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  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    Darn, thanks for trying though.

  • nash_trickster
    44 posts

    Looking at the map posted above by @AN0L1 , I wondered if there could be a 3rd line of similar length and somewhat parralel to the 2 other ones which started at point 4...
    A quick look at the map made me head for the south-western part of Suthexe, between Crawleah and Anderitum Hideout.

    But despite checking every rock formation in a 500m radius around that point (including checking the whole underground part of the hideout just to make sure) I failed to locate another rune... Maybe I missed it though, so if others feel like like double-checking that area, be my guest!

  • MelArlo
    12 posts

    So I was thinking earlier today, looking online, and was reminded of the Hermit mission where you have to get a shield crafted with a rune to present at his funeral. To do this you have to speak with a Hermit. This is the cave:

    This Hermit references that he lost his sight and he is also wearing garb that resembles Odin's quite a bit (link to video of mission😞

    I went back to his cave and despite looking everywhere inside and around outside I could not find Odin's rune. Odin's rune is all about illusion and shape-shifting so (going out on a limb here) it wouldn't be so crazy if this Hermit was Odin in disguise... However inside the cave on the walls i found the runic symbols below. I am not sure but maybe they could be of help? Perhaps they overlay on the map or, if we can find their meaning, perhaps there is a message?


  • TheeElf
    262 posts

    @melarlo What's funny is I was in that cave last night when I was exploring the Eurvicscire area. I kept looking at all the markings on the wall in that room seeing if somehow they aligned to the current rune locations potentially giving insight into where others might be. But it didn't result in me finding anything new though.

  • MelArlo
    12 posts

    @theeelf From another thread that I posted the pictures to:

    Did some searchin... Only found last three symbols:
    First one is Gungnir, however it seems more like a modern artistic symbol, than actual norse symbol?
    Second one looks like web of wyrd
    Third one looks like part of vegvisir
  • eL_T_US
    232 posts

    Anyone tried the Swordfish on a rune? Or have maxed out the fireflies then interact with the runes?

  • MelArlo
    12 posts

    @el_t_us In another thread someone had tried both of these to no effect. 😞

  • DrunknBeanBagn
    4 posts

    I saw a theory earlier using the symbols in the skill tree, assuming you take away the raven symbol there's this the one where you unlock Brush Of Death that seems to have similar spacing? Thoughts?

  • AwakentheDead
    19 posts

    @thegardener25 Brendan also states on one of the pages he left behind “He says there is one Angel still trapped, she who must be released, or joined. Must I find her?”

    Who is this referencing? An Isu? Layla?

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @awakenthedead This is a reference to the vault in Vinland, which centuries later Connor will open in AC III.

  • Assassinofcake
    43 posts

    @awakenthedead nephilim are sons of the sons of God and the daughters of men, they are a biblical Race Often translated as giants that died during the flood, the Angel that is still traped, is juno.

    Saint brendan traveled to a island in the west, some believe it to be vinland and the game takes it as truth, it Was Saint brendan that took the cristal ball that contained the voice of juno, from Vinland to England, you can actually find One of brendens messages on Vinland in a locations that i think its called Ratonhnhaké:ton

  • AwakentheDead
    19 posts

    @hroozenbeek You are correct about the painting.

  • isuwhat
    190 posts

    not sure if its been posted but read 'somewhere' the runes are also close to mushroom sites (not sure if all sites). Has it been tried to go and take the trippy mushrooms and then go to a rune site? As surroundings change when tripping.

    top work on this thread too, so many great ideas 🙂

  • eL_T_US
    232 posts

    @guest-9dkajoe4 I went to the one in East Anglia while hallucinating. Tried all kinds of stuff there. No results.

  • Tuilag1
    1 posts

    Not sure if someone has tried this but I think it is worth mentioning.
    After the battle Odin x Loki, Loki transform himself into a Salmon. Does anyone think that fishing a specific salmon or interacting with one somehow could be related to this mystery?

  • SquZi3489
    20 posts

    I found an interesting find in east anglia rune, when I walked around I saw the cracks around the lake and when I walked on them it would make the same exact noise as the noise you get on the rune at least for me.

  • AwakentheDead
    19 posts

    Was just north of Jorvik flying around looking for another possible rune when I see this symbol below. https://imgur.com/a/jMzpVtk

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @awakenthedead It's an actual site, Thornborough Henges in York, with three henges aligned and linked together. In the game, I believe there is anomaly connected with this site. The square henge is fictional, of course.

  • eL_T_US
    232 posts

    @squzi3489 That's from the Fly Agaric.

  • Wilfinn
    25 posts

    @el_t_us that's the anomaly course

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