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  • velike
    1 posts

    I'm sure this has been reported before but I don't see it in the list of known issues. I can't talk to Halfan in Lost Glory because I accidentally talked to him earlier while wandering through Picheringa. The quest is just stuck on this step with no obvious way around it.

  • D3biru
    1 posts

    For some reason I have found Halfdan and talked to him before to talk with Moira... Now i see Halfdan bit It Is not possibile to do anything...

  • Ex-Kali13ur
    2 posts

    For what its worth, I'm still having this issue in the current version on PS4.

  • SaundraSpitfire
    1 posts

    I was able to conquer the entire map and kill the entire order with this glitched quest. It won't hinder your game progress. This is simply the only quest left. I'm not too worried about it.

  • Th3Randy
    Original poster 18 posts

    @saundraspitfire, I agree; it is a minor nuisance that I have that one quest left...I'm just now going back to Jotunheim to finish those quests while I wait. I assume they will apply a patch that will fix the Lost Glory quest and the ANNOYING 30 arrows down to 12, and the always drunken state on spawn (however, that is quickly fixed with a simple meditate). =). Happy New Year

  • Th3Randy
    Original poster 18 posts

    @nightwing_795, not yet

  • NecromanticLove
    2 posts

    I have this same issue

  • harryjetsadler
    1 posts

    Lost glory quest.
    unable to speak to halfdan as I already interacted with him before starting the quest whilst exploring .
    very sad please help ! It seems I cannot progress without this

  • robertwdc
    1 posts

    Just wanted to let you know I'm having the same problem as well! Stuck at Halfdan and can not get him to interact with me.

  • jevey
    28 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • guest-G9OvIZaq
    1 posts

    I can’t interact with halfdan at picheringa as spoke to him before the quest was available as was running around trying to get everything when are you able to try and fix this bug apparently it’s been going on for ages now

  • pHilMiCrackin
    6 posts

    done anyone know if this has been looked at yet? its the last thing i need to do for 100%....

  • dalekmasterblue
    1 posts

    Just ran into this problem today. Still kicking myself that I didn't have a past save to reload. Seems like this issue has been a problem for awhile.
    Edit: it's not even on the known issues thread it seems

  • Roltel
    30 posts

    It seems a rather big oversight that npcs required for a quest are killable, and don’t even resurrect. Even area mob enemies respawn after a time, but some necessary quest npcs don’t?

    i’ve had the same problem in the Silver Wind Elder world event. And it seems to be a problem in a few other quests as well.

  • jacksteve12
    1 posts

    Am trying to complete everything in AC Valhalla for the platinum. Last thing I have to do is the Lost Glory quest. The character Halfdan spawns in the area before you pick up the quest and by speaking to him prior to the quest I have not been able to proceed and the quest does not update. My marker is still on the character but nothing else happens trying to speak to him. I even found the dog in the area where the hammer spawns and nothing happened.
    I would really love for a fix for this as it is the last thing I need to platinum the game.
    I don't care if I have to restart the quest, I just want to be able to complete it.

  • pHilMiCrackin
    6 posts

    Please look at this ubisoft!! This is getting irritating! I just want to 100% the game😭

  • Missinde
    4 posts

    Same issue! I spoke to Halfdan in Picheringa before I knew I need to speak with Moira in Javik. Now that I've spoken with Moira, she tells me to find Halfdan in Picheringa,, he will not speak to me now and I cannot progress. By time I realized there was an issue, I had already spent many hours completing other things in the game. Cannot go back to a previous save unless I give up over 20 hrs of game play.

    I see this has been an issue for many people going way back into November (pretty much right after game was released, people started reporting this issue). Two months later and still no fix? This isn't even listed on the "megathread" for issues.

  • jevey
    28 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • LaFlacaAuditore
    3 posts

    @jayjazz8 Mismo problema, voy a hacer una ofrenda a Odin a ver si lo solucionan!

  • UbiKoality
    Community Manager 440 posts

    @guest-g9ovizaq Hello there! I'm incredibly sorry to hear that you've encountered this bug in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. I would be more than happy to get this reported to the team for you! Are you able to grab a video of you being unable to interact with Halfdan? This would be very helpful to include in my report!

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