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  • Nyuxiee
    5 posts

    This literally happened to me today. I really hope they fix this, because this is just frustrating. I also had it to mythical, so now all my resources I used are gone and my runes on them are gone as well 😞

  • Nyuxiee
    5 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Nyuxiee
    5 posts

    This literally happened to me today. I really hope they fix this, because this is just frustrating. I also had it to mythical, so now all my resources I used are gone and my runes on them are gone as well undefined

  • Shakaaa91
    2 posts

    This happened to me today to, i am 72 74 hours into the content....please fix this...i bought the ultimate bug edition game!!!

  • orion183
    1 posts

    This is very frustrating problem hours of work on armor and weapons GONE! an i report the problem and all Ubisoft says is to reset the game are you kidding me?

  • Sir_Rudi
    1 posts

    Same problem, somehow today I launched my game and I saw I was getting the berserker armor again and it was marked as new on my inventory without any upgrades.

  • Alphamogu
    3 posts

    Same! It's an extra salt to the wound after you've used materials to upgrade it...

  • xwellen23x
    1 posts

    This just happened to me as well.

    Turned off my console (Xbox Series X) last night and when I turned it on today all of the berserker armor, weapons, boat and settlement skins were being re-added on my screen. My player was naked and I was not refunded all of the materials that I had put into my armor. It was all maxed out silver tier. There is no way that I can farm all of the materials back because I now have no armor to do so and after playing for 74 hours the areas that are left to get the resources require high lvl armor.... as of now I just have to not play because I am unable to do anything.

    any word on a fix ?

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    Apologies for the late reply, everyone! At this time, the teams are still looking into this issue, since we've received similar reports from other players about this error as well. For anyone that hasn't already, please create a support ticket, so our Technical Support teams can request your save files. Once you've attached the save files to your case, please share your ticket number here.

    @name_is_gone Thanks for the information. I did check on our end regarding the 300 Helix Credits, and this looks to be for the ones that are granted to players after completing the prologue. However, if this is not the case, and you received these credits separate from this notification, please let me know! Also, I can understand how it may seem like this issue isn't being addressed, but rest assured, our teams are actively investigating the cause of the issue in hopes of finding a solution for everyone.

    @Reaper-55 As of right now, we do not have any known workarounds besides loading an earlier save as mentioned by name_is_gone.

    Official Response
  • name_is_gone
    19 posts


    I got helix actually, checked twice or three times even, sry for misinfo but it was caused by game displaying helix as present and then with next loading game - 0 and then again 300 until I finally spent it just to get rid of this. Aaaaaaaanyways berserker gear doesn't bother me since I no longer use it (and it never disappeared again, magic I guess) but there are still other bugs and I suppose players would like to see the team to start fixing them instead of chanting "we are looking into this".
    Like - every rune I buy or get from quest is doubled or tripled but cannot be slotted in gear (tho can be sold but I don't do it, I don't trust this game and studio anymore and wouldn't like to have the game selling the proper runes instead of copies, who knows what student made the code -_-).
    Like - FPS drops.
    Like - terribly compressed audio and music playing in infinite loops at times... or not playing at all.
    Like - FISHING STILL BUGGED so I cannot complete all mysteries for several areas since they involve fishing.
    Like - controlling character being down right unfun when I command to climb up straight but for some magical reason Eivor goes right and drops off the wall.
    Like - NPCs bugged out so mystery cannot be completed, NPCs disappearing randomly, NPCs not following Eivor when they should etc, etc, etc, etc,
    etc, etc, etc.....................................................................
    Are you serious? Come on, start paying us to play your game because for now Ubi takes money for not even half finished product.

  • MRB-N
    1 posts

    I preordered and got the Berserker clothing set, but when I download anything else from the shop it removes the whole set from my inventory and then a minute or so later it will be added again (along with what I purchased from the store) and I have to upgrade it again.
    It happened 2 times, the first was in the beginning so I didn't think much of it. The second time it was after I upgraded it a lot so it's annoying since I don't get my resources back. This has also happened to my friend.

