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  • azullFR
    433 posts

    hi !
    I'm sorry but I have the Ultimate Edit° too and the Berserker set is keeping is Maximum level

    May be this could give a hint but I'm not really sure of it (alzheimer?)
    I had the downgrade of my Berserker set once (several mounth ago)
    I noticed this happened AFTER opening Helix Store while ingame (verifying details on Reda stuff)
    If I remeber well I reloaded a few earlier save AND changed the "profile" file with an older one I had on a USB stick
    so I had after that my Berserker set keeping at his maxi state as well my Jomsviking kept the Berserker set at maxi state ...
    then came the 1.1.2 Patch
    Note :
    Patch : 1.1.2 my Berserker set OK but Jomsviking's Berserker Armor set downgraded to bronze (only armor...)
    Patch : 1.2.0 my Berserker set OK but Jomsviking's Berserker Armor set is at Best state too, but if I equip the Jomsviking with it,The Jomsviking's equipement is reseted to it's default one at each new game start
    (I did your trick for Altaïr's outfit... Great great thanks to you !!!)

    I must admit I'm a bit scared to do the "Profile swap" twice...
    Not sure this will help a lot...

    29 posts


    Hey friend! Glad you were able to get the godly pack no problem 🤗 l

    And thanks for letting me know that, so for you, your berserker set stays at mythical and never downgrades? If that’s the case I guess I’ll try myself and see if my armor will stay. Thank you very much either way for reaching out to me!

  • binskies
    29 posts

    After this last update all my Berserker Gear was reset back to the base quality. I had completely upgraded every piece of Berserker gear, and now it's back to original. [censored]?? How can this get fixed? Is Ubisoft going to give me all the resources I need to get it back to the way it was?? This is ridiculous. Please help!!

  • Yesin069
    461 posts


    To be honest: By now I would not touch or upgrade any free gear from Ubisoft because this isnt the first time they downgraded them without giving us the materials back or fixing it fast.

    Just stay away from Berserker gear, Modraniht gear, Moonlight axe and Spartan Bow. Everything they give us for free is was at some point bugged or downgraded, so just dont bother with those "free things". Free stuff is something Ubisoft doesnt care about. Just use the visual looks of those gear items even if they all look pretty bad.

  • ParadiseLost_35
    1 posts

    Re: [Berserker Set - Vanished and lost all upgrades](/topic/78041/berserker-set-vanished-and-lost-all-upgrades)

    I have currently played about 30 hours of the game and had upgraded all my beseker gear a lot. I've just redeemed the Godly pack from the store (mainly for the free opals) and when I fast travelled suddenly Eivor was naked and the berserker gear was no longer in my inventory. I've reloaded and it's back but I've lost all the upgrades. The weirdest part is it seems to have also refunded me all the leather and copper so I can recupgrade it but it's still weird.

  • ChimamireNoHana
    14 posts

    @marta97m same happened to me yesterday. Loaded the Godly reward, all items purchased from Reda, all Yule rewards, ultimate berserker items, all re-loaded onto my account and said I purchased them on 3/17? I've had most of it for months already. Not even sure what I got in this godly rewards pack, since there is no detail card in the helix store for it.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1402 posts

    Hello all!

    I would like to provide you all with an update on the Berserker gear losing its acquired upgrades. The development team has reopened the investigation into this issue and will be taking a closer look. I've passed on the reports that you have made to assist with this. Please note that any resources/runes that were used in the upgrade should be returned to your inventory when this downgrade occurs.

    If your resources are not returned to you following a downgrade, please let us know within this thread so we can pass this along to the development team.

    @ChimamireNoHana - You should be able to view more information about the Godly Reward pack whilst looking at your purchased content in the Helix Store. It contains items such as Altair's armour, the Yule gear and decorations set, and 300 opals!

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • xtreme_eagle
    1 posts

    @ubi-borealis Hello,

    Following the new "Free kit" in store with the patch for the new event, my Berserker armor has been reset. It was at max with runes before I accepted that "Free gift" with Altair armour. Is there any way I can get my armor back to what it was?

