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  • mvrc0sATM
    2 posts

    Well it seems that there are two new runes on Ireland, I wonder if we'll get the 9th in Paris or if we have to look further in the Wrath Of The Druids DLC

    Dark Strider uploaded a video of them

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    Thank you for posting an update. Much appreciated!

  • isuwhat
    190 posts

    9th Rune now found in Ireland

    search for the Eye of Odin could very well be back on

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    @isuwhat Thank you for keeping the thread updated.

    The hunt is most certainly back on!
    Happy hunting everyone 👀🙃

  • nash_trickster
    44 posts

    Well, just saw a video in french which contains a much longer version of the leaked dialog file which mentions the Eye of Odin (the one in Dark Stryder's video).
    (I don't know how to post that video here unfortunately but it's by french youtuber SLAPP, if anyone more versed in the workings of the forums is willing to do so.)

    The longer file mentions an old woman who asks to fight Eivor. She's apparently a very strong opponent (in a line of dialog Eivor says she's akin to "the Shield Maidens of legends") and she's the one who ends up giving the Eye of Odin to Eivor...
    So we should no longer be looking for the Eye itself now, but for that old woman.

    However, in one line of dialog the Old Woman also mentions altars, which can be found all across Mercia, where the amulet must be charged through combat... This part makes me think the whole Odin Rune mystery is actually linked to the forthcoming Mastery Challenges.

    Mystery solved?

  • isuwhat
    190 posts

    @nash_trickster well that's surely Lagertha who has been strongly rumoured to be part of the mastery challenge that's coming soon. Sure hope it is her, big fan of her in the tv show

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    @nash_trickster Sure hoping so 🤞

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    In honor of every fans search and persistence to solve this mystery, I designed an illusionary rune design for the #ACTattooContest

  • bielik01
    882 posts

    @isuwhat the woman's name is Hildiran, and will be present in Ravensthorpe after a mysterious meteorite is spotted falling from the sky

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