  • ScableLogo
    2 posts

    So I played late last night on my PS4 and saw that a premium starter pack was available. I'm not too far into the game so thought like a good deal. I did get the items and everything, but did find it odd that it showed I had new armor too since it said in the text that it was just weapons. When looking it looked like it was Berserker gear that was new. All basic, but I was already wearing upgraded Berserker gear so thought that a little odd. Exited out of the menu and wasn't wearing any armour at all. Turns out the "new" Berserker gear that overwritten my existing one and completely ignored any upgrades I'd done to any of the pieces. Upgraded to rank 3 on each. Also turns out that the weapons can't be upgraded to a higher quality at all, which just seems broken. Starter pack, sure, but if you can't upgrade the quality it becomes useless very fast. So what's going on here?
    Also any reason why the throwables button, ie oil flasks, are hard coded to heavy attack button instead of shoot? I don't like having r1 and r2 as light and heavy attack and remapped them to square and triangle, but throwables seem locked to the heavy attack and I either have to remap everytime I have the throw something or just place it on the ground as l2 for aiming activates the abilities too.

  • GhostGazelle
    1 posts

    I've been experiencing two bugs:
    1) Ever since the beginning of the Yule festival, everytime I login on the game for the first time, Eivor is affected by the effects of being drunk, e.g.: wobbly walking, blurry vision etc. It ceases after a while and does not return when I fast travel. It returns, however, when I load a save or start the game again.

    2) My Berserket Set just lost all upgrades. I had upgraded all pieces to Mythical and had improved them with Titanium to the max, but upon logging in on the game today, I've received a notification of the Berserker Set being added to my inventory, and upon checking, my Mythical set had disappeared, and instead there were brand new Berserker pieces.

    I play on PC.

  • JSRG1840
    80 posts

    The same drunken bug is happening now on ps4 when you first load the game. 2 meditations cures it, however it shouldn't be happening at all.

  • Ridzoni
    2 posts

    Same here unfortunately! The same moment that happened I went for support to asked them for help, and they told me the case is new to them, and now when I googled it, I can see bunch of you guys with same bad

  • Ridzoni
    2 posts

    @ridzoni They told me they cannot credit the materials I've spent upgrading gear nor give me any compensation. I have 40 in game hours and my gear was upgraded with rare materials and runes..

  • Lukey20202020
    6 posts

    Valhalla ps5

    I was browsing the store in game looking at all the packs and stuff to buy, when I come off the store, my character was just wearing underwear, I immediately went to the inventory menu and looked at my items the berserker pack which I had on and all leveled up to flawless from the blacksmith it was all gone, it wasn't in my inventory at all, I closed the game re launched it, my character was still in underwear, then after a few seconds the berserker pack was added back to inventory but back to starting level, I feel sick I've put alot of hours into the game leveling my gear up

  • Lukey20202020
    6 posts


    I've just to purchase 6000 HELIX COINS that I SHOULD NOT OF HAD TOO, ubisoft this is an absolute JOKE, all the ruins that was attached to my gear all gone also, I love the game but this has literally killed me off inside you have no idea

    Here is the video I captured after coming back into the game

    Ubisoft this is really really bad, I've basically had to fork out money to help me get my gear upgraded back to how it was so I can continue playing, really not happy

  • Lukey20202020
    6 posts

    No other way but to pay

    [censored] is not the word, can somebody from ubisoft contact me about this I'm still in shock this happened

  • speedingpullet
    8 posts

    I've had exactly the same thing happen to me, also on a PS5. I quit the game and then on relaunch this morning all my Berserker gear - all the armor and the shield and sword too - were placed back in my inventory as if they were 'new' - despite having had it all since I started playing the game, as part of the game pack I bought.

    Plus, I'd gone to all the time, trouble, and my own real-life money in purchasing Materials Packs to upgrade the gear - only to have it demoted by Ubisoft, for no apparent reason.

    Coupled with still being drunk on launch, having had my fully upgraded quiver borked by the stupid Yule stuff (none of which I want anyway) I'm sarting to feel Ubisoft owe me some money, or at least some materials and an apology.

    [censored] is going on Ubisoft? I ws so looking forward to this game, but its been a comedy of errors since the beginning. Please stop robbing me of my money and please fix this game.

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