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  • cavveman
    84 posts

    That one might be possible to do. Animals count to the killings. So just go slaughter some sheep and cows. But still, in odyssey the weekly pay out a lot more orcalicum(or how it was spelled).

  • dlmthree
    77 posts

    Reda's contracts are 90 opals a week (1 weekly for 20 opals + 2 * 7 dailies for 5 opals) which was not enough to get the middle weekly offer worth 120. So they pushed live these challenges that, with Reda's contracts, can get you to 120 opals. Well that was the case for the first couple of weeks. Now we're back to be unable to even buy one middle deal per week because the community challenge is crazy high.

    They VERY CLEARLY do not want us to be able to get stuffs for free from their disaster of a cash shop. Odyssey was already a step back compared to Origins but you were still able to get one deal per week. Valhalla is just a giant middle finger to the player base.

  • The-Foxhounded
    54 posts


    Well in Ubisoft's defense they know they could release a blank disk with "Assassin's Creed" written on it in Sharpie and not only will people buy it, they'll have fanboys defend it, shills( like JorRaptor) praise it on Youtube, and companies will call it Game of the Decade on their award shows.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    Wouldn't be that bad if there actually were enemies besides hanging around in towns waiting for the same ones to respawn xD

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    there really isnt anything i want from their shop, all those armor look stupid and the stats arent great either.

    So all in all thats really no incentive to play for me anyway. On top of that the reda quests are super boring and finding enemies is quest of itself.

  • Savvage91
    26 posts

    If you divide 725 by 7 (we have 7 days to complete this challenge) it equals almost to103,6. So we need 103,6 million kills per day in order to make it. 2 hours before the end of the first day we are almost at 72 million. Just for those who have any hope we won't make it again.Good job ubi👍 👍

  • Yesin069
    554 posts


    Ubisoft just protects their microtransactions. They just want to give us the feeling that we can buy all those fancy armors but if we get close Ubisoft makes it harder to get opals. Just give us some, but not enough to have real chances of buying many things.

    This is just sad...

  • Savvage91
    26 posts


    I paid full price for an almost beta game so i won't spend a single euro/dollar on their helix stuff that has twice the variety of the main game and many of these items should be in it... In Odyssey i bought some armors from helix store just for the looks but in this game i won't, they don't deserve it.

  • Kormac67
    657 posts

    @cavveman Only hostile animals count, like wolves. Sheep and deer don't count.
    The challenge is beyond silly. Even on day one with everybody doing his 200 challenge kills it came not even close. With the game being on hiatus for another week until the river raids hopefully are released it won't happen.

  • cavveman
    84 posts


    Oh, that makes it even less possible to reach 😕
    Well, no point for me to slaughter more 🐑 or 🐮

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