do you report this?

  • illMac99
    43 posts

    Hey did this ever get fixed/compensated? Did you all just have to rebuild?

  • thedevilcomes
    39 posts

    at least for me, it seems as though some compensation was given in the form of 2k of each base mat and some silver.

  • SeventeenEight8
    1 posts

    Ever since launch the pre-order berserker gear disappears completely from my game and every time I log back in I regain it BUT I LOSE the upgrades for it. I am really tired of this and wished it’ll get fixed

  • ggnpt
    2 posts

    This happened to me today for first time. I am lvl 400 with 60 mastery to bear and 20 to wolf. I have patch 1.1.1 on PS5. Not fixed yet.

  • Ubi-Ginge
    Ubisoft Support Staff 127 posts

    The dev team are currently investigating this to get it resolved.
    In the meantime, can you let us know if you purchased resources via helix credits in order to upgrade your gear.

    Official Response
  • firing_thoughts
    2 posts

    @lukaskywalk3r95 did you try disconnecting the internet for a few seconds/minutes and then connecting it again? it shows the other rewards for me

  • Dethsaibot66
    1 posts

    just happened to me too after just visiting the store. reloaded my previous save and will never open the store again. gg ubisoft on money still being lost due to a major store bug that is now like 8 weeks old...fix it.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2235 posts

    Hello all!

    I've gone through the forum and gathered several threads regarding the reset of the Berserker Gear into this one megathread. Thank you all for taking the time to make posts, and for sharing your experiences of this issue within the forums. I would like to apologies for the delay, and appreciate your patience as we have been looking into this.

    The development team has been made aware of this issue and they are currently investigating it further. At this moment in time, we don't have any additional information to share regarding this issue. Once we have any new updates, we will share them within the thread and the forums, so please keep an eye out.

    In the meantime, if you have encountered this issue and you used Helix credits to purchase the resources for the upgrades, I strongly recommend that you open up a support ticket so our team can take a closer look at this for you.

    Thank you!

    Official Response
  • madrattus
    1 posts

    it just happened to me.
    all 5 gear pieces have been revered to the lowest tier, and with that i lost all the recourses i used to upgrade them and my main gear.
    hoping and waiting for a fix

  • itzgettingugly
    1 posts

    This is utterly game breaking and still exists months after the game came out.

    The worst part is people who subscribed to the Ubisoft+ pass are completely screwed.

    I submitted a help ticket and they straight up denied refunding my subscription and/or giving me an extra month to enjoy the game when they DO fix it.

    Even though I have downloaded 0 games from ubisoft BESIDES valhalla and put in 0 seconds of play time since I encountered the bug, reset everything to level 1 and quit playing altogether.

    I guess 14.99 is what it costs to realize you should never do business with a company ever again. These guys are absolutely greedy trash and will steal your money because they don't stand behind their products whatsoever. They would rather steal your 14.99 and not fix the product than make things right.

  • jrogo1
    1 posts

    @ubi-borealis yea but even after opening a ticket all they said was that they are looking into and to be patient . So i take that as I've lost credits ,time ,materials ,runes and time. And to me it seems like a lot of people liked this armor including myself.

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