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  • Asgardian02
    Original poster 1932 posts


    All they did was add even more content thats empty to the game.

    The excisting forts and monasteries all look somewhat different from each other.

    Why not trigger an effect that would give these locations a new purpose once you have completed all quests in the game, that way you could actually stuff in England.

  • Yesin069
    548 posts


    Yes, I also would have prefered an option to replay the actual raids in the main game. Just give the ma narrative twist and finally give us a proper option to farm silver, runes and other materials.

    I am 30 % into the game and still have just 1 fabric. They balanced this game in a way that it is impossible to get this stuff early without going into high level areas. The problem is that without the arc in those areas activated a lot of locations cant be reached. So if you want fabric early you have to try your luck in high level areas and replay the same stuff later when you play the story there.

    Valhalla shouldnt be an RPG in the first place i think. There are mechanics in this game that clearly arent supposed to be in an RPG with levels and stuff like that. Also those endgame things they are forcefully adding to Valhalla. This game isnt made for stuff like that. It should be a normal Action game. Just give us the option to farm fabric, runes and all other stuff like we want. If i want to farm this stuff to get 6 rations, why the hell does Ubisoft slow me down? Even without rations at all i would never die in this game so just give us those options for completionists who want to check those marks early (like upgrading all the stuff). Why the hell fabric is exclusive to higher level areas? This decision is beyond me. Just make the main game raids repeatable and always give us new chests to grind some stuff there. Easy as that. No need for this useles river raid maps. I prefer staying in the main game world.

    In Origins and Odyssey it was the level that hindered us to play missions and now in Valhalla we cant get enoght materials if we dont go to endgame areas without a purpose. I just want to go to areas if i have a quest there. I still wait to find my second fabric in this game to finally get some more arrows. I played for nearly 100 hours now and still at 30% with 1!!!!!! fabric. It is impossible to play fully stealth in this game and impossible to play a fully archer. I get no arrows back even with all skills unlocked that should give me more arrows. If i shoot 5 arrows at an enemie and have a skill that should give them back to me, i expect to get 5 back. Sadly always i get 1 or 2 arrows back and need to go back into the boring combat with all those repetitive animations. It is really hard to play Valhalla after some playing of Nioh 2. Ubisoft should really learn what fun coimbat looks and feels like. Valhalla combat is really boring and was more fun in earlied titles where combat was just an option if you got spotted in stealth.

  • Asgardian02
    Original poster 1932 posts


    for diamond runes you need to visit the shop keeper every 2hours in game or when you have leveld up.
    Thats the best way to get all the runes.

    In river raids you only get minor runes, that makes no sense.

  • forcefrank
    91 posts

    @asgardian02 I wanted to progress in the river raid so I spent a couple hours yesterday messing around. My goal was to get to the mini-bosses you had described.

    I explore the hell out of the rivers and just don't seem to find all the documents/gear that I need to in order to complete the 3 quests. I look at the map after selecting the quest and see unexplored raid locations, but when I get there I find nothing new, only normal large chest supplies. I use vision to search and nothing. I can't do it anymore. It still torques me that I can't use my raven.

    I seem to go to the same monasteries, forts and small camps over and over and over again. The 8 Vikings that accompany me die like its nobodies business, my health gets stripped to revive them, if I get to them in time, and to me it's just a hot mess.

    Last night I just went back to Fenyx Rising. Ubisoft needs to explain why river raids were designed this way and how they felt we'd enjoy it.

  • Asgardian02
    Original poster 1932 posts


    If you just doo all military bases and monastaries in each map you should get all the gear in no time.
    If that fails, there is still youtube.

    I have removed valhalla after completing the RR and went back to playing Gwent and since recently picked up the free demo for Outriders.
    Which is a lot of fun

  • Yesin069
    548 posts

    "We deployed two server-side hotfixes today. #AssassinsCreed

    1. Addressed an issue that prevented players from using Guaranteed Assassinations after acquiring the Shoulder Bash ability.
    2. Removed a placeholder box from River Raids"

    Ohh, actually Ubisoft is able to fix annoying bugs more often...but only if they affect their microtransactions! I am sure they never would have bothered in fixing the assassination bug before the next patch if there wasnt this purple box that gives us paid armor for free.

    Exploits regarding XP, silver or any microtranactions are their highest priority it seems. No need in fixing quest related bugs as fast as possible. We could always wait 4 weeks for patches right?

  • Asgardian02
    Original poster 1932 posts


    spot on

  • xrayspex_73
    139 posts


    Totally agree. Ubi you are really showing your true colors. You will patch the hell out the game instantly if there are problems with MTX and the shop. Other bugs? Months go by.

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