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  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 996 posts

    Hello Vikings,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    At the moment, it is not possible to change the enemy's health, I'm afraid. If the harder option becomes available, we will let everyone know through the patch notes 🙂

    I hope it helps and if you have any additional questions, please let us know!

    Official Response
  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    are you guys planning on adding harder options? that would be great indeed!

  • OrcBeard92
    141 posts

    @ubi-mark A good suggestion to the dev team would be the addition of some 'cursed' weapons, that were in Origins and Odyssey. They made your health permanently at 20% 'danger' level, but increased your damage. It meant enemies could easily one-shot you and added some nice risk/reward. Maybe something that stops you from using rations - can only heal by looting enemies/eating stuff on the floor. Would be a nice change of pace to see some interesting perks like that.

    Just an idea!

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    sorry but that doesnt sounds like fun at all.

    For starters the ai could be a hell lot smarter instead of just waiting in a circle and only 1 guy attacking you at a time.
    Harder difficulties could feature enemies with a more diverse ability mix, or just more enemies in general. A more hostile world towards you as the player.

    i dont want a game i can only use 1 weapon in order for it to be a challenge.

  • Kaiinjin
    Original poster 3 posts


    I think there are too little enemies in dangerous area, do you think about increase the enemy's number and health if you add new difficulties? Please, that would be really cool and more challenging

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    yeah when you into a fort by running through the front gate you iniatially get attacked by like 4-5 dudes and thats it. Then you have to search hard and long to find some more peeps

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    @orcbeard92 if you don't want to use rations you could just not upgrade them, then you'd be stuck with 1 which is only marginally better than none. That seems a lot easier than upgrading them and then seeking out some item that prevents you from doing so, no? Or do you just want the perk?

  • OrcBeard92
    141 posts

    @kreutzgang Was just an idea for some interesting 'builds', that you could make in Odyssey and stuff. Kind of gimmicky but I was just giving an example to change up the playstyle. I wouldn't take what I said literally.

    I only upgraded my rations to 3 and then left it alone to give myself a challenge anyway. Even playing on Drengr, after a certain point you're very powerful unless you create challenges for yourself. I think some interesting perks on weapons beyond various stat buffs would at least spice up the gameplay a bit, doesn't have to be a cursed weapon.

    Like in Odyssey we had items which made you more powerful while on fire, or poisoned etc. etc. Origins had builds that favoured bleed effects. Valhalla just needs a bit of variety and creating items to challenge the player would add a lot of creativity and fun. There's poisonous mushrooms about the world in Valhalla - maybe a perk that gives you an effect or something if you eat them? Rather than just a lesson to the player on what not to eat. Or change the Berserker set so that you do more damage the lower your health is? Just something to spice it up a bit. Currently I don't even really look at set bonuses because they're a bit meh. Just an idea 🤷

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    the basis should be that when selecting hard mode etc thats its actually hard.
    That the game change for you when you play on those settings.

    By just tweaking weapons and such nothing get changed as far as settings go..

  • kmansp31
    45 posts

    The root of the problem is the skill point system. Since you get skill points as a reward in almost everything (instead of gear rewards you mostly get a ton of xp and skill points!), you get so many that increase your power that you become overpowered early on. Even with the game difficulty, it's no match for how strong you become.

    The skill system needs a severe overhaul.

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    i said it a 100times. the problem is you get to fill the entire tree, when in fact the game would be much better if there would have been a limit of say 120skill tree points or something. That way selecting your gear wolf/raven or bear would have more impact too.

    now i just all whatever

  • XX-Artorias-XX
    91 posts

    Yes good idea but needs a large work.😆

    Easy i think would be add enemy "élite" ,or new zelots like, in the world and in the enemy camp.

    But will reamain a core problem: 1 vs 1 is too easy.

    If we had 100 enemy intead 50, you just have to stealth and kill more enemy, and when the situation become like 50 vs 1, you start to fight and kill every other.

    A deep game could put malus if damaged( slow run, slow dodge, stamina consume ) and no parry to all enemy if we use dagger or little weapon.
    And, give enemy a "armor bar" , that we have to destroy before to damage life ( greedfall for example).
    Weapon should have impact/ lacerate stats, taller is impact taller is damage to armour ecc ecc

    In this way we have to pay attenction , a little;)

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    more enemies would be cool, but the ait doesnt get smarter it doesnt matter match. I mean whats the difference if 3 enemies watch how their buddy dies or 50 watch in a circle?

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