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  • Max18400
    408 posts

    Just a heads up guys, apparently there's been a leak that river raids are out next week

  • Asgardian02
    Original poster 1932 posts


    yeah we got the info via a non ubisoft twitter account.

    Apparantly its still called yule season too, weird seeing as that the yule festival has already ended

  • Yesin069
    554 posts


    Yule Season because every 4 months the season changes. Yule season is winter (the yule festival was just a part of the yule season - river raids will be the next) and in the end of march we will surely get a new patch with the new spring season and timed event.

    I don't know who came up with this stupid idea but i don't like the seasons and they make no sense. This is a offline singleplayer RPG. Give us those seasonal events as quests and not as time limited events. I don't plan to play this game for one year to see all events. There are other games that need to be played and that get more attention and care (and fixes and content) than AC.

  • Max18400
    408 posts

    @asgardian02 not everyone has twitter. This was also posted before thr official announcement

  • Karloz1995
    268 posts

    @yesin069 so river raids is just a timed event?

  • Yesin069
    554 posts


    No, just the yule festival was timed. All the festival events that will be in our settlement with decorations and paries going on will be timed events. The other stuff is just free content for everytime. Sadly this whole structure means it takes very long until we got something new. Instead of getting new features every 3 weeks or every month we have waited 3 months for the first new content...

    I am also pretty sure that river raids won't be a game changer so i would prefer more smaller features or quests coming more frequently. The most important thing are the quality of life enhancements. Valhalla badly needs a filter in the inventory, transmog and NG+.

  • Asgardian02
    Original poster 1932 posts


    i know most ppl that play ac games dont like loot grind, but seeing how they want us to play contentiously valhalla is seriously lacking.

    With random loot added in various quality stages ie rare, magic, epic, legendary and unique this automatically would ensure more of an endgame loop.
    Of course a better balance and well thought out skill tree and abilities would be needed too and a lot of other things.

    But basically what they want and what they offer just isnt compatible.

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