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  • B00MSIE
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    I am also guilty of buying the ultimate edition, because of the promises Ubisoft made about the helix store (Which they broke within a month after release) and I was expecting a finished game. Next time will wait a year and buy it for 10 euro or after reading about even more iaps, not at all.

  • Asgardian02
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    havent you read any games news past odyssey launch? Even though Odyssey is better then Valhalla is had many problems as well.

    I mean Anthem was dead in the water upon arrival. Wolcen same story and more games.
    After Anthem i i told myself to never pre-order. Then i got Wolcen upon release which was a huge mistake.

    So basically dont pre-order and never purchase a game right after release again.

  • martygod12
    Original poster 237 posts

    @leoraptor1979 Normally I would maybe agree with you kinda. If it is a single player game and its mostly cosmetics sure no one is forcing you to buy them, BUT there is a huge BUT why its bad in Valhalla.

    It is because in every other Ubisoft games sure there are in game stores offering gear/weapons other cosmetics for money, BUT other ubisoft games usually has big customization and gear variety options already in their base games, so you really dont need to buy them if you dont want to since you have a lot of options already in the game. But in Valhalla there is almost no options, no gear variety no customization nothing and if you want at least some new gear you need to pay for it omg that is such a deceitfull and disgusting behaviour towards players.

    With Valhalla the Ubi greed is at the max level it ever was, and each new armor set in the store for more money is a huge spit into the faces of all players, who just want some variety AND BASIC RPG ELEMENTS EVERY OPEN WORLD RPG SHOULD HAVE!

    If this game doesnt go through big loot system rework I am not playing it again and if the next AC game is even remotely similar to Valhalla I will never touch it also, its sad really cause I love AC games and Origins and Odyssey were great, but I hate in which direction the series went with Valhalla and really hope new AC will go back to Odyssey, Origins style.

  • LeoRaptor1979
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    People need to stop saying that the game needs to be polished when released. Sorry to bust all your bubbles but a game will never be polished and finished upon release. If they waited until the game was polished and finished before releasing it then games would never be released. There is not a single game released that was polished and finished when released.

    There is nothing wrong with micro transactions, people need to stop acting like cry baby's about it.

  • DuskDragon56496
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    @LeoRaptor1979 what I "need" I'll decide for myself, what other people "need" they can decide for themselves, but since you bring it up what I don't need is more over priced microtransactions where aspects of the game suffer to bolster those sales and yet leave the game in the sorry condition it's in...I definitely don't NEED that! Sorry to burst your bubble but that's usually what beta testing is for, your reasoning is pretty lame and serves only to make excuses for a company thats already shown us they don't give a damn one way or the other.

  • martygod12
    Original poster 237 posts

    There is another good post about this issue https://www.reddit.com/r/assassinscreed/comments/lbsmi8/there_are_now_9_armor_sets_in_the/

    And the video elaborating on that

    Really hope it will get a lot of attention and something will happen about this. Best case will of course be a big rework of loot system in Valhalla and introducing much more armors and weapons into the base game, but thats probably not happening. So at least if it gets a lot of attention next AC could be great again.

  • cawatrooper9
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    @leoraptor1979 I realize that patches will always improve a game's experience.

    I also realize that any studio that released a game during the COVID-19 pandemic accomplished a Herculean feat, and obviously we need to consider things with a little leeway this year.

    And I also realize that no matter how much troubleshooting is done, a game will always have bugs on release.

    But I still really don't think it's too much to ask to expect something to be launched in a relative state of polish.

  • MrLee95
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    Can't say more than whats already been said.

    I really liked Valhalla, 200+ hours into it. Even put up with all the bugs and disconnects.
    Paid $100 for a game and to see how much stuff goes into the microtransactions store is really disappointing.
    Again the way Ubisoft treats its customers, SUCKS.

  • Asgardian02
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    I dont understand your reasoning. You expect ppl to pay top dollar only to beta test a game and then you ask them to shut up??
    Not sure what world you live in

  • B00MSIE
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  • hinaai1986
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    This post must be pinned.

