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  • Yesin069
    465 posts


    I would prefer it to get no opals at all as rewards. The microtransactions should be seperated as far as possible from the main game. Those weekly challenges should give us other stuff, instead of pushing their microtransaction agenda. Every single new content we got in Valhalla plays into microtransactions. Those newly added Ubisoft Connect challenges are just there to give us some Opals to try and collect a 5 gear set (which will never happen). In the end more people will buy the missing gear pieces instead of waiting to get them from Reda with Opals. This is the tactic behind those Opals.

    In NG+ i would like new and improved versions of the same gear. Better wouldbe a simply dye-system, so we cann customize our armor as we like but Ubisoft won't do that. When they would give us a dye-system they can't sell us the same gear with different colours as a new one. So i would take new variations of the same gear with maybe stronger abilities on them or more rune slots. Better than opals or nothing i think...

  • The-Foxhounded
    54 posts


    The inability to earn microtransactions would be a death sentence for the game. It's the only thing that justifies them being in the game in the first place.

    What you suggested in regards to alternate colors should have been in the game at launch. The lack of content in this game is blatantly obvious when you go to Odyssey and Immortals Fenyx Rising.

    What they should have done was make it so each item could be bought with Helix or Opals in the shop and can be bought at the player's discretion. The model that the items are being distributed is a form of manipulation. It pressures you into buying things because you don't know when it will come back around.

    Then again this is the same company that can change an item in any way after you bought it and not refund you and get away with it because everyone is complicit with their actions.

  • Yesin069
    465 posts


    The sweetspot with microtransactions and opals would surely be a way to buy the items you want directly with opals. But this would be too customer friendly. They need to give us the chance to maybe at some time get a 5 gear set bonus. But i think they build the Reda algorithm in a way that this just won't ever happen. Maybe in 2 or 3 years if you look at his sop every day, you will have a whole 5 gear set.

    There is a whole team and people behind those microtransactions. They clearly know what they are doing and those people have nothing to do with gaming. They give us small carrots to force us into buying stuff with real money. This doesn't work with me or many of you guys but it is enough when it works for just 2 out of 10 people.

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    should bring extra dificulty settings in an ideal world.

    More options to build on the skill tree and a far better mastery system
    It should also allow for more gear custimisation.

    but yeah, i doubt any of that will happen.

  • s0n0fthecreed
    Original poster 5 posts

    I read somewhere that Darby McDevitt tweeted that there would be NG+. But I can't for the life of me find where he said that.

  • Yesin069
    465 posts


    It surely will come at some point. They need their small features for every month for the "long" support. NG+ should already be in the game but i think it will come after one of the story DLC.

  • Yesin069
    465 posts

    From this interview with the live content guy i think it will take several more MONTHS until NG+ comes out. Strangely they really are held back to release NG+ for Valhalla because of the time-limited events. It isnt enough that those events give us nothing and just break the game with more bugs...they also dont know how to release NG+ because people will miss those events, so those events also are the reason for some features that take longer to develop. Many people already missed those events and dont care. This should be no problem for the implementation of NG+.

    Those time-limited events shouldnt be a thing for Valhalla in the first place. Nobody cared about thouse events and i prefer the settlement in its vanilla state with people working at their places instead of having a party 24/7 during those events. I am really looking forward when the Ostara event finally ends...

    Just make NG+ with a harder difficulty, optional level scaling and improved armor to find. This is it! There is no need to care a single second about those events because this thought process should have happened before they decided doing those events in the first place. NG+ should be there from day 1 and those events should be secondary...

  • afewscarsmore
    34 posts

    @yesin069 super strange
    we have nothing to do at the end of the game, no rewards, no loot, no random raids, no contracts, but we should care about some pointless festivals with useless stuff.

    seems its easier just to copypaste another festival with fist-fighting and arrow-challenges rather then to do new another upgrades for armors and weapons, which harder to do for free

    nowhere to use thors hammer of odins spear, but buy another one fantasy helix pack

  • Yesin069
    465 posts


    This is why is wish for NG+ pretty fast. I just use all the gear i got dirst and never changed it because some gear you can just get at the very end of the game when all is done. I really would like to play just the story with the gear i want from the start, without making any of those annoying collectibles or clearing all areas.

    Sadly i think they have so little content in their hands for valhalla that they will held back NG+ as the big last feature for this game, so i wouldnt expect it before august or september. october or november will then bring the Discovery Tour.

    When you look at how long it took them to implement a simple feature like transmog my hopes are very low that we will get ng+ anytime soon. From this interview i claerly hear that they just started thinking how they will implement ng+. At their current pace this will take another 4 months to be ready and even than will be buggy.

  • Kormac67
    508 posts

    @yesin069 This all sounds totally clueless.
    We know when the DLCs launch and can decide if we want to launch a NG+ before or rather do the DLC first.
    The Norway arc would be pretty quick on NG+ (like the Kephalonia arc in Odyssey probably) and then we would be at the settlement anyway. We could even do daily Reda quests from a manual save.
    All just excuses.
    Yes, the game is pretty long, but after it's played through it's dead without NG+.

  • Yesin069
    465 posts


    This is just some useless PR-talk. I am pretty sure that NG+ is planned and even ready to launch after some tests. They just need some stuff to release later because of the too long roadmap. In reality you can count the stuff we are getting with one hand and it would have fitted well into a 4 month roadmap and every early buyer would be happy.

    NG+ should be an essential feature for every game like Valhalla. Even games like Tomb Raider and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order got it and they really are talking about the need of such mode in Valhalla? I often lost track of the story because i wanted to clear every area which took hours. Also we never get any chance of wearing the endgame armor properly.

    They should just release NG+ instead of events or game modes. The people are more happy about standard features in Valhalla instead of those events and game modes. I dont know what this guy thinks but how the hell can he think that Valhalla is already long enough to excuse that NG+ is still missing and maybe never come? I finished this game 100% and want to focus just on the story now with the armor i like. Why is it such a problem to have such a mode from day 1? Just let the gear in our inventory and also the power level and skills and when they are too lazy (which they are) they can let the gear chests empty. This is what Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order did. You cant loot unique stuff in nG+ that you already got before, so the chests where opened and empty.

  • Karloz1995
    268 posts

    @yesin069 after paris dlc, more likely ng+ will come

  • Kruisigen
    3 posts

    Didn't someone from the team confirm, that when NG+ be released that there will be more fun and events in it, then just NM.

  • Yesin069
    465 posts


    There is no news in that direction whatsoever...

    The only info we have is that they just started thinking how to implement it, so they arent actually started working on it...they even could decide not to implement it at all.

    Dont expect it sooner than in around 4 months. The best decision would be to put the game away and forget it until the end of the year and then start playing it. Maybe at that point this game will be finished and reach version 1.0 as we are still in a beta phase it seems.

    After they said they are already working on transmog it took them more than 2 months after that post to finally release it. So if they didnt even start actual developement on NG+ this will take a pretty long time to come out...

    I also wouldn expect anything groundbreaking in this mode. Expect just a barebones NG+ mode to not get disappointed. Never ever in the world will Ubisoft give us new armor or coloured variants of existing armor in NG+ because they need to sell those in the MTX shop.

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