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  • Assassinofcake
    43 posts

    @awakenthedead nephilim are sons of the sons of God and the daughters of men, they are a biblical Race Often translated as giants that died during the flood, the Angel that is still traped, is juno.

    Saint brendan traveled to a island in the west, some believe it to be vinland and the game takes it as truth, it Was Saint brendan that took the cristal ball that contained the voice of juno, from Vinland to England, you can actually find One of brendens messages on Vinland in a locations that i think its called Ratonhnhaké:ton

  • AwakentheDead
    19 posts

    @hroozenbeek You are correct about the painting.

  • isuwhat
    190 posts

    not sure if its been posted but read 'somewhere' the runes are also close to mushroom sites (not sure if all sites). Has it been tried to go and take the trippy mushrooms and then go to a rune site? As surroundings change when tripping.

    top work on this thread too, so many great ideas 🙂

  • eL_T_US
    232 posts

    @guest-9dkajoe4 I went to the one in East Anglia while hallucinating. Tried all kinds of stuff there. No results.

  • Tuilag1
    1 posts

    Not sure if someone has tried this but I think it is worth mentioning.
    After the battle Odin x Loki, Loki transform himself into a Salmon. Does anyone think that fishing a specific salmon or interacting with one somehow could be related to this mystery?

  • SquZi3489
    20 posts

    I found an interesting find in east anglia rune, when I walked around I saw the cracks around the lake and when I walked on them it would make the same exact noise as the noise you get on the rune at least for me.

  • AwakentheDead
    19 posts

    Was just north of Jorvik flying around looking for another possible rune when I see this symbol below. https://imgur.com/a/jMzpVtk

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @awakenthedead It's an actual site, Thornborough Henges in York, with three henges aligned and linked together. In the game, I believe there is anomaly connected with this site. The square henge is fictional, of course.

  • eL_T_US
    232 posts

    @squzi3489 That's from the Fly Agaric.

  • Wilfinn
    25 posts

    @el_t_us that's the anomaly course

  • AwakentheDead
    19 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • AwakentheDead
    19 posts
    @theeelf Idk. I just watched a couple playthroughs of the Fly Agaric and none of the spots I found are in that hallucination. And the sound is different than the portals. Here's a video of the ones I found and the direction you need to go.

    Right, and that audio queue would happen at other Fly Agaric locations. It doesn’t that I could tell. And you can walk a good ways away and still trigger the audio queue. Like a path leading you to something.

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    After weeks of searching for the 6th Odin's Illusionary Rune, we have all come up empty handed (to my knowledge)
    Sooooo, I have done some thinking about the number five. There are five senses, and considering that there were reports of a chime sound at one of the runes' location (some believe this is a bug), I am starting to sense (pun intended lol) this may not be a bug after all. Considering there is an illusion (sight) of birds at another, I really think this something I am going to experiment more with.
    Just another penny for my thoughts, there are five items that make an armor set.

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    @awakenthedead I agree.

  • AwakentheDead
    19 posts

    Well, I came across a video on YouTube by IdeaNerd. He spotted a different symbol or rune probably 20 ft to the left of the one found in Suthsexe. Two actually but they appear to be the same symbol just about 15ft apart. I’ve actually come across similar symbols over the course of my game play and I just chalked them off as meaningless. I’ll post screen shots of the symbols IdeaNerd found. Looks to me like they actually could be overlaid. Although, one of them kinda looks like some kind of humanoid figure with a forked tail. https://imgur.com/a/8iiQALa

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    Interesting. Reminds me of an unfinished symbol found at one of the standing stones.
    I am just hoping we all aren't wasting our time right now. Like if the only way to unlock the mystery is with one of the unreleased expansion storylines.

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    Rune Locations:
    East Anglia
    Later tonight, I will post pictures of the locations (for those looking to find the runes)

    East Anglia may be SOUND (Reported chime noises)
    Grantebrigescire may be TOUCH (Able to step on rune)
    Suthsexe may be SIGHT (Spotted Illusionary birds)
    Hamuntscire may be TASTE (I found a fairy ring of mushrooms near the rune)
    Sciropescire may be SMELL (Need to investigate further)

    I know it's a long shot, but anything is possible with Ubisoft.

    Another thing I want to look into is, the Helm of Awe mural mystery. Maybe if equipped with the Modraniht Ceremonial Amor Set (Yuletide reward)
    & going to the site called Ritual Circle in Northumbria, it may unlock something 🤔🤷♀

    Just throwing another two pennies, into the wishing well.

  • AwakentheDead
    19 posts

    I would still consider the ley lines someone mentioned above. The trial entrance in Cent is actually situated on one of these lines. Also, one of the travel locations has the sound of loud birds when you hover over it. Similar to the magickal sound heard when hovering over certain other sights, like Sherwood Forest, the geoglyphs and the other ritual site that hums when you hover it.

    Additionally I learned Urðarbrunnr, or Well of Urd as also called the Well of Fate. According to Wikipedia (I realize not the best source) “ In the Prose Edda, Urðarbrunnr is cited as one of three wells existing beneath three roots of Yggdrasil that reach into three distant, different lands; the other two wells being Hvergelmir, located beneath a root in Niflheim, and Mímisbrunnr, located beneath a root near the home of the frost jötnar.”

    I’m certain unrelated to the Illusionary runes but might still be important into understanding some of what we are seeing.

  • Stonesie87
    53 posts

    @acedyn22 so I've been looking everywhere to try and find out this mystery as well so far I myself have had no luck but those runes you thought were elk actually, spell kye from what I managed to put together and kye is actually old english for cow.

  • Stonesie87
    53 posts

    just found out as well that Kye as a boy's name is of Welsh, Scandinavian, Greek, and Gaelic origin and the meaning is "keeper of the keys, earth, narrow or straight". and was popular in the year 1673

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