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  • AlphaGoose46219
    144 posts

    @xingre94 I just lost my Berserker gear and runes for the first time after 722 hrs!
    Play the game from the release date and after a 6 week break it happens to me, also much more glitches (green horse, Eivor green face) then the first months.
    What the hell is going on?
    Is this the way we are going to Ireland?

  • SteveZ_Pun
    79 posts

    The resources doesnt matter me. I have many. Issue is i cant use the gear. I dont need anymore but i payed for Ultimate Version and never can use it.
    You cant say the resources are a compensation. This game is very bugged and unfinished.
    I played Origins and Odyssey and never need support. The games had issues too but they dont make me angry or disappointed.
    Biggest matter is Ubisoft kill the game with fantasy stuff if i want play Zelda, Fenix, Diablo etc.i will play them.
    I liked Origins and Odyssey cause they was close to authentic. I saw some new leaks and this is really crap.
    This game have much potencial with age of viking but Ubisoft didnt use it.

  • Mid-Kendov-Kaan
    6 posts

    I'm sure I'm not the only person... But I can't bring myself to upgrade the Beserker Armour that came with my purchase of the Seasonal pass.. the main reason was because every so often I'll get onto my game and it will say I'm receiving all the items... And I mean ALL items from the Beserker pack (ship, ride/bird skins, armor, weapons) armor reset to their basic lowest level.

    There was a moment that I thought it had been patched, so I started upgraded the pieces. Aaaand apparently it wasn't when I got on today and suddenly, not only did I get the reset as before, but I received ALL the ore, leather, and other upgrade material I had used for the armors.

  • pesto.
    15 posts

    This is really important to fix. Is there any way we can send Ubisoft our save data so their QA and engineers and get this fixed?

  • SpirantCrayon22
    167 posts


    They should have access to the cloud saves (it has been mentioned somewhere). They might need to ask first (out of courtesy if nothing else).

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 465 posts

    @Mid-Kendov-Kaan I can confirm that this is a known issue that is being investigated. I have merged your post with this mega thread that we have created for this issue.

    @kuruk1480 Thanks for this information, I will forward it onto the game team.

    @SteveZ_Pun I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed with Assassin's Creed Valhalla, I will pass your feedback onto the game team. I also apologise for the issues you have encountered whilst playing the game. The development team are working hard to resolve the issues that have been reported.

    @pesto I can confirm that we are able to access your cloud saves. The team are still investigating the issue.

    Please keep checking here, the known issues list and the news and announcements page for updates.

    Official Response
  • wolf_942010
    11 posts

    I loaded into valhalla a few days ago and I noticed the berserker armour set and the bear claw axe which I had managed to level up to the maximum had all been downgraded from mythical to flawless quality and I have logged in today and noticed that all of them have been completely refreshed to the superior level 1. This is really frustrating as the bear claw in particular is my secondary weapon which I had maxed out and I have not recieved the resources u had spent leveling them up.

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 465 posts

    @wolf_942010 I have merged your post with this mega thread that we have created for this issue. I can confirm that this issue is still being investigated.

    I will pass your details onto the development team.

    Could you also confirm how the resources that were not returned to you were acquired? Were there collected in game or purchased with Helix credits?

    Official Response
  • SteveZ_Pun
    79 posts

    Have the same problem.
    Today i open the helix store and again complete berserker gear is downgraded to lowest level.
    I got many resources back but this isnt a solution for me.
    The settlement decorate also dissapears. And in the helix shop it shows only my owned sason pass and this starter pack to buy.
    Cause i know this i save every time before i open the shop. After reload everything is back.
    Its really annoying , i preorder the Ultimate version and cant use it.

  • Moghus
    1 posts

    Today i started up Assassins Creed and got the notification that some gear was added to my inventory. I got the full Berserker Set including the weapon. These items replaced my upgraded gear i had before with the starting low level gear. I don't know if i got resources back or not ( I think i possibly got it ). Yesterday i was already playing the new DLC and everything was fine then.

    I also got the cosmetic items for the ship and the other stuff.

    I loaded an way older save game and my Items were okay, but as soon as i load the latest save game my Items will be replaced again with the on screen notification.

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