  • martygod12
    Original poster 237 posts

    In Odyssey or Origins it wasnt such a great problem, sure there was also a lot of store items, but you also had great customization options already in the base game, especially in Odyssey. There were like 50+ different looking armors and weapons (lot of them also in multiple color variations!!) , a great number of cool legendary items as a rewards for doing side content or exploring etc. so if you didnt want to buy stuff from store you didnt had to you had plenty of options in the game already.

    But what you got in Valhalla instead? 9 stupid gear sets, most of them look almost the same and most obtainable only by looting a chest (the most simple, stupid and boring way to get gear in my opinion). There is no transmog so whats the point of having the gear change apperance when you upgrade it if you cant revert to the previous look and you cant choose the look, seriously how is this not in the game from the beggining??? Fenyx has it since day 1 so why it is not here? All armors looks like [censored] on mythical level, all gold and shiny and fantasy like its soo immersion breaking.

    The gear distribution in the game is terrible, worst I have ever seen in a game maybe, most gear you get is by going to the dot on the map and looting chest, but you wont get anything for doing the challenging and time consuming stuff like killing bosses and elites, doing mysteries and side activities, killing zealots and order members etc. Why ?? Who the hell thought this is a good idea? This would maybe work in linear games based on combat like Sekiro etc. but in a open world game where the main purpose (aside from the story) is exploring, and exploring without rewards is not exploring, its i dont even know what it is, nothing much at all actually, just boring nothing.

    Stupid desing choices ... why we dont have 1H swords like [censored]??? A signature viking weapon and its not in the game really?? Whats with that stupid and ugly face masks some sets have? Some covid-19 easter egg or what, what is the purpose why it is in the game?? There is ton of [censored] like this which doesnt make any sense.

    At this point really I think it was all done on purpose and its a well thought scam on the players ,we dont give you gear variety and customization, so we can milk you with microtransactions and sell you an armor pack for 20e 😄 I dont mind having some mts with cosmetic stuff like mounts, gear etc. but not this way not when there is more content in the store than in the actuall game! I have never seen this before, its scamming the players on the whole new level. At the point where it should be illegal actually.

    And dont even get me started on the visuals of the sets from the store they are sooo out of place. Its like this: Players - "we want more historically accurate armors and weapons in the game, there is not enough of them, give us something like NPCs wear," Ubisoft - "There you go you can run around looking like Sauron or some glowing devil straigt out of World of Warcraft or Diablo". Like seriously Ubisoft are you making fun of people or are you acutally serious????

    They really went too far this time and I really hope gamers and community wont just let it slide this time and something will finally change.

  • xtracker85
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    I honestly thought Ubisoft had learned from their mistakes with Ghost Recon Breakpoint, but it's pretty clear they don't care and are regressing back to their old ways. Seeing all this, it makes me fear for future Star Wars games now under Ubisoft. I can already foresee different Lightsaber colors beings locked behind their store. Ugh.

  • kreutzgang
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    @martygod12 You get Thor's Armour for killing bosses. Not that it's worth the hassle.

  • Shahany
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    Microtransaction are a lame and dishonest way to milk gamers wallets by creating high quality content but only for the store.
    The side effect of it is, devs create crapppppy content to motivate or influence gamers to get their wallets out

  • Shahany
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    @xtracker85 Most gaming companies are like greedy children you slap them on the hand they stay quiet and then they're at it again. When it comes to micro transactions we are at fault here. If all players would stop supporting such crappppppppppppy behavior micro transaction would go away.

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    I'm not against having a lot of armors/weapons in the shop if we had also a lot of features/activities in the game beyond the main story. But we have nothing. Nothing.
    It's almost... insulting.

  • martygod12
    Original poster 237 posts

    @kreutzgang Yeah I wasnt sure see I never made it that far, and thats coming from huge AC fan who spend 200+ hours in both Origins and Odyssey, in Valhalla I made it to only 40 until I got completely sick of the game.

  • B00MSIE
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  • martygod12
    Original poster 237 posts

    @b00msie Looks like Zuazzer really poked the hornets nest with his post, and its good its good that it is getting attention, it needs to be adressed and no longer tolerated, as I said I am fine with some mtx cosmetics in games if the game offers you enough variety and customization options already in the base game, but not like this.

    Lets see if anything is going to change.

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