    Thank you!

  • MeteoricGuitar0
    1 posts

    Looks like i’m one of many whose gear has reset after acquiring “the godly pack” guess it was so ‘godly’ it took all the hard work away. Anyway i’m on xbox series X and i’m pretty sure i got my resources back seeing as i had 11k copper.. i’m 85hours into the game without almost a single hiccup and now this. I just hope it gave me the runes back seeing as they were hard to come by.

    Also may i add: what sort of support is this? I’m glad to see that it helps the devs but you need to overcome so many obstacles before you get to this page and are able to state your problem and you have to hope someone of Ubi sees this? Why isn’t this on the main website or a direct link so you don’t have to log in 100times before stating your issue.

  • ubi-smash
    Ubisoft Support Staff 252 posts

    Sorry for the lateness in my reply here. Our team is currently aware of the issues players have been seeing with their upgrade Berserker gear and is currently looking into the problem at this time. We will keep everyone posted as soon as we have any further news. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

    Official Response
  • B00MSIE
    265 posts


    Every time I quick resume on the series x after playing another game, the Beserker gear (part of ultimate pre order) is missing for me now and all upgrade parts are returned to my inventory. Restarting the game and loading an older savegame restores it.

    I thought Microsoft had a deal with Valhalla and this game was supposed to run perfectly on the new Xbox Series platform? It does not do that at all, we loose game progress regularly, screen tearing is making you noxious and we get bug after bug. I know you forum guys do your best, but something is really going wrong in your company, that they release games in this way.

    Is it an idea somebody at Ubisoft tests stuff some time? Other gaming companies seem to do that you know....

    29 posts

    I just finally had this set taken away and downgraded myself; I have the ultimate edition of the berserker pack, so it’s downloaded on my xbox as add on content. Yesterday I was buying basically all the Huldufolk and Valkyrie packs, and when i went to buy the last pack (the valkyrie settlement pack), all of my berserker gear, ship and mount stuff was immediately removed from the game, resources given back, but the helix store showed no add on content excerpt the season pass and starter pack, all of the berserker add ons were visibly missing from the store. I reloaded the save and my berserker content came back, albeit completely brand new with none of the upgrades I put into it. Kept reloading and reloading and each time it was a brand new set, so I just went back to the manual save I started the day with and loaded all my new purchases into that save with the berserker gear at the level I put into.

    The thing that made this most interesting though is that somehow purchasing the last settlement pack completely took away not only the armor in game, but so much so the helix store couldn’t even recognize the downloaded content that is on my xbox, not a helix item tied to my account, a purchased DLC that should be working fine as any other DLC. This makes me think it’s more attached to owning the berserker set as ultimate edition downloaded content, and the game glitching to where it doesn’t recognize it. I’ve also seen many who bought the set as a helix item say they’ve never had problems, and maybe this is why: due to how you’ve purchased the content, the berserker set will either stay like any other helix item, or if it’s the download like I have, it has the potential of malfunctioning and returning the whole ultimate edition content.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1402 posts

    Hello there!

    Thanks for continuing to update this thread with your experiences of the Berserker gear resetting. I have passed these reports along to the development team for further investigation. The are still taking a closer look at this issue, and we don't yet have any new updates to share. Rest assured that once new information is made available to us, we will let you know within this thread as soon as we are able to.

    As I mentioned in my earlier post, all resources/runes should be returned to your inventory, which will allow you to re-upgrade the gear again.

    If you experience your Berserker gear resetting, please can you provide us with the following information:

    • What caused the reset (such as loading up a save, reclaiming an item, fast travelling etc)?
    • Were the resources/runes returned to you?

    @xtreme_eagle - The used resources should have been returned to your inventory, allowing you to upgrade the gear again. Could you let us know if this isn't the case?

    @MeteoricGuitar0 - Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us. I'm sorry to hear you had some trouble accessing the forums. You can also reach our support teams directly via the Ubisoft Support website, or on our social media channels (Facebook/Twitter). Once you open a support ticket via these links, a member of the support team will reach out to you as soon as they are able to.

