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  • AwakentheDead
    19 posts

    The sixth rune has been found in Eurvicscire near Anlaf’s Lookout. I learned of it through YouTuber Dark Strider but he’s crediting a person named Shane Reneaux who credits someone called kratos711dogg. Just travel the the lookout and just down the path on the ledge. Apparently there is a sound associated with this one.

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated 💕
    Now to hunt again, maybe there is nine or more after all.

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    Thank you for sharing.
    That would be cool 😁 But I honestly would be surprised if there is an Ostara event. I'm totally for it, I just don't think it will happen. Hoping I am completely wrong though 🤞😁

  • pattisondom
    2 posts

    Note in Well of Urdr, someone is trying to hide from Odin in another realm. Any connections? undefined

  • thegardener25
    90 posts

    @acedyn22 Cheers, yes it would be cool. If you read my post again, the "quote" in the first paragraph is a quote from ubi, there will be a festival! I take it that Ostara is the norse equivelant of Eostre, the pagan spring festival that once the christians got their hands on it, became 'Easter' & somehow became all about the resurrection of jesus?

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    🤦♀😅 My sincerest apologies. I was reading at a rate my brain couldn't comprehend what my eyes were seeing 🥴
    The way you speak of Christianity, your username, and your love for AC...I think you are my kind of people 😂🙌

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    I think it's an unfinished note by Loki.

  • openwheelchamp
    4 posts

    @asgardian02 To be fair, There are Halo 3 Easter Eggs that still haven't been found over 14 years later...
    Maybe Ubisoft are aiming to beat that record? hahaha

  • Stonesie87
    53 posts

    just a thought the 9 points in Eivors grave outside the animus if those points were to be mirrored and then placed on the map with 2 being across from ravensthorpe , 3 being east anglia 7 uffington would all the points match and possibly be locations of all the runes? I don't have photoshop and probably not the skills for doing that either lol

  • Stonesie87
    53 posts

    uffentune* not uffington

  • Stonesie87
    53 posts

    the yellow markers are marked 1-9 in the game I found this picture online and just mirrored it but they kinda seem to match the rune locations that have been found so far...

  • Valhalla2015
    73 posts

    @stonesie87 very interesting idea... 🤔

  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts


    In our other thread (https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/93816/can-we-all-focus-on-solving-this-mysterie/2314?_=1614445165224), where we are looking deeper in all this Odin runes stuff, we have checked your idea and attached your requested overlapping picture:

    Original Version:

    Mirrored Version:

    No matter how I align it, pull and stretch it, the points will not hit the runes exactly in either version and for me this is no indication of the location of the runes. This theory had been around for weeks and I think Dark Strider or JorRaptor had addressed this idea, but quickly forgot it because, like me, it was noticed that they are not matching to one of the runes!

    => Idea or theory refuted

    So, check our thread for more informations. Everyone is welcome!

  • ChloChlo95
    1 posts

    Okay, this may be a long shot, but still worth a shot. I came across this mystery tonight, and when looking at the first 5 runes found, I was immediately reminded of Orion. So I took a photo of the constellation, flipped it, and realized that the first 5 runes found matched the constellation's general parameters.
    The black dots represent discovered runes, and the not-filled-in ones are my own ideas, but I found it very interesting that the constellation's extra dots match various fast travel points. The proportions may obviously be a little off. What may also be interesting is that Orion is made of 9 major points: 2 feet, 3 belt, 2 shoulders, one head, and one arm (maybe reaching but with the whole 9 notions? maybe?).
    The newest point found in Eurvicshire is the topmost one in black next to A.L. Funnily enough, I looked there but missed the rune, which convinces me there may be some credence to my idea. Again, my own proportions may be off.
    This is my first ever post on a gaming forum, so sorry if I'm coming out of the left-field!

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    Thank you for sharing your idea. I'll help look in your suspected areas tonight.

    Thank you for bringing Stonesie87's vision to life.

    Nice theory. Keep them coming 👍

  • Stonesie87
    53 posts

    @acedyn22 I've had many theories but still haven't been able to make fruit of them yet... I know that Rig is one of the many names that Heimdallr goes by which makes me believe he is Rig Rigsogur, the Ram in which the cartographer speaks of in his journals that no one has been able to find I'm sure that also has to do with Heimdallr as he has been said to look or have characteristics of one he is also able to shapeshift as him and Loki turned into seals to battle each other in mythology, and my thoughts as to why we can't find that yet is because we don't have access to that portion of the map. if you look at a geology map of the U.K. most of it's granite cliff's are in the South-Western part but there is one small area in the North but I think it's in the Western part of the north that we can't get to yet maybe in later DLC's or updates I'm still unsure, and is Goldness the home of Rig, what is now called Goldsborough, Knaresborough, U.K as that is North West of york again may be in an area we can't reach... also unsure if any of it has to do with the Illusionary rune's themselves... One of my other theories is it has to do with the Story Eivor tells the Natives in Vinland after you complete it.

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @stonesie87 I think the cave the cartographer mentions in his note is Deoraby Spar Cavern in Snotinghamscire, one of the Treasures of Britain-sites. It's a cave in the northern mountains, there is a rope and "some tackle", the message we find in the cave refers to being "as surefooted as a mountain goat" (ram), and obviously there is "something glittering" in the cave. The blue mineral is apparently a very rare kind of fluorite, known as Blue John, found in Blue John Cavern in Derbyshire. In all, Deoraby Spar Cavern is by far the best match I've found for the cartographer's note.

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    Well after the Ostara Festival nightmare, I am continuing to seek for more O.I.R.
    until Wrath Of The Druids is released.
    Hopefully someone will find the 7th rune soon and it will bring the community one step closer to unlocking its secret.

  • g0withth3fl0w66
    1 posts

    Not sure if this rune of deception quest is still tracked or if if it still incites but here goes nothing.

    FYI: this my first interaction with a forum since I don't remember when, kind request to take me slow, I'm here because we share the same passion for this game.

    I'm not able to play with the picture (photo editing) hence I'm kindly asking if someone with the ability to do that can help.

    Take the rune as it is positioned in the screenshot, crop it if you like > rotate it approx 45 degrees counter clockwise (to the left) > enlarge it to fit the lay-lines (England map) and overlay it.

    Maybe it's something to start with, maybe it's not. Midnight thoughts here, have a great Thor'sDay.


  • SpirantCrayon22
    324 posts

    In case anyone looking hasn't found this, there's been an update, it seems, from Ubisoft. Dark Strider on YouTube posted a video with information apparently from them that this mystery cannot be solved - yet.

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