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  • TylerBrianQuaid
    2 posts

    I have the same problem. The whole river Severn map is empty. Every location raided, every chest emptied. There are no red swords at any location, no golden spots at any camp. I have been to every camp twice or three times in one go. There‘s nothing there, no enemies, nothing to loot.
    I‘m missing two pieces. I‘ve got 1 of 3 „gears and weapons“ (the braces) and there‘s nothing left that I could get.
    Storage is full.
    I could record a video, but it would only show what I‘ve just described, an empty map, without red swords, without golden spots, and saying that I have 1/3 gears and weapons.

  • Ubi-Karl
    Ubisoft Support Staff 737 posts

    Hey @TylerBrianQuaid, thanks for getting in touch, welcome to forums and sorry to hear about the issue you ran into.

    Just to double-check, did you try the workarounds that have been mentioned earlier in this thread? Did it not work? Also, are you playing on PC or is it another platform?

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  • azullFR
    1735 posts

    did you tried this :

    1. Go to 1 other River (Not Severn River in your case) in Vagns' map (no need to raid any camp) and come back to Ravensthorpe
    2. Do this 3 times in a row (always in the exact same river, Not Severn River of course)
    3. After that, all the camps in All the other rivers, should have been reseted 🙂

  • TylerBrianQuaid
    2 posts

    Yes the map has been fully reset several times. I have opened or attempted to open (after my storage was full) every chest in one go without leaving the map. The remaining two gears/weapons are nowhere to be found.

    I am playing on PS4

  • azullFR
    1735 posts


    for this kind of problem

    1. I fully reset the river (as you did)
    2. In the river that as problems : I only raid a camp when I'm sure to open all its chests without overloading the boat storage + I take note of the camps I raid
    3. I come back to the problematic river and loot all camps I can that will not overload my boat storage

    Usually this way (not a practical one : you need to take notes raid by raid, camp by camp....thanks Ubi...), it takes 3 "travels" to open all the chests of the map, and this way also avoid having the good chest blocked by the overload, maybe it was your case, maybe you also had a weird bug...

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1268 posts

    @TylerBrianQuaid - Thank you for confirming that the platform you are playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla on is PS4. If, after trying all of the recommendations made by @azullFR, you still find that you are unable to acquire the last two pieces of the Saint George's armour, could you please provide a video showing this? The team are investigating a similar report at the moment, so it would be helpful to acquire additional videos if possible. I'd recommend trying to complete these steps with your cargo capacity emptied. Thank you!

    @azullFR - Thank you once again for sharing your insight, tips and expertise for other players to refer to. I hope that the steps you've provided here will be able to help @TylerBrianQuaid with acquiring the last armour pieces, but if not, we're here to assist as well! 🙂

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