    @B00MSIE - Thanks for providing more information about your gear reset. I'm glad to hear that the resources are returned to you, though I understand that this reset is inconvenient. I'm sorry to hear you're encountering other issues in-game as well, such as the screen tearing and lost progress. The development team has been looking into these issues as well. I would recommend checking the megathreads about these investigations, or following the News & Announcements forum for future updates.

    @HIDDEN1NE - Thank you for letting us know more about your own experience with the Berserker gear downgrade, and sharing your suggestions with us. I've passed this along to the development team, including that this was triggered when making a purchase from the Helix store, and the odd changes you saw occur to the store as well. I would be unable to speculate if this only affects Berserker gear redeemed via the Ultimate Edition of the game or not. I'll let the development team know this to see if it can assist with the investigation.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • SpirantCrayon22
    162 posts


    I had this for the first time yesterday. I posted in another similar thread, fairly sure it wasn't this one. I died while fighting bears in Maneis Outpost. All equipment was fully upgraded. As far as I can tell the resources used in upgrading the items was indeed returned to the inventory. No runes were in the equipment, I wasn't wearing it. It was the five-piece gear set and the two weapons. When I restarted from the last save point a lot of things popped up on the screen, opal map, new items on the map, the berserker gear and weapons and possibly (sorry, can't recall and forgot to do a recording) the ship and settlement items.

  • azullFR
    433 posts

    I would like to add that I had this problem once, just after or a little after having opened the Helix Store while in-game
    No more problems after having reloading an older save and, I'm not really sure of that (several mounth ago), having reloading an older profile file from before a Patch...

    When I say no more problem : this means only with my own Gear...(Not my Jomsviking one)
    My Jomsviking armor (armor only)
    Before Patch 1.2.0. = My Jomsviking armor only, was reseting to basic after every Big Patch or every time I go to Helix Store while in-game by mistake
    After Patch 1.2.0. = My Jomsviking armor and weapons appears in Best state

    If this can help 🙂

    Valhalla Ultimate PS Store Pre-Order
    PS4 pro and AC-Valhalla fully up-to-date

  • JediJTB92
    1 posts

    After I got the godlike pack with Altair’s armor and the other armor set, all my equipped armor disappeared. It’s not even in the inventory anymore, it’s just gone. It was all Berserker armor that was equipped, the head slot and arms were hidden. Weapons are still there and equipped.

  • B00MSIE
    265 posts


    After Patch I started the game on my XSX and my telephone rang. I put the xbox in sleep mode. After I awakened it again, immediately Valhalla reseted my Beserker gear?

    The developers can easily reproduce this steps and this SHOULD HAVE BEEN TESTED! Every time I go away from the game very shortly, the gear is reseted? Are the developers trying to punish people for playing this game???

    You must understand I'm really [censored] (=👿👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 *1000000000) by now. Now I have to go through the terribly long introductions even more often and because I have to load an old savegame each time this happens to repair this, I wil lose my progress even more often then the game already let me lose it because of the other losing progress bug. Is there no quality control at all???

  • SteveZ_Pun
    78 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • SteveZ_Pun
    78 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • SteveZ_Pun
    78 posts

    Hello, I have the Ultimate Preorder Version on my PC. Since the game was released, I've had the problem that every time I open the in-game shop, the berserk gear is downgraded. From gold to blue. That's why I save the game before I visit the shop. After reloading, the armor was back in gold. After patch 1.20 / 1.201, the armor was downgraded to blue, so I'm not updating the armor anymore as it is now even downgraded to red. In addition, only the Season Pass and this Premium Starter Pack are displayed in the add-ons in the shop, nothing else. After reloading everything is back. This error needs to be fixed as soon as possible, but still nothing happens. But there were many other mistakes that came into play, too many. This is very disappointing and I will never again pre-order a game from Ubisoft or buy it after it is released. Only if it is older, cheaper and without bugs.


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