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  • Yesin069
    539 posts


    I can fully relate to this video and have the same opinion.

    I fully understand why people love Odyssey but it broke AC lore to a degree that seemed non repairable at all. Darby McDevitt than stepped in to rescue some of this mess with Valhalla but I still haven't finished the game to tell if it worked. I don't expect that he is able to make that happen but i know he tried his best and is a very talented writer.

    Just analyze the story of Revelations and how well he connected three characters of different time periods together in one room - or the story of Edward Kennway and how his character changes through the game in Black Flag - or the very well written monologue of Ezio in the short film Embers.

    He tried to save the lore of AC and tried to make change Layla from a hated to at least a normal character. From what i've heard people say about modern day in Valhalla, he seemed to have achieved that. More people than ever said that modern day actually surprised them and wasn't that terrible as in all the games before.

    He is the only author that still workd with Ubisoft and knows the best how to write stories and characters for those games. Sadly he didn't always work with Ubisoft and wasn't always that much involved. He just worked on Revelations, Embers (short film), Black Flag and Valhalla.

    Many fans asked him why he doesn't have the position as the AC lore master in Ubisoft. Sadly he said that he doesn't want this position. I think he isn't planning on staying with Ubisoft and Valhalla maybe was his last attempt to save some essence of this franchise. I can't think of anybody else who could have done this. After Odyssey it is a miracle that his writing was able to get the oldest and strictest AC fans back to say some positive things about this game. Mostly regarding the connections to different AC titles and not the gameplay decisions.

    PS: This gave me goosebumps when playing:

  • iMBUE_
    3 posts

    This content is garbage and you're objectively wrong for accepting it. Companies should be held liable for [censored] like this; people should lose their jobs, lawsuits filed. People should stop buying Ubi games. It's literally the only way that the suits at the top will get the message. I'm so damn tired of seeing people flock to Ubi's new releases like pigs to a trough. Have some self respect and stop purchasing these [censored] games until the quality of the product improves. Get your [censored] together, Ubisoft.

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @imbue_ Well, pigs are known to be very intelligent animals, so I won't feel offended.

  • Rottendog87
    4 posts

    well what's highly repeatable with river raids? what i am suppose to do after fully upgraded Jomsviking Hall, and got the all cosmetics for ship and tattoos? atleast ubisoft could give us a new gear set. not a recolored one. or new models just for store? only challenging thing with river raids is completing raids without crash.. Origins was good, Odyssey was great but Valhalla is nowhere close to them.

  • JCar4327
    603 posts

    @rottendog87 The size of the map for River Raids causes one to expect there will be more to come, probably a time-gated weekly new quest. But, yeah not very repeatable at the moment, though they are a much better way for earning silver, after finishing the game, than running around killing stuff.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    @imbue_ okay so Valhalla is a bit of a mess and the River Raids suck, but on the grand scale of things Ubisoft games are not actually worse than most others, and better than a lot. I got my money's worth out of every one I bought except Unity, including Valhalla. The real issue is that they invest so much effort in trying to get people to buy crap from the Helix store, and in the case of Valhalla specifically, that it's just not designed in the way they market it. It's basically a linear game stuffed into an open world, which is in turn stuffed with grindy crap in lieu of things that actually make an open world fun, and has zero replayability or anything motivating players to keep playing once they finished the story. That wouldn't matter if it was marketed as a game you play for the story, but it's marketed as a game one can keep playing. That said, it's definitely madder to moan on a ubisoft forum about games you do not buy than to buy them and then moan, and no one's gonna stop buying Ubi games cos you compared them to pigs on the forum, lol.

  • WhoCares78
    112 posts

    @kreutzgang Exactly. I’ve played nearly all of Ubisoft’s games, except the online multiplayer ones. And every game had its bugs and hiccups at first. But those were usually fixed quick enough and then I thoroughly enjoyed them. I can’t say that for other publishers. I’ve never felt ripped off by the Ubi, as I’ve put a couple hundred hours into each game. Valhalla is a mess right now in a lot of ways, but I’m sure that eventually things will be fixed. Unfortunately their dedication to the helix store and other forms of microtransactions in their other games isn’t going to end anytime soon. It’s just too profitable.

  • Yesin069
    539 posts


    Great post!

    I love AC since day one (and have a lot of fun with Valhalla) and if i criticise something, it just means that i care about the franchise. It still has so much potential and could visit any setting possible. Ubisoft should just focus on the things AC did right and made AC unique. Those things should be build on. There is no need in trying to copy other big games and force microtransactions. I now in the times we live in there is no way that AC will totally get rid of them.

    I would have no problem with microtransactions if there werent XP boosters (because they influence the balancing of the main game) and too many gear sets that come out faster than actual free content. Why Ubisoft decided to release new gear sets every 2 weeks in the Animus Shop? Now they switched to every 3 weeks but this is still too much. A new microtransaction every month should have been enough because they look so fantasy-like that nobody who likes immersion would buy them. Sadly the last gear sets from the animus shop arent fantasy-styled anymore and would be great in the main game. They are also just armor from the main game with different colours (like the upcoming raven gear).

