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  • macyj87
    1 posts

    Ii have defeated the lost drengr but I am unable to finish him or complete the task. He is stuck on the south west ridge in the pond.

  • Sup3rClark
    9 posts

    @serke2009 , thanks for sharing this. I have tried it, on several places, and it does not work for me ☹

  • KiraX1
    3 posts

    Same issue happens on PS4 Pro too. fix it plz😖
    My issue video:

  • ginilike87
    2 posts

    Thor the Fisherman - PS4

    After beating Thor I have read that I need to speak to Thor and then confirm the kill. This option doesn't present itself. Instead he just stays crouched in the fishing lake.
    Fix this please

  • sloth1432
    1 posts

    Having the same issue

  • nsa187
    5 posts

    I am suffering the most strange glitch ever. I got to defeat him, but we both killed each other at the same time. I went back and he is taking a knee and is red on Odin vision. I can't interact with him at all... I tried reloading and nothing.... I checked YouTube there is supposed to be a dialog and then u assassinate him.. I am
    unsure what to do..

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Community Manager 430 posts

    @nsa187 Sorry to hear that you are encountering issues with this.

    Can you provide us with a short video of what happens in your game, so I can pass it onto the team?

    Official Response
  • nsa187
    5 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • nsa187
    5 posts


    Here u go.. no clue what to do..

  • Rizzorian
    2 posts

    I am unable to complete this event. After beating Thor the Fishmonger, he kneels down and I can't interact with him any further. Watching video's, after beating him the kid should run over and you can speak to them to complete the event. The kid never runs over, he stays put, leaving me unable to interact. I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not, but when I first came across him he nearly killed me in a single hit, so I fled from the battle. I came back now, much stronger. So he's been active the entire time waiting for my return. I don't have a save going back to before then, only a quick save just before I engaged him. I've defeated him 3-4 times now and each time results in the same issue, kneeling unable to interact with him. I'm playing on Playstation 5.

  • Cyniban
    1 posts

    I've recently battled "The Fishmonger" lost drengr, after the fight he kneals but there is no Interact action button, and can't deliver the final blow, he just remains kneeled, i tried to hit hit again and everything and nothing.

  • newtoth1985
    3 posts

    Fixed with today's 1.0.4 patch for me

  • Cope-n-hagen
    1 posts

    I have the same issue, killed the fish monger and he just sits kneeling.

  • Getdown123
    2 posts

    Not fixed in today's patch (26/11/2020)

  • MarsMuseMan
    8 posts

    Can confirm I'm having the same issue on the series X. I even reloaded to a save before the fight, beat him again to only have the same result. He is defeated and kneeling on the ground and nothing else happens.

    I have progressed further in the game but if I go back to him he is still defeated kneeling on the ground with the mission not completed.

  • MaRKuSo.1411.
    6 posts

    Hello guys.
    After I beat this old drengr he is stuck in place and I am not able to finish this mystery. I know from YT that there should be scripted part, where his boy comes to him, but for me he is stuck.
    This happened to me during patch 1.0.2 and I hoped that next patch would fix it.
    But nope, in 1.0.4, still same problem. (see screenshot below)
    PS: Of course I tried many restarts, travels between regions etc. It did not help.
    Thank you for your help.

  • Xain14
    4 posts

    the error is still there.
    The Update was not a soluition.

  • nikarasu
    1 posts

    I have the same issue on PC. Still can't defeat him. I issued a case Nov 19, still waiting for a reply.

    4 posts

    i have the same problem 😢 PC

  • Sup3rClark
    9 posts

    Problem still there with v1.0.4

    @Ubi-Baron , any feedback from the team? Do you know if it's an item added in the "known-issue" list?

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