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  • In what world is content highly repayable, when the actual content takes between 6-8 hours to complete???

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    @b00msie Yeah if only Ubi showed some effort in improving the game, they dont even respond on anything here on forums unless it is something completely stupid and irrelevant. After three months only effort they shown is towards the helix store. So I dont blame people for their negativity, when you see this complete lack of interest from Ubi side.

  • B00MSIE
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    Like I said... I get that. The “disappearing savegames” bug is 1 off the most annoying one around. Believe me. I have also made some very negative posts after this happened to me, again... and again.... But the constant more aggressive posts about the miracle of Odyssey and how bad Valhalla is are not making it better. Some people (like me) like the concept of Valhalla more, but I am not making hundreds of new posts about how bad I think Odyssey is.

    The general opinion still seems to be that Valhalla is a better game then Odyssey. Ubisoft admins probably do not react because they see the same people make those same negative comments about Valhalla all the time. They react to people who contribute. I am positively surprised how active and involved the admins on this forum are. If you look at their comments, you see, they must be playing the game themselves.

    To conclude... Valhalla is never going to be Odyssey. It’s another game. Some people like it this way, others don’t. But we all hate the fact, that the game looks unfinished and the Helix store is the wrong way to go. We should try to stimulate Ubisoft to fix that.

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    i highly doubt this.

    Lets face it, they introduce an entire new mode without 1st fixing the game.
    I think we can all agree we would have much more aprreciated certain features implemented 1st such as transmog and NG+ before introducing a halfbaked new game mode in which they didnt commit on their promises.

    Also according to stuff i read online the next free content update will include another gamemode centered around combat.
    I dont understand why they wanna introduce more and more gamemodes when the excisting stuff is clearly boring and not repeatable.

    Word for word what I think also. The RR are a new "layer" above the game, which remains unchanged, finished and empty. And this new layer is also finishable and empty after a while. RR and the rest of the game or not connected to each other. Resources in one do not support the other part. In fact the RR could easily be sold as a different game. (random Ubi employee commenting: "hey boss, he said sold, that's interesting, did you hear boss?!") And there are not a single mechanic in one part or the other which would make the game worth playing after completing and collecting the items. The developing team should play Diablo II just for them to understand what the word "replayability" means.

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    exactly, i mean ppl are still playing D2 to this day (20year old game) and still playing D3 (10year old game) that is saying something.

  • B00MSIE
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    A trade system for the foreign supplies would be nice. Then you could get silver for it at a merchant. But then they should also add some more stuff there or sell opals or helix store stuff at the merchants.

  • Asgardian02
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    the game actually kills itself for me for making everything revolve around opals.

    I mean if you really want to invest real monet apart from the base game you can do that.
    Apart from that Ubisoft pushes the helix store enough as is.

    I however do not care at all for the helix store, will never buy anything from there anyway.

    So having weekly and daily quests just to get opals doesnt do anything for me. This is by no means a tool to motivate me to get back into the game.
    To add even more feature into th egame just to get stupid opals would make me steer even further from the game as a whole.

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