    The Animus Shop should also just be accessible from the main menu and not always on the right top of any menu. The Reda and Opal stuff should also go away because this is just a tactic to get some of us into buying some of this stuff. I know some of you like the possibility to buy this stuff for Opals from time to time but knowing how the marketing works, tis is just a shady business practic that slowly tries to make us comfortable with microtransactions. I dont want to see any of this stuff in the main game. Everyone who would like to buy stuff from this shop is able to, but keep all this stuff miles away from the main game interface.

  • xrayspex_73
    137 posts


    Odyssey certainly has more/better repeatable content... The river raids are pretty meh... I want more replayable content on the main map...

  • forcefrank
    91 posts

    @asgardian02 So, I hate not being able to complete new activities and I love Valhalla so much. I decided to go back into the river raids to see if there was anything new. I did 7 more raids last night over 3 hours or so. In-between doing the raids I was trying to figure out how to increase the new raid settlement buildings, so I managed to do that. No matter what raid I go to, it's the same layout, confirmed from my initial river raiding on the day of the release. This is very frustrating. To make matters worse it seems I only get to fight 1 or 2 of the enemy before my team takes care of them and I locate the chest. Hell, sometimes I get the notice that the raid is over the second the chest is opened!

    Before I waste anymore of my time, is it like this for the other river's/quests that need to be completed? If so I'll just move on to one of my other games until the paid DLC's come out.

  • AlphaGoose46219
    155 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Asgardian02
    Original poster 1932 posts


    Its all exactly the same.

    There is just 1 big fort thats different, because there you will face a mini boss. The kicker is if you return here later, the boss will never respawn and that fort doesnt hold any supply chests either.
    So after having killed that mini boss there is absolutely no reason to ever return there. So much wasted potential.

    Upgrading that jomsvikinghall serves absolutely no purpose other then giving you something to grind for. There are no side quests unlocked once reach the max lvl of the hall. No new activities either once you have done everything.
    The worst of it all is that the forts that hold the most supply chests are furthermost away from the starting point. I guess they really wanted to frustrate us with this mode.

    I certainly wont be playing the DLC on release, ill wait for a very good discount.

  • xrayspex_73
    137 posts


    Wow. That video is terrible. Clearly the dude just LOVES Ezio. Putting Syndicate that low is a travesty.

  • Yesin069
    539 posts


    I also dislike Syndicate. I think both Ubisoft Quebec games are also the worst AC games in my opinion. Maybe good games in some regards but bad AC games with settings too far in the past and to near to our present day.

    This is clearly debatable and I don't want to start this discussion again. There are people who like Ubisoft Quebec games and than there are the others that hate them. I clearly dont like them...

  • xrayspex_73
    137 posts


    I think Montreal USUALLY makes the better games, but Quebec has been making some good games recently in my opinion.

  • Yesin069
    539 posts


    Yes, I don't think Quebec isn't able to make good games. They just shouldn't make AC games or when they do, they should be clearly titled as spin-off-AC-games.

    It also would be possible to give Quebec some people from Montreal as Creative Directors which overlook that the game still is an AC (not some freestyle-fantasy-gae with AC and evrything fancy explained with - Isu). I think Quebec handled the post launch of Odyssey pretty well but i dont want to judge Montreal in that regard. It just wouldnt be fair because of Covid and the whole situation now.

    I still wish Ubisoft would communicate to us that there are a lot of problems because of Covid but they are just silent and dont seem to care.

  • martygod12
    237 posts

    @yesin069 Lol look at you trashing Odyssey yet praising Valhalla the least historically accurate and AC game ever 😄 ... just because there is a one shot stealth kill and two dudes in assassin suits doesnt mean this game is close being an AC game 😉

  • Yesin069
    539 posts


    I am not trashing about Odyssey - I just disliked that game as an AC title. I am no historian who knows a lot about ancient greece nor medieval vikings. I also dislike that we had no assassins for THREE games in a franchise called ASSASSIN'S Creed.

    For me it was okay to make ONE Origins title but they gone too far with Odyssey and just gone back a little with Valhalla. I just like that Valhalla didn't forget all the other titles and mentioned past characters and connected some loose plot points from earlier titles. Odyssey simply added nothing to the major to the whole AC plot. You can just erase Odyssey from the mainline AC games and it wouldn't change that much.

    Ialso hate about the fact that even in Odyssey it was more possible to do stealth. In Valhalla I can't kill two dudes without getting spotted or using cheese tactics like whistling in bushes.

    In my opinion Odyssey does it's own thing and pushed the lore and the gameplay into directions that are not meant for AC games. It was too much numbers and too much combat which we still see of in Valhalla (less numbers but even more combat). Also this mechanics push Ubisoft into releasing more microtransactions. When you give a game with armor sets and RPG mechanics to greedy publishers, they will surely try to monetize every last thing out of it.

    I don't want to start this discussion again because everyone has a opinion about Odyssey as an AC title and everyone has his own arguments that are more important for him.

    In conclusion we hopefully can say that we all want assassins back and at leats working stealth mechanics as an option (not always just combat).

  • forcefrank
    91 posts

    @asgardian02 Thanks for that. I guess I'll keep playing it to face the mini boss and then hang it up again. I was an idiot and already bought the DLC so I'll let you know how it plays once I get it.

  • Asgardian02
    Original poster 1932 posts


    thnx, still for me it will be only worth it once its heavily discounted.

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