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  • OlmerGrey
    62 posts

    I actually think that part of this new "games as a service" thing is playing the game while service is provided, updates came out, new content added, and so on... and "waiting" is cinda enjoyable part of this process as well.
    It makes you feel that game "alive" (and still in development lol))) and you can enjoy it for much longer period of time.
    If you liked it from the very beginning, of course

  • Yesin069
    554 posts

    For me the ideal way doing those "live service games" is theway Witcher 3 did it. 16 free DLC's and 2 big expansions with lots of patches in between that fixed bugs, reworked the whole interface, added quality of life changes and even added new recorded voice lines to flesh out some characters more. Most of this stuff did release between the release date in may and october. So no long waiting and no roadmap. The last patches where just bugfixes for smaller bugs so nobody needed to wait so long to play the game.

    Those roadmaps should just be for early acess games that tell us which content will be added and when the game is "finished" Sadly customers are too dumb that they didn't see that they are using early acess practices in "finished" games now. Valhalla for me now is at version 0.5. Maybe next november it will be version 1.0. And this 1.0 version should be the point from where they start adding stuff and bringing story DLC.
    But at least they are fast at microtransactions...

    Here a good video regarding microtransactions in this game:

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    game as a service model only works if there is actually content to play, which for me hasnt been the case for well over a month now.

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    good video.

  • BruceHillRacing
    41 posts

    That vid is spot on

  • XWulf00
    Original poster 26 posts

    LoL there's STILL no fix

  • William_D0g
    9 posts

    Patches, fixes, hotfixes... Hmmmph !

    I've given up, for now at least and uninstalled Valhalla last night.

    I'll give Ubi a few months to calm down on creating rubbish for the scam shop *cough* sorry I mean Helix Store. Hopefully by then they'll focus on patches that will actually fix the game and then they can focus on patches that will fix the (probably broken) DLC that I've already paid for.

    Never going to buy an AC/Ubi game just after release again, they'll get plucked out of the bargain bucket at sale time from now on.

    Way to go Ubi...

  • NotSo277
    12 posts

    Well update 1.1.2 is out and still "Defensive Measures" mission is still bugged and they just keep coming through the green shield and I keep killing them with no end in sight. 😠
    They said in the update that it was fixed but for me it's not. 😢

  • XWulf00
    Original poster 26 posts

    @notso277 That sucks to hear. They still didnt fix the Pig of Prophecy mystery so I'm still suck at 97% of Trophies. It's really F'ing stupid its been 2+ months it it's still bugged

  • BruceHillRacing
    41 posts


    This, this annnnnnnd this.

    Totally with you on that, feel like Ive been robbed with the season pass if this tripe they keep spitting out continues.

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