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  • rki99
    2 posts

    @roverfan1127 Same here, after the update visited the store and the add-on page and every upgrade and rune was gone. Also as soon as I started playing after closing the store page, the animations of receiving the armor started.

  • mentraton
    17 posts

    Same here on PS5. Only advice I can give is to not open the store until this is fixed.
    It vanishes as soon as you load a game which is saved after visiting the store.

    Had to replay 30 minutes to keep my runes and upgrades.

  • thebog1984
    4 posts

    I changed my Eivor from female to male, briefly..

    It reset/reloaded my Beserker gear which I’d upgraded to Flawless Quality, all of the pieces..

    it’s now back at the basic quality, all of it.

    Not a game-breaking bug but still darn annoying.

    (This is on a PS 4, 1.04v patch.).

    it even reset my mount skin back to the horse instead of my wolf.

  • cjho1992
    1 posts

    When I purchased the new weapon at the UBI MARKET, My berserker gear set class which had upgraded were resetting.
    I want to get back my material for upgrading gear 😞

  • Paella-Sama
    3 posts


    After buying the Einherjar set from the shop I have lost the berserker set from my inventory, does anyone know what happened and how to get it back?

  • volumepower12
    4 posts

    My mythical gear and weapons came back today, but i lost all my good runes on those armors and weapons. Upgrades to those are also disappeared and i used a lot silver, titanium, leather and iron for those.
    Ubisoft really messed up this update which is not surprise to me

  • volumepower12
    4 posts

    @paella-sama Restarting the game helped to get gear back but runes and upgrades didnt come back

    1 posts

    All upgrades and runes missing after update. I had my gear maxed out with as good of runes you can get for my level and after the update I never had an issue with having my berserker gear missing but it was in my inventory reduced back to starting levels, however I had upgraded once and had already maxed it out. I could really care less that I have to go through the motions to upgrade again but the materials to do so are now gone its not possible to get enough carbon and silver ignot again at least give me back the equivalent to upgrade again.

  • Paella-Sama
    3 posts

    @volumepower12 Yes, when I restarted I recovered the armor but like you I lost the runes and the improvements I applied.

    4 posts

    I’m 73 hours into the game. I saved my game the other day, then put the PS4 into Rest Mode.

    When I came back a few hours later, I resumed my game (without resetting) and unpaused the game.

    I then noticed that Eivor was naked (no armor, just weapons). I opened up my inventory and saw that she wasn’t wearing the Berserker Armor that I’ve had equipped since transitioning to England.

    I had maxed out these pieces of gear to Nickel Ingot level, with one piece being Tungsten level.

    When I checked my inventory for the Berserker Set, it was nowhere to be found. When I unpaused the game again and started running around, I received the in-game notification that I had just now activated my Ultimate Edition DLC.

    The game then awarded me all of my DLC content again. Not just the Berserker Armor Set, but the Longship Modifications, the wolf mount, and everything else.

    I then checked my inventory one last time, and the Berserker Set was there, but was literally Bronze Carbon Ingot level 1.

    I cannot proceed in the game now, because I don’t have decent armor, and all of the resources I’ve used to upgrade my gear have been used already.

    I have multiple save files and have loaded each one, but they all have a naked Evior with level 1 Berserker gear.

    This is BY FAR, the most infuriating glitch/bug I’ve ever encountered in any Ultimate Edition purchase I’ve made in my entire 25+ years of gaming.

    Ubisoft, I don’t have the patience to replay 72 hours worth of content. Can you please help me fix this? Thank you.

  • jamie1389
    1 posts

    Had the berserker armor set upgraded to mythical. Saved the game but when I came back on later the whole set had vanished then it gave it me all back but it was all basic level again

  • DeathStalkerSid
    4 posts

    So I came across the 3 wolf legendary animal mission in Oxenefordscire. I did a manual save and in the pause menu I saw an ad for the new warrior pack so I clicked on it. I browsed through, and went back to game and saw that all my equipped armor and everything was gone (I had the complete Berserker pack equipped). I was just wearing the underwear but had the weapons. And when I opened the inventory, I had all the items but they had gone back to their original 0 level. All the upgrades I have done, gone. I didn't check if it gave me back the materials. But luckily I had the manual save so I just loaded that and everything was back. I did not try to do the thing again to see if it was a bug or not, but thought about posting it here if anyone wants to check. Thanks.

  • JakeB1591
    1 posts

    Just installed Einherjar pack and it took all of my berserker gear off and it’s not longer in my inventory now. 😞

  • guybrush44
    3 posts

    So, while playing a major system lock, crash (Which does not happen in any other game) happened causing me to have to hard reset with the power button. When I reloaded the game, my berserker gear & add on's had been removed. When the game loaded it added them as if they were new & without all the upgrades I had added. Not Happy 😞


  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 730 posts

    @JakeB1591 Thank you for reporting this to us, we're sorry to hear that's been the case.

    What platform are you playing the game on? Do you still have access to the Quest or was it already completed?

    Official Response
  • Sacolop
    1 posts

    This exact issue happened to me. My berserker set was fully upgraded to mythical & when I purchased the Carolingian pack, the entire berserker set was reset back to Superior with all runes missing. All the nickel and tungsten lost..... what a joke.

  • tpoquik
    3 posts

    @ntkoa I experienced the same glitch. Is Ubisoft going to fix this or did I just waste all that game play??

  • tpoquik
    3 posts

    @roverfan1127 same issue with the reset. Just browsing the store reset all those upgrades. Worse yet is I didn’t get the resources or runes back. Ubisoft, please fix! It is pointless to play if all vanishes and you have to start over.

  • Bushwickedly
    109 posts

    Does it only do it if it's currently equipped? What if Eivor is saved "nude" then go to store?

  • tpoquik
    3 posts

    @bushwickedly I have only seen it when it is equipped. It may occur if it is not equipped. It sort of appears as a store refresh bug. I would avoid going to the store until a fix is available.

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