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  • Et4hiel
    19 posts

    @littleweasel01 I have exactly the same problem on PC, after first river raid everything turned "brown".

    This also applies to a Moonlight axe...

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2111 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello all!
    I would like to reach out to you all with an update from the development team. The issue wherein the Ubisoft Connect weapons have been downgraded will be resolved in TU 1.2.0. This update is due to be deployed 16 March, 2021 at 1PM CET/8AM EDT. You can read the patch notes and learn more here.
    If the issue still persists for you following the deployment of TU 1.2.0, please can you provide us with a video that shows the following:

    • You have TU 1.2.0 installed. You can check this in the title menu in the bottom right-hand corner.
    • That your weapons are still downgrading when playing the game.

    Thanks all! 😊  

    Official Response
  • Joisidro
    1 posts

    i got my legendary spartan bow from the start of the game now its normal item keep doin this you are gonna see where this game end 😞

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @joisidro Yes, same here... 😞

  • XboxFreak36
    1 posts
    • Which weapon has been affected?

    Spartan Bow

    • What quality was your weapon at prior to the reset?

    Mythical - Maxed out.

    • Were any used resources/runes added to your inventory following the reset? Or are you now missing all raw materials used/runes equipped?

    I think they were added to the inventory - don't know for sure.

    • Did you find the raw materials in-game, or were they purchased using Helix Credits?


    • Did you notice this upon reloading your save following the update? Or did this happen after taking part in a River Raid?

    reloading my save after the update. My Spartan bow was unequipped and reset.

  • Sammarok
    41 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Savvage91
    23 posts


    I'm a noob regarding recording and uploading videos so i will try and i will post it if i make it.

  • BAMF_MacGyver
    4 posts

    After the update today my Spartan bow is down to superior quality. I see the bow on my back during the loading portion, then in less than a second it's gone when I completely load in. All the materials are in my inventory to upgrade it back to where it was. It stayed upgraded on fast travel, but goes back to superior again when loading even a new save.

  • Sammarok
    41 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Sammarok
    41 posts

    @ubi-borealis Hi , I made the video in my channel:

  • NeOVoltron
    96 posts

    Every time I load into the game or reload a save, the Spartan Bow and Moonlight Dane Axe (Ubisoft Connect rewards) keep resetting back to the Superior tier from Mythical tier. This happens consistently even if I upgrade both the bow and the axe to Mythical tier again.undefinedundefined

  • BAMF_MacGyver
    4 posts

    Update: was able to play for about 30 minutes after upgrading again, including fast travel, but then the bow downgraded again mid-play.

  • Antipotheosis
    8 posts

    Same here with my Spartan Bow. Reset since yesterday.

  • dbloodymoon
    27 posts

    The Moonlight was the first two-handed weapon I got in the game, and it was already Mythical!

    Now it's Superior! HOW?!

  • Stevefrost2020
    1 posts
    • Since the update my spartan bow went back to the original. I upgraded it back to max, then completed the first river raid quest. After that it went back to original stats. I don't want to waste my resources if it is just going to keep going back. I have fully upgraded it twice already.

  • Dark-Midgar
    5 posts

    @stevefrost2020 same problem!! I lost my ressources... when I reload the game thé Spartan bow is reset !!

  • Dark-Midgar
    5 posts

    @neovoltron for me the spartan bow disapear of my was upgrade to the maximum...🤬

  • deepdog7
    1 posts

    Same here. Spartan Bow was maxed out Mythical and full of runes. After 1.1.2 Patch it was set back to original condition. I upgraded and re-runed the bow and completed the snake pit mission. After completing mission the Spartan Bow was back to it's original (pre-upgrade) condition again.

  • Ldt1
    1 posts

    same spartan bow unequips itself and resets everytime I load game, or reload save, also seems to randomly unequip/reset after a set amount of time, resources are returned to inventory, playing on latest patch 1.1.2 on ps4 pro

  • jetblackfighter
    34 posts

    Same. Ps4. Spartan bow reset to base level and base quality.

  • jetblackfighter
    34 posts

    Mine says purchased 1969 in the store. Might be a causal factor.

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