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  • Bushwickedly
    109 posts

    Does it only do it if it's currently equipped? What if Eivor is saved "nude" then go to store?

  • tpoquik
    3 posts

    @bushwickedly I have only seen it when it is equipped. It may occur if it is not equipped. It sort of appears as a store refresh bug. I would avoid going to the store until a fix is available.

    1 posts

    So while playing I came out of a quest and all of a sudden my Berserker gear (all of it) listed on the right hand side of the screen like it was new. Figured oh well just a glitch... later while in my inventory I noticed ALL pieces of my Berserker gear had reset. I lost all upgrades to all of the pieces. I had the gear at the Flawless level (Silver) fully runed... Now Berserker gear is worthless without hours of replay and all that is needed to upgrade, Nickel Ingot, Carbon Ingot, etc... when the gear reset it also showed Wolf Mount like new and Ship Pieces like new. Please Help!

    4 posts

    @tpoquik I don't know, man. It's really upsetting, because we literally can't be expected to farm all of our ore, leather, titanium, and ingots again. It would take dozens of hours to do that!

    4 posts

    I truly hope that you're on this @Ubisoft because if this level of bugs exist, you're going to have a lot of unhappy customers. Please help!

  • TopGunner1305
    1 posts

    @ntkoa Hello,

    I just encountered the same issue with the exception that it happened after purchasing something on unistore with helix credits.
    Same level of armor I had achieved, but it's all back to basics now.

    After a chat session with the help desk, it's all about waiting until a solution has been found. If they will give us our level of gear back is stil a big question mark....

    Anyhow, I'm also stuck in game, as there are in the area not enough ignots to get back to this level of armor. I'm also not going to spend bought helix credits to buy commidities to regain my original levels ...

    very frustrating indeed...

  • GriffinAD
    1 posts

    This happened to me this morning on PS5. All upgraded Beserker gear completely reset and placed back in inventory with all runes lost. I had purchased 6000 credits last night, which I didn't even get, despite being charged.

    This really needs fixing. Don't know what to do now either - I'd rather not start again. This is pretty poor all round but at least it isn't just me I guess - thought I was going mad.

  • thedevilcomes
    39 posts

    @ntkoa just had the same bloody thing happen to me.. wth!!!

  • thedevilcomes
    39 posts

    oh and it seems i cant even submit a bloody ticket about it!!!

  • SnappyCow4508
    1 posts

    Berserker armor was reset to default level and all runes that came with the ultimate edition are gone. Tried reloading an earlier save and it did not fix the issue.

  • nash_trickster
    44 posts

    I just had the same issie exept I had upgraded it to Mythical quality and boosted the stats to the max...

    It's actually the thousands of iron i've spent for nothing that are really [censored] me off!

    Since I've already cleared the map of all (small) chests, iron is becoming a rarer commodity than anything else (I have to rely on the 200iron/hour from the shop and the iron found "in the wild" now)... So I'll never be able to re-upgrade it without grinding for days.

    It's the Bear Claw axe reseting that is bugging me the most since I've been using it from the start as my off-hand weapon and now I have to make do with another one which is far less powerful since I haven't finished upgrading it (it's at mythical but there's still 3 empty "slots" in it's power bar)...

    2 posts

    I have finished Valhalla on 94.49% completion so far, however I have noticed I have never received the Way of the Berserker Mission from the Settlement and today the Berserker Pack and other items that came with my ultimate edition disappeared and then reappeared, this means that all the upgrades for my gear which was already nearly fully upgraded has disappeared entirely. I would appreciate any troubleshooting options. Thank you.

  • nash_trickster
    44 posts

    Could we get some feedback and the insurance that the issue will be looked into?

    Because, I know from googling the issue that although we're only 2 to have reported it on these forums (so far) there's been many more hit with this glitch...

    I won't bother with the actual maths but to upgrade each piece it takes over 1000 iron, multiply this by 6 (each armor piece + the axe) and in this "small" glitch one can loose over 6000 iron!

    And since, thanks to the store, we know that to get 6000 iron I'd have to buy either the big pack of ressources or the big pack of silver, which are both priced at 2000H, it means this glitch "robbed" me of 19,90€ worth of iron.

  • HerosLegacy
    1 posts

    exact same thing happened to me, hope it gets fixed .-. Had it maxed upgraded at flawless

  • guest-u5njBwaF
    1 posts

    @ntkoa I have the same.[censored] situation just today. Is Ubisoft going to fix this [censored] or compensate or what?
    [censored] annoying thing!!!!

  • GrimBaron
    2 posts


    this bug is related to this:
    The end result is the same, but the circumstances are different.

    This time, I have logged in the game, loaded and as soon as I spawned, an in-game pop-up told me my DLC items were ready.
    These items, I was already given when I started, and some of them I had already upgraded. Now, just like in-game doubles, they have been downgraded, the only differences, is that I do not have doubles of these items.

    This is starting to get frustrating as:

    • leveling up DLC items becomes worthless, as there is chance they'll get randomly re-accredited and downgraded (and materials spent is lost)
    • builds with these items in them become basically uplayable in higher level areas (since they may turn back to lv.1)
    • the materials used to upgrade them (like Titanium) are not that easy to gather, and since i have already collected basically everything and finished the story, I have to either purchase them - and they dont restock - or get lucky killing random stuff
  • Hellgator
    6 posts

    I don't know if it's because I cross-played on PS5 or if I lost it a long time ago, and I just didn't notice, but it's pretty annoying that my Berserker gear set is gone as I bought the Ultimate edition. Please fix this because I only used the set during the early game so I can't go back to that save file as I'm already in the epilogue.

  • Hellgator
    6 posts

    Update: I played on PC and I got all my Berserker stuff back including the cosmetics, but I noticed that all my Berserker gear is not upgraded even though I'm sure that I've upgraded the set during the early game when I was using them. I also had to reassign the Berserker cosmetics I was using.

    Hope Ubisoft fixes this or recompenses us with crafting materials at least.

  • name_is_gone
    19 posts

    So, are you serious Ubi? Are you really releasing unplayable *** for money? Wow, nice move. Anyways, suddenly, out of nothing, my Berserker's gear disappeared while in England (in my settlement). [censored]?? I had it maxed out! I reloaded game and the gear came back... RESET TO BASIC STATS so I lost all my mats I used to upgrade it. ARE YOU SERIOUS???????????? Chat not working, support - no way to send anything "because covid hysteria" well, you just lost a customer. And give my